RunMob Chistmas Games 2011 Part 1


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RunMob Chistmas Games 2011 Part 1

  1. 1. Ali The Penguin Christmas Edition It is very easy to control Ali. For running in the given direction use 4 and 6. For jumping 2. For shooting snowballs use 5. For shooting upward turn Ali by using 4 and 6 and shoot with 5. 8 will allow you to read information boards. If you want to enter a cave, press 8. It is also easy to move under water.
  2. 2. Santa Claus Express Soon Christmas so Santa comes to work. Help Santa to deliver Christmas's gifts to kiddies. Flying by on turbo sleigh it is necessary to throw off them precisely in the purpose.
  3. 3. Xmas Puzzle And Bauble Have you prepared Christmas toys? Already feel the approach of the most beloved holiday? No? Then this collection of simple but captivating puzzles will remind you that the holiday is very soon!
  4. 4. Elves Hunter It is Christmas time again, folks!!! Santa is out, getting ready to distribute the Xmas gifts. It is snowing heavily and Santa needs your assistance. Help Santa to load the gifts onto his sledge, keeping the evil Elves away, who are hell- bent to take away the gifts.
  5. 5. Christmas Conspiracy Everything happens on the New Year's eve! Even Santa Claus may find that all his loyal dwarfs the assistants have become a Christmas tree toys, and there is a risk for children around the world to be left without gifts. Your mission is to find dwarfs.
  6. 6. Caveman Xmas Carl the Caveman wants to enjoy Christmas, but when he wakes up eager to open presents, madcap mushrooms are on a rampage and treasure chests are scattered across the Prehistoric world he calls home.
  7. 7. Easter Nightmare They're cute! They're adorable! And they're having enough of it all! Your mission is to help lots and lots of Rabbits kill themselves. To complete a level, you need to guide all Rabbits to a fatal death trap, so they can successfully commit suicide.
  8. 8. Excreman Christmas Stinking, dirty and always vomiting Super Hero, traveling around the winter Sewerage world, teeming with dirty and dangerous creatures. Fighting with hordes of ShitMen you can use a number of cool funny tricks: teleportation by washing-off yourself in the toilet bow, trampolines slippery hills etc.
  9. 9. Ball Rush 2 Xmas Now you are able to travel along the world of winter fairy-tale! This game excels in it’s diversity — from the form and features of the bat through to the large variety of tasks involved: you don’t need to destroy all of the blocks, just open a way to the upper part of a screen to pass the level.
  10. 10. Christmas Express Santa’s good ‘ol sleigh is no longer up to the task of holding all those Christmas gifts. So Santa has bought a massive train- the Christmas Express, to help him carry the gifts. But he needs someone to drive it! Rudolph the Reindeer has decided to try out for the job.
  11. 11. Christmas Bustle Accident is taken place at the sweet factory of Santa Claus! Snowball of sugar candy is covering neighborhood. Help Santa Claus to rake snowdrift and find a bag with presents!!! You, as main helper, get the biggest present!
  12. 12. Christmas Present Christmas is in the air! And it is high time for you to get your gifts!
  13. 13. Christmas Rock Idol Get at itself in phone present fate-star, having thought over its or its image and image! Play mini-games, win fate-dollars and buy on them for the hero every possible improvements and accessories. As follows "having pumped over", send on strict court of jury which will expose yours fate-star of an assessment with detailed comments and advice. If assessments firstly will be low - it doesn't matter! Simply improve the results in mini-games and get more subject matters in fate-shop!
  14. 14. Xmas Puzzle Enjoy the Christmas season with one of Santa's favourite games on your mobile phone. Colourful symbols on your screen – all in Christmas theme – are ready to be sorted in a row consisting of at least 3 symbols of same kind. They will explode and from the top of the screen new ones will be supplied. The game is over when you do not reach to change any symbol in the given time. The game is available in two modes, "Twix" and "Square". Test your logical thinking during the Christmas time.
  15. 15. Xmas Invasion Christmas night is full of surprises and presents. But this year will not be as peaceful as in previous years. Aliens are attacking the Earth again and they are more cunning than ever. Their martial spaceships are camouflaged as Christmas presents and decorations. Your mission is to save our planet and bring down as many aliens ships as you possibly can . But be careful! Since it is Christmas night, Santa can be also be in the sky. You musn’t shoot him down, otherwise children will be without presents this year.
  16. 16. Santa X In this cool snowboard racing X-Mas game! Cool moves, hot races wait for you! A test run for Santa’s new sled ended up in disaster, when one of Santa’s gift bags opened during the flight and all the gifts fell on a mountain.
  17. 17. Crazy Frog Racer Christmas Edition The frog is back! Ride with The Annoying Thing in a high octane riot through cityscapes and underground mayhem. Blast your opponents, picking up many power ups and super boosts. This is your chance to either join The Annoying Thing or help beat him.
  18. 18. Repton Xmas The objectives in the Reptons are different in each game. In Repton 1 you must collect all the diamonds to complete the level. In Repton 2, you must collect all the puzzle pieces. In Repton 3 you must collect all the diamonds and diffuse the timebomb on each level. In Repton 1 and 3, on completion of a level, a password is revealed to access this level directly at a later stage.
  19. 19. Rushing Xmas This is a game for Xmas season. It’s a story about a careless Santa who lost the presents all over the world before Xmas Eve! This game will challenge player’s speed of reaction. It is also a game for the player to experience the fun of high speed.
  20. 20. Santa Dash Make Santa Claus run the furthest possible and give out as many presents as possible. However, it will not be as easy as it may look at the first sight! You must be careful because there are a lot of traps on the way. You will have to jump over the gaps between houses, avoid falling icicles and throw the presents down the chimneys. You must jump over the chimneys because if you bump against them, they will slow you down. It is only up to you how generous this Christmas will be and how may presents you will give away!
  21. 21. Santa Dress Up Puzzle What a busy Christmas for Santa! Nobody is going to share Santa Claus' heavy workload. Oh no... The outfit of Santa Claus has not been made ready! The gift sack, the red jacket and the pullover are all stuck at the bottom of the wardrobe! Get Santa Claus dressed up in his outfit and be ready for the Christmas Eve. All kids are waiting for the blessings from Santa Claus! Don't disappoint them! Merry Christmas!
  22. 22. Santa In Arctic Help Santa to pass through variety of labyrinths and collect all presents in this superbly fun and attractive arcade puzzle game! Make sure to solve all puzzles and collect all presents before time is up. Avoid walruses, pinguins and falling ice blocks. Push ice blocks to kill monsters. Watch out for blocking your way and for hatching pinguins from white eggs.
  23. 23. Santa In The City Santa can reach the chimneys of small houses, but nowadays getting to the top of city buildings is becoming tougher for him year after year! You are one of Santa’s Elves, who has the important task of helping Santa go from rooftop to rooftop to deliver Christmas presents. You must aim well, or a lot of children will wake up disappointed on Christmas Day!
  24. 24. Santa In Trouble Santa Claus was traveling on his sleigh with his reindeers in the deep night. The village with the snowy landscape was all quiet and sleepy while he was passing above. Suddenly Santa saw dark clouds and a heavy storm. Santa couldn't decide what to do and suddenly wind and snow was all around him. Santa was caught in a storm, losing his balance and dropping the gifts he was carrying for the children all around the world.
  25. 25. About Time Santa Santa Claus is late in delivering Xmas gifts this year. Help him move from one Chimney to another dropping presents before the kids wake up. His sled must avoid the trees and the snowflake pillars.
  26. 26. Santa Madness So you thought Santa still uses reindeers? Wake up – we have passes the millennium! Nowadays Santa has a Rocket Coat to help him fly! So take the role as Santa and collect gifts – the more gifts the longer he can fly. So grab the Rocket Coat and try to grab all the gifts.
  27. 27. Santa Trouble It’s Christmas time. Flash your torch and spot the crooks that are out to rob you of your precious gifts. But take care and don’t flash the torch on Santa or else you’ll spend Christmas in darkness! Be alert.
  28. 28. Santas Cause Santa Claus is in big trouble this winter! He needs to collect gifts and candies for children before Christmas Day. Control the bouncing Santa and help him gather as many gifts as possible in this limited time!
  29. 29. Santas Gift Bag Santa Claus is here with a bag full of…whatever gifts you wished for! So whether you have been naughty or nice, its the time of the year to grab that gift bag and fill it with holiday cheer till it bursts! Controls You start with 15 chances to pick your gifts. Fill those gift boxes with holiday cheer till they burst with goodies. Create combos to earn more chances. Get 5 bonus chances for each level cleared. How many levels can you clear?
  30. 30. Santas Night Fever Ho!Ho!Ho! You guessed it right its Santa time. Gifts, gifts and only more gifts for everyone! And all this happens in one night. No one can escape Santa's Night Fever! He delivers gifts to all and makes them happy. Help Santa maintain his good run. Be careful the local Grinch will try and stop you!