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RunMob WorldCup Android Games 02

  1. 1. Sports Quiz 2014 This application contains all latest questions with each of 4 options. For every correct answer you will be scored +4 if wrong -2.
  2. 2. Football Player Quiz 2014 This is a fun quiz where you need to guess the Football Player in the picture. Test your brain! Reveal the pictures of Football Shirts images & guess that character name. Playing is pretty simple: you see the Football Player and you're shown a series of scrambled letters, out of which you have to make a word that you associate with the character.
  3. 3. Football Trivia Football trivia quiz game will test you on the NFL stars and teams both past and present. Featured teams include the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, and all the rest. Players featured in the questions include: Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and many stars of the past.
  4. 4. Premier League Quiz The Premier League Quiz will test your ability to identify Premier League football team logos and badges from the smallest of clues. Guess correctly and work your way through the five levels. Correct answers will enable you to unlock levels. Teams are from the English premier league (past and present), with a bonus European level at the end. A football logo quiz and a Premier League quiz in one.
  5. 5. Premier League Quiz 2013-14 Premier League Quiz is the most up-to-date quiz that tests your knowledge about the most exciting national football league. You'll be asked about the teams leading the table, the most exciting matches, Suarez and Aguero goals, Ozil and Rooney assists, Mourinho mind games, biggest transfers and much much more! The Quiz has 10 levels, with 10 questions per level. There are 4 possible answers per question and only one is correct. You have 20 seconds to select the right answer for each question and you can miss only one question per level to advance to the next level. Have fun!
  6. 6. World Cup 2014 Football Quiz World Cup Players Quiz is a great Football game about players and countries they play for. Guess the Country in which the given player plays. If you are a Football fan and want to test your knowledge or learn something new, this is the perfect game for you!
  7. 7. World Flags Guess & Match Up Learn World Flags in a fun and exciting way! This game contains more than 200 flags! 2 Game modes - Flags Guess and Flags Memory
  8. 8. Football Clubs Jersey Quiz The most amazing football clubs shirts quiz is here! Test your skills and guess the jersey! This game comprises of jerseys of all the top teams playing across the various leagues in the world of soccer!
  9. 9. World Cup Quiz Guess at logos and jerseys of world cup participants!!!
  10. 10. World Cup Quiz Guess at logos and jerseys of world cup participants!!!