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The Strange Friend

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The Strange Friend

  1. 1. By Paulo Colombo The Strange Friend
  2. 2. John is a normal little boy, with normal wishes and a normal life.
  3. 3. John loves to play outside, feeling the wind blowing on his face and the sun shining upon his eyes. The grass and the trees are his friends and the sun smiles at him with great satisfaction.
  4. 4. One night, John goes outside to see the stars. “ It’s beautiful!” he says and then he lies down and contemplates the infinite night sky. A normal sky…
  5. 5. “Is it that normal?” John asks himself. There is something different in the sky…
  6. 6. Suddenly something out of the ordinary comes from the stars!
  7. 7. An enormous spaceship appears with purple lights coming from its engines! It lands right in front of him and from the inside an alien come .
  8. 8. <ul><li>The Alien walks towards John and says: “Hi! My name is Soggy! I am from the planet Zylon and I came to Earth looking for a friend. Do you want to be my friend?” </li></ul>
  9. 9. John never saw someone like Soggy. He was scared since Soggy was very different from everybody he knew, but he was alone and needing a friend too. He thought about it and decided to become friends with Soggy.
  10. 10. “ Let’s go for a ride! I will show you the Universe!” Soggy said. John agreed although he was still afraid of what could happen. He always wanted to see the Universe, so he said yes and went inside the spaceship.
  11. 11. “ Look! Mars is down there and up there is Neptune.” “ This is amazing! I never thought the planets were so beautiful!.
  12. 12. And they flew towards the infinite being the best friends ever! It does not matter how different they are, what matters is who they are!

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