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Cases of Greenwashing


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This slide shows four separate cases of Greenwashing in the US and UK and how approximately 60 students at George Washington University felt about each case.
The cases are BP for rebranding their image, Kmart for their biodegradable "American Fare" paper plates, Volkswagen for their low emissions claim, and Fiji for their carbon-negative claim.

The final slide shows our group recommendation for how to make the detection, researching, education and enforcement of Greenwashing more streamlined.

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Cases of Greenwashing

  1. 1. Online Survey Percentage of investments expended
  2. 2. ASA Fiji Rebranding Emissions Carbon Offset Biodegradable Survey Agency Action Firms Remove Statement Class Action Charge Compliance Protest Boycott FTC Consumers Fiji
  3. 3. Implementation Crawler Consumers Corporations Enviro Marketing Firms Consumers coordinate coordinate Educate Enforce