Sketching Your Way to Better Design


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This hands-on session will cover a low cost, yet powerful design approach that will help you make better design decisions.

In a more standard workshop approach, attendees create questions and engage with users to obtain even further refinement details and direction, and in this abbreviated version we will explore how this can be applied on your own.

Think you can't sketch or draw--or think your designs will be the worst in the room? Don't be; you'll be provided with the core information that you need to be effective.

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Sketching Your Way to Better Design

  1. 1. Sketching Your Way To Better Design Russ Unger | @russu
  2. 2. Russ Unger | @russuWhat Is Sketching?
  3. 3. Russ Unger | @russuI do a bale of sketches, one eye, apiece of hair. A pound of observation,then an ounce of painting. -Gardner Cox
  4. 4. Russ Unger | @russuWhy Sketch?
  5. 5. Russ Unger | @russuSource: Sketching User Experiences - The Workbook by Bill Buxton
  6. 6. Russ Unger | @russu• Leveraging the Visual• Communicating Ideas• Record What We See & Hear• Work Through Some Thinking• Reflect What We’re Hearing• Documentation Source: UIE Brain Sparks Blog:
  7. 7. Russ Unger | @russuWe’ve got to stop talking about WHAT and start sketching HOW
  8. 8. Russ Unger | @russuWays I Sketch
  9. 9. Russ Unger | @russuWireframes& Ideation
  10. 10. Russ Unger | @russuPresentations
  11. 11. Russ Unger | @russuCollaborative Design (Clients & Users)
  12. 12. Russ Unger | @russuAdam Savage, Mythbusters Source: Wired Magazine, October 2012
  13. 13. Russ Unger | @russuLet’s Try It.
  14. 14. Russ Unger | @russu6-8-55 Minute1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 s!
  15. 15. Russ Unger | @russuRules of Critique*• Do treat each other with respect – remember your idea is next• Do encourage and embrace the craziness• Do keep on track – time is limited• Do get new ideas on paper – write, draw, scribble• Do build on the ideas of others• Do question the design• Don’t judge or shoot down ideas based on your preferences• Don’t talk over each other – everyone has a voice• Don’t be a jackass! *applied to real-life engineers - results may vary Courtesy of Bennett King @skunkwUrX
  16. 16. Russ Unger | @russuNow What?
  17. 17. Russ Unger | @russuSource: Class Videos @ UX London 2011
  18. 18. Russ Unger | @russuSource: Class Videos @ UX Lisbon 2011 | Team Os Macacos
  19. 19. Russ Unger | @russuSo What?
  20. 20. Russ Unger | @russuSketching Provides..• Quantity over quality• Validating against requirements• Group/Team collaboration• Rapid iteration• Rapid iterative design exploration• ...and so much more
  21. 21. Thank You!Russ Unger | @russu