RunMob Christmas catalog 2011 Part 2


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RunMob Christmas catalog 2011 Part 2

  1. 1. Santas Puzzle Huzzle Get in the christmas spririt in no time with Santas Puzzle Huzzle. Push the rows of christmas wares to make combinations of three or more and watch them explode into christmas joy. Try to blow up items in every move in Turn Attack! Try to blow up as many items as possible in 60 seconds in Time Attack! Try to clear the field of items in as few moves as possible in Clear Attack!
  2. 2. Santas Sleigh Ride Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas Eve with snow-covered houses glistening brightly. Help Santa move from one chimney to another dropping presents for all the children who've been good this year. Make sure you avoid the houses of the naughty kids! Also take care & dodge the hot coal shooting out of the chimneys, or your game's over!
  3. 3. Santas Puzzle Party We interchange the position New Year's ornaments. Three identical disappear also to you additional time is given. In this case it is possible to change not only across and verticals, but also on a diagonal. That significantly facilitates game.
  4. 4. Supa Santa Help Santa deliver all the great toys in this SupaSanta x-mass special. Keep the kids happy! This christmass there is only one game you need to play: SupaSanta - Toy Delivery Agency. To keep the kids happy you have to catch all toys and throw them into the houses. The toys will move faster as you progress, and eventually you will even have to avoid rockets, bombs and catch Happy-Bubblegum-bubbles for extra points
  5. 5. Santa Quest Ho-ho-ho… What a groovy Jingle Bells remix! Help Santa to get through the moving maze of ice platforms and pick up all the gifts. Enjoy the great 3D graphics and cheerful jingles in this special holiday arcade.
  6. 6. Christmas Dock Blox Score points and level up by lining 3 or more blox of same design together. Such blox will disappear from the game board. The game provides 2 modes to arrange the blox. One is per blox mode and the other one is blox in a line.
  7. 7. Christmas Hurry Santa was in hurry to be in time for the Christmas! But when he was running across the lake in his heavy sledge full of presents the ice cracked. Santa jumped out and appeared on an ice-floe. His deer ran away. And there are only few minutes left to midnight... Help Santa to get out of this ice-jam and not to miss the Christmas!
  8. 8. Christmas Kiss Its Xmas season and the season for romance amidst the winter snow. You and your beau must head under a mistletoe and kiss to score points. However, avoid the bells or you’ll be striking the wrong chord with each other.
  9. 9. Christmas Mystery Swap ajacent to symbols to make sets of 3 and more items (more sympols - higher score). The number of points gained depends on set length, number of sets destroyed after one move and game difficulty.
  10. 10. Mama Noel Xmas Factory Assist Mama Noel to save Christmas! In this action packed game, the player must help Santa Claus’ wife to quickly prepare the presents that all the children around the world are waiting for.
  11. 11. Crazy Christmas Santa Claus has a lot of trouble. Every year on Christmas the reindeers are going crazy and turn the corner too fast. So the sledge is nearly tumbling over and a lot of presents fall down. Santa Claus picks up the presents on foot and has to put them into the right house.
  12. 12. Christmas Pairs Train your memory while playing Pairs. Everyone has played this game during their childhood. For more fun we have added extra three modes and put 32 Christmas symbols. Find all the pairs and compare your score with other players on the web.