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Smile invitation of rumah zakat


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Smile invitation of rumah zakat

  1. 1. Vision and Mission VISION To become a trusted and leading zakat collector-distributor that works with international-standard professionalism MISSION To create an independent society trough productive empowerment To increase and perfect community service trough human excellence BRAND VALUE Trusted | Progressive | Humanitarian Positioning Sharing Confidence Trough a strong belief to share and create a better global society, Rumah Zakat strives to be the leading organization in the region that assures effective and sustainable programs to empower people in achieving better life.s m i l e i n v i t a t i o n An Invitation Legal Formal which asks everyone Akta Notaris : DR. Wiratni Ahmadi, SH to smile and help No. 31 Tanggal 12 Juli 2001 many more our brothers to smile SK Menkeh : Y.A. 7/37/22 LAZDA : 451.12/Kep.478-Yansos/2002 with Rumah Zakat let us LAZNAS : Kep. Menag No 157 Tahun 2003 LAZNAS : 42 tahun 2007 (revisi) Merangkai Senyum Indonesia Dir.SosPol : 280/LK-YAYAS/2000 Depag : W.i/I/BA/.03.2/4386/2000 (Stringing Indonesian Smile) Izin Domisili : 19/DM/VIII/2001 NPWP : 02.083.957.7-424.000 Keputusan Menkumham RI : No. C-1490.HT.01.02.TH 2006 Tercatat pada Lembaran Berita Negara RI : Tgl 22-08-2008 No. 68 Perubahan Akta Yayasan : No. 01 Tgl 05-02-2010
  2. 2. Organization Structure Scope of Work Council Board Syariah Supervisory Board H. Acep Lu’lu’iddin, S.Ag Kardita Kintabuwana, Lc., MA Receiving Managing Distributing Muhamad Rachmadi Syariah Reference Supervisory Board Dr. Setiawan Budi Utomo, Lc., MM Emryas Imsak Soelaiman Consortium of Expert Consultant Management Board Legal Counsultant Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yayan Sutarna, SH., MH Rachmat Ari Kusumanto Marketing Consultant Chief Strategic Relationship AM. Adhy Trisnanto Officer (CSRO) Rachmat Noviar Bustari Tax Consultant Arif Muhlasin, Ak. BKP ZIS Consultant Human Capital Management Program & Project Monev Chief Funding Officer (CFO) Relationship Management Strategic Development Report Management Jakarta & Sumatera Region Financial Consultant Superinfak Consultant Finance Volunteer Nur Efendi Muhammad Sunusi, SE., Akt Internet Marketing Marketing Rumah Juara International Philanthropy Management Inf. System Rumah Sehat Chief Funding Officer (CFO) Empowerment Consultant Service Quality Management Rumah Mandiri Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih, SE., MM and Papua Region R. Herry Hermawan Independent Auditors KAP Bambang Mudjiono Chief Operating Officer (COO) KAP Ahmad Toha BoD + Internal Auditor Sri Nurmiyati KAP Kanaka Puradiredja Chief Program Officer (CPO) Asep Mulyadi Distribution Program Mustahik Strive to be Independent 2010 Empowering Program Independent 5% with KUKMI Independent Helpess19% Indigent 29% Helpless Poor Indigent Poor 47% Under Need of Above KHL Between 15% -(-) 15% Above Profer Life (KHL) Value 15% Zakah Nisab Zakah Nisab 1748 Person 2913 Person 1165 Person 328 Person Rumah Zakat Distribution Program 2010 Senyum Sehat (Health Smile) Senyum Juara (Champion Smile) Senyum Mandiri (Independent Smile) Awards Direct Distribution Distributon of Disaster Ramadhan Qurban SOCIAL Legal FormalENTREPRENEURSHIP etc ACHIEVEMENT 2010 from SWA Magazine Akta Notaris : DR. Wiratni Ahmadi, SH No. 31 Tanggal 12 Juli 2001 SK Menkeh : Y.A. 7/37/22 LAZDA : 451.12/Kep.478-Yansos/2002 LAZNAS : Kep. Menag No 157 Tahun 2003 LAZNAS : 42 tahun 2007 (revisi) Dir.SosPol : 280/LK-YAYAS/2000 Depag : W.i/I/BA/.03.2/4386/2000 LAZ TERBAIK 2010 IMZ Izin Domisili : 19/DM/VIII/2001 SWA Magazine AWARD 2010 NPWP version : 02.083.957.7-424.000 categories: BEST FUNDRAISING Keputusan Menkumham RI No. C-1490.HT.01.02.TH 2006 GROWTH Tercatat pada Lembaran Berita Negara RI Tgl 22-08-2008 No. 68 EMPOWERMENT & BEST Perubahan Akta Yayasan No. 01 Tgl 05-02-2010 IN EDUCATION PROGRAM (SEKOLAH JUARA)
  3. 3. Resource Optimization Merangkai Senyum Indonesia Sumatera  Region:  29  ICD  area  404 Zakah Collector (Amil) Kasulpa  Region:  22  ICD  area  46 Head Office and Regional Network Office84.221 Active donors653.462 Beneficiaries121 Intergrated Community Development (ICD) Area11 Sekolah Juara (Champion School)7 Rumah Bersalin Gratiis (RBG) (Free Maternity Hospital)22 Layanan Bersalin Gratiis (LBG)  West  Jakarta   Raya  Region   East  Jakarta   West  Java   Regional     (Free Maternity Service) East  Java   12  ICD  area   Raya  Region   Region   DIY-­‐Central   12  ICD  area   Java  Region   Region  1 Healthy Clinic 20  ICD  area   13  ICD  area   13  ICD  area  36 Armada Sehat Keluarga (AMARA) Rumah Zakat through optimization of • Environment Booster (Family Fleet Health) zakah, infaq, shadaqah, invite you to • Community Advocate participate in Merangkai Senyum Indonesia18 Ambulance Ringankan Duka (ARINA) (Stringing Indonesian Smile) through ICD Area (Lighting Sorrow Ambulance) integrated empowering programs. The Implementation of ICD occurred in aim of this movement is to awaken society sub district area with region potential19 Empowering Centre participation to get them self and their mapping approachment and program environment empowered independently. implementation in neighborhood-level. ICD area spread in urban and rural areas, inSource : MIS, Feb 2011 Three roots of Rumah Zakat empowerment Rumah Zakat regional network office. programs are Senyum Sehat (healthy smile), Senyum Juara (champion smile), and The aim of Empowerment Senyum Mandiri (independent smile). All Empowerment process in the ICD area aims programs implementated with Integrated to achieve the target community’s ability Community Development (ICD) approach. to independently either individually or as a whole community. Integrated Community Development (ICD) Indicators of Individual Self-Reliance Economy ICD is an integrated empowerment 1. Indigent : No income process in the certain area and time which 2. Poor : < $1,25/person/day includes education, health, economy, and 3. Independent : > $1,25/person/day – 15% infrastructure to reach individual and above mandatory tithe community independency that managed 4. Muzakki (Zakat Payer) : > 15% above by Rumah Zakat and partner. The period mandatory tithe of maximum implementation phase is 3 (three) years with 6 (six) months period of Education evaluation. - Fulfilled the basic education - Received vocational training Member Relationship Officer (MRO) In every empowerment region, Rumah Health Zakat has an assistancy from participated Implementation of Clean and Healthy community as their MRO. As for the Behavior (PHBS) in the level of function of MRO are : participated community household. • Companion • Empowering • Empowering Surveyor Aspect Indicators of The Community Self-Reliance Appears of the financial institution with alternatives, such as : Economy - Formal Institution (Example : Islamic Financial Institution) - Informal Institution (Example : Social Gathering) - Increasing the quantity and quality of Posyandu as a Community- Based Health Work (UKBM) activity. - Implementation of Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS) in the level of Health participated community household. - Decreasing Maternal Mortality Rate (AKI) / Infant Mortality Rate (AKB) / Child Mortality Rate (AKABA) participated community. - Activity and Posyandu output program in ICD region. - Increasing the participation of participated-community in financing the basic education. Education - Appears of children potential development activity.
  4. 4. Program 2011• SD Juara • Rumah Bersain Gratiis (RBG) (Champion Elementary School) Free Maternity Hospital• SMP Juara • Layanan Bersain Gratiis (LBG) (Champion Junior High School)• Beasiswa Ceria SD – SMA Free Maternity Service (Scholarship for basic education) • Health Alert• Beasiswa Mahasiswa • Armada Sehat Keluarga (AMARA) (Scholarship for college student) Family Health Fleet• Lab Juara • Ambulance Ringankan Duka (Champion Laboratory) (ARINA)• Mobil Juara Lighting Sorrow Ambulance (Champion Car)• Gizi Sang Juara • Child Nutrient Alert (Champion Nutrient) • Posyandu Revitalization• Kemah Juara • Circumcision Program (Champion Camp) Seasonal Program• Kelompok Usaha Kecil Mandiri (KUKMI) Group of Small Independent Business• Empowering Center• Facility for Independent Business• Water Well• Skill Training and Local Potential Empowerment• Agriculture Cultivation A blessed month, Maximaze your qurban Ramadhan, complete the with Superqurban. glory by mutual-sharing. Optimize your Zakah, Superqurban is an optimization program in qurban devotion Infaq, Shadaqah and according to Islamic rules by other special program in processing qurban meat Ramadhan as a present to becomes corned packages. create our brother’s smile. Goat : Rp1.200.000,- Ramadhan 1432 H Cow : Rp9.950.000,- Retail Cow : Rp1.425.000,-
  5. 5. Commitment For Your Convenience Head Office Jl. Turangga No. 25C, Bandung Telp. 022-7332407 Fax. 022-7332478 Jl. Matraman Raya No. 148 Blok A1 No. 5 Jakarta Timur Telp. 021-85918020 SMS Centre 0815 7300 1555 Call Centre 0804 100 1000 Convenience is a part of Rumah Zakat commitment service for Sobat e-mail : website : Zakat (Zakah Donors) to optimize the devotion value such as Zakah, Infaq, Shadaqah, or any other empowering program. SERVICE POINT Surabaya Telp.031-8491298 Jl. Raya Nginden No.29 - Surabaya. Pekanbaru Wherever and whenever donation transaction from Sobat Zakat occured, Telp.031-5914145 Fax.031-5914145 Jl. Nenas No.11 Kel. Jadirejo, that’s Rumah Zakat commitment to fulfilled the order. Jakarta - Matraman Malang Kec. Sukajadi - Pekanbaru. Jl. Matraman Raya No.148 Blok A1 No.5 - Jakarta Timur. Ruko Istana, Jl. W.R Supratman Telp.0761-37022 Telp.021-85918020 Fax.021-85918021 C3 Kav.19 - Malang. Klinik Sehat JICT Jakarta - Gunung Sahari Telp.0341-351932 Jl. Cipeucang IV No.2A, kelurahan Koja, Visit the reachable Rumah Sidoarjo Kec. Koja, Jakarta Utara Jl. Gunung Sahari I No.35 Jakarta Pusat Visiting Zakat O ce in Sobat Zakat city that spread in 46 Regional Telp.021-42800754 Jakarta - Menara Thamrin Jl. Yos Sudarso No.92 - Sidoarjo. Telp.031-78458991 Fax.031-8941763 Telp. 021-43906628 Counter Gresik EMPOWERING CENTRE Network O ce from Aceh to Basement Floor R.05, Jl. Sumatra No.27A, Ruko Gresik Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 3 Jakarta Pusat. Jayapura. Telp.021-2300733/021-95578600 Kota Baru - Gresik. Bandung Fax .021-2300733 Telp.031-78458992 Fax.031-3954947 • Jl. Sukarajin II Gg. Sastromiharjo V No.1 RT.03 Jakarta - Rasuna Epicentrum Jember RW.02 Cikutra, Cibeunying Kidul Jl. Karimata No.60A - Jember. • Jl. Cibangkong No.28 RT.02 RW.05 Nowadays, Sobat Zakat can Rasuna Office Park, No.LR.02, Telp.0331-4068855 Kel. Cibangkong, Kec. Cibangkong Apartemen Taman Rasuna, Tower 8, easily donate from every Ayo ke Islamic Bank Network O ce Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kuningan - Jakarta Selatan. Kediri Jl. Kartini No.10 Kel. Pocanan, Medan Jl. Balai Desa No.5 Medan Sunggal - Medan bank that has became Rumah Telp.021-94740907 Jakarta - Pondok Indah Kec. Kota - Kediri. Telp.0354-7604700 Yogyakarta Jl. Tukangan No.59B (Come to Zakat’s partner in “Ayo ke Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No.47B Aceh Danurejan - Yogyakarta. the bank) Bank Berzakat di Teller kami” Pondok Indah Ruko Lamlagang, Jl. Sultan Malikul Saleh, Jakarta Selatan Kel. Lamlagang, Kec. Banda Raya - Aceh. Jl. Kemuning No.4 RT.11/RW.06 program. Telp.021-7396908 Telp.0651-7429692 Pasar Minggu, Pejaten Timur - Jakarta Selatan. Jakarta - Kebon Jeruk Business Park Kebon Jeruk, Medan - Setiabudi Jakarta Timur Jl. Pulo Asem Utara III Jl. Raya Meruya Ilir No.88 Blok E2 No.15 Jl. Setiabudi No. 32D Medan RT.09/RW.01 Pulogadung - Jakarta Timur. Kebon Jeruk - Jakarta Barat. Sunggal - Medan. Cimahi Use the convenience by donating Telp.061-77812344 Fax.061-8227435 Jl. Bukanagara, RT.02/RW.01 Ds. Pagarwangi, Donation via ATM. Sobat Zakat can also Telp.021-30061522 Fax.021-30061522 Jakarta - Kebayoran Baru Medan-Balai Kota Kec. Lembang, Kab. Bandung Barat Pelataran Parkir Hotel Inna Dharma Deli lt.1, Surabaya by ATM transfer the donation to rumah Jl. Wijaya I No.22 Kel. Petogogan, Kec. Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan. Jl. Balai Kota No. 2 Medan Jl. Gundih II No.30 A Bubutan - Surabaya. Zakat bank account. Telp.061-4528638 Pekanbaru Telp.021-7234039 Fax.021-7234039 Jakarta - Harsono Padang Jl. Pesisir Gang Rumbio, Kel. Meranti Pandak Jl. Harsono RM No.15 A Kel. Ragunan, Jl. Diponegoro No.15 F - Padang. Kec. Rumbai Pesisir Pekanbaru Kec. Pasar Minggu - Jakarta Selatan. Telp.0751-7873238 Padang Telp.021-78842287 Fax.021-78842287 Palembang Jl. Lapangan Bola PSPS No.31 Jakarta-Kelapa Gading Jl. Basuki Rahmat No.2 Rt17 Kel. Ario Parupuk Tabing Koto Tangah Kemuning, Kec. ilir Timur I - Palembang. Palembang e- Jl. Terusan Boulevard Timur Raya No.1A RT 05 RW 02 Telp.0711-7005100 Jl. Balap Sepeda RT.43/RW.13 Ilir Pekanbaru Barat I-Palembang. Banking Telp.021-46828867 Ciputat Jl. Tuanku Tambusai No.34 D Kel. Jadirejo, Batam Taman Rempoa Indah, Kec. Sukajadi - Pekanbaru. • Tanjung Uma RT.01/RW.08, Jl. Delima Jaya Ciputat Timur Telp.0761-7097276 Fax.0761-44447 Lubuk Baja - Batam. Telp.021-26329700 Bandar Lampung • Perum Puri Agung 3 Blok B No.1 Tangerang Jl. Jend Sudirman No.59 Kel. Rawa Laut, RT.01 RW.23 Kel. Mangsang, Jl. Beringin Raya No.144C Kec. Tanjung Karang Timur - Bandar Lampung. Kec. Sei Beduk Kota Batam Telp. 0721-255813 Banjarmasin With Online purchase methode, Perumnas - Tangerang. Batam Jl. HKSN Komplek AMD Permai Telp.021-5588811 Paypal as one choice for Sobat Bekasi Komplek Lotus Garden Blok A No.8 Blok K RT.23 No.05, Banjarmasin. PayPal Zakat convenience. Click Jl. Veteran No.110 B Margajaya, Bekasi Kel. Teluk Tering, Kec. Batam Kota - Batam SEKOLAH DASAR JUARA for online Selatan - Bekasi. Telp.0778-468024 Fax.0778-468024 (Champion Elementary School) Telp.021-88851159 Fax.021-88851159 sharing. Cikarang Banjarmasin Ruko Pavillion Shop, Jl Industri Utara No.9 Brigjen H.Hasan Basri No. 1 Kayu Tangi, Kel. Bandung Jababeka 2 Cikarang Pangeran, Banjarmasin Utara - Banjarmasin. Terusan Katamso, Jl. Sukarajin I Telp.021-89840661 Fax.021-89840661 Telp.0511-7682546 Cikutra - Bandung. Depok Pontianak Telp.022-70870832 Sobat Zakat can easily donate Jl. Irian No.35 Kel. Akcaya, Cimahi Selatan Jl, Tole Iskandar, Ruko Griya Depok Asri Mobile whenever and wherever Blok B1 No.2C - Depok. Kec. Pontianak Selatan - Pontianak. Telp.0561-736809 Jl. Melong Raya, Gg. Mesjid, N0 13/62 Komplek Madrasah Al Islam Perum Cijerah II through mobile banking Telp.021-23711522 Fax.021-77824992 Banking service from your trusted Bogor Samarinda Gedung BIEC, JL. M. Yamin No.82 Kel. Tempaja Melong Cimahi. Telp.022-76217822 Jl. Pandawa Raya Blok 1B No.9, Komplek bank. Indraprasta, Kel. Bantar Jati, Utara, Kec. Samarinda Utara - Samarinda. Jakarta Pusat Kec. Bogor Utara - Bogor. Telp.0541-7766033 Jl. Sangihe Dalam Blok E No. 24 Telp.0251-8378945 Balikpapan Cideng Gambir Cilegon Jl. MT. Haryono, Ruko Balikpapan Baru Blok Telp. 021-6316638 Call the reachable Rumah Zakat O ce Jl. Letjend R. Suprapto No.25G - Cilegon. D4 No.6 Kel. Damai, Kec. Balikpapan Selatan - Jakarta Timur Pick in your city, or Sobat Zakat can easily Telp.0254-385443 Bandung - Turangga Balikpapan. Telp.0542-873411 Fax.0542-873411 Jl. Rawa Badung RT.06 RW.13 Jatinegara, Cakung Jakarta Timur Donation use SMS Center 0815 7300 1555, Call Center 0804 100 1000, or e-mail Jl. Turangga No.33 - Bandung. Telp.022-7317400 Fax.022-7332451 Makassar Jl. A.P. Pettarani Komp. New Zamrud Telp.021 46823218 Pekanbaru Up to get a Bandung - Dago Jl. Ir. Juanda No.91 - Bandung. Blok G No.2, Kel. Buakana, Kec. Rappocini - Makassar. Komplek Mesjid Baitul Makmur, Jl. Wartasari No.9 Kel. Tangkerang Selatan pick-up donation facilitation. Telp.0411-2332124 Bukit Raya Telp. 022-70773297 Bandung - Alifa Jayapura Telp.0761-41756 Jl. BKR Lingkar Selatan Jl. Perumnas I No.25 Distrik Heram, Yogyakarta No. 63 Bandung Kel. Waena - Jayapura. Jl. Gayam No.09 Gondokusuman - Yogyakarta. Telp.022-70100696 Telp.0967-571692 Telp.0274-565849 Bandung - Antapani Semarang Jl. Terusan Jakarta No.77 RUMAH BERSALIN GRATIIS Jl. Singa Utara No.67 RT.06 RW.04 Kalicari National Donation Account Kec. Antapani - Bandung. Telp.022-70739192 (Free Maternity Hospital) Bedurungan Telp.024-6708707 Bandung - Sutami Bandung Surabaya Jl. Prof. Dr. Ir. Sutami No.89 Bandung Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 253, Jl. Medokan Semampir Indah No.25 - Surabaya. Telp.022- 70474711 Batu Nunggal - Bandung. Telp.031-5924384 Cimahi Telp.022-7304115 Jakarta Selatan Jl. Gedung Empat No.E.3 Jakarta Jl. Kebagusan I, Gg. H. Marjuki Gatot Subroto - Cimahi. Jl. Pulo Asem Timur Raya No.18 Rt2 Rw10 RT.02/RW.02 No.39 Jakarta Selatan Telp.022-70723062 Pulogadung - Jakarta Timur. Telp.021-7821907 Cirebon Telp.021-4757466 Medan Jl. Kartini No.70 - Cirebon. Semarang Jl. Sunggal No.118A Medan Sunggal - Medan. Telp.0231-231670 Fax.0231-231670 Jl. Lamper Tengah Raya No.670 A, Rt07 Telp.061-8475837 Semarang Rw02 Semarang Selatan - Semarang. Jl. Dr. Sutomo No.53 - Semarang. Telp.024-8446705 SMP JUARA Telp.024-70780960 Yogyakarta (Champion Junior High School) Yogyakarta Jl. Parangtritis No.7 Dusun 247 80000 9000 Jl. Veteran No.9 Kel. Mujamuju, Timuran - Yogyakarta. Bandung Ruko Patra Mas Asri No.A. 15 Kec. Umbulharjo - Yogyakarta. Telp.0274-377891 Jl. Soekarno-Hatta Panyileukan Bandung Telp.0274-377671 Fax.0274-377671 Medan Telp.022-79570657 880 1111 042 2 700 005599 Please Confirm Solo Jl. Setia Budi No. 46 Medan Jl. Kali Larangan No.39 Selayang - Medan. your Donation to Telp.061-8214957 Kel. Jayengan,Kec. Serengan - Surakarta. SMS Centre : 0815 7300 1555 Telp.0271-7072671 Surabaya 1000 859 172 Jl. Sidosermo Gg.II Kav.321 Surabaya