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Main report

  1. 1. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________1CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1.0 Brief IntroductionThe project title is Augmented Reality an Interactive: Story Book of PAKPANDIR. This application is an interactive storybook to preserve the Malay epicstory of Pak Pandir for the younger generation. Augmented Reality (AR) is used inthe storybook to combine the real world with 3D figures in order to deliver animmersive experience to the users.Compare to the current storybook, this application is attractive and allows user tointeract with the characters. This application using 3D animation and soundtechniques that would interest the reader and this interactive storybook also using acomic style visual, so that the children can easily understand and retract the childrenin reading the storybook.Pak Pandir is the poor and very stupid man. Developer chooses one title of PakPandir Story book namely “Pak Pandir pergi Memancing Ikan”. Synopsis of the storyis Mak Andeh, wife of Pak Pandir, requested him for fishing. However, Pak Pandirdoesn’t know how to fish. Therefore, he asked Mak Andeh to guide him how tofishing. Mak Andeh told him to find “Belalang Rusa” for the fishing baits, so PakPandir misheard of Mak Andeh words and he search for “Rusa” rather than“Belalang Rusa” for fishing baits. That’s where are the story begins.1.1 ObjectiveThe objectives of the project are:• To preserve the Malaysian folklore by creating an interactive storybook.• To encourage Malaysian people in reading books by creating storybook usingAR application.
  2. 2. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________21.2 PurposeThe purpose of the this application is to develop a new method oflearning PAK PANDIR storybook comic style by using augmented realitywhich will include all multimedia element, such as, 3D animation, sound andgraphic to attract the interest of the kids. It’s also for developed a new way oflearning methods by using AR and to expose the new learning technologykids. In other word, is to find out the best way in learning PAK PANDIRstorybook comic style. It is also to give a good lesson for future generationfrom the “PAK PANDIR” story. Furthermore, it will be able to provide anentertainment for young generation, because developer used an interactiveway to tell the story. Last but not least, with AR, it will be able to inform forthe next generation about Malay epic story so that they will not forget aboutthe story.1.3 Project Scope/Target User• Kids from 7 to 12 years old• Teachers• Parents1.4 Problem Statement.Malaysian Folklore has been forgotten by younger generation. This is supportedby a stunt from Ali Badron Sabor. Based on our pilot survey last semester on we haddone to 20 children, we found out that 70% of children were not aware of Malaysianfolklore especially Pak Pandir. This is statement is also supported by Sabor, 2011.Augmented Reality is used as a medium to deliver the storybook, since Rusmin, 2011state that it is compatible with the younger generations because they tense to chooselight reading materials, according to performance figures storytellers and OrangHidup Malaysia, Ali Badron Sabor during his performance of Poetry Night RiongBH-UTHM said that “There are only two people only expert storytellers that remainin Malaysia and one of them is me. Loss if the younger generation do not recognize
  3. 3. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3and explore the folklore storytellers presented with the purpose of providingentertainment to the audience. Storytellers also convey messages and informationthrough the stories”. (Ali Badron Sabor, 2011)Although Malaysian folklore can be found in books, most of the Malaysianpeoples are very lack in reading. This is based on Senior psychologist UniversitiTeknologi Mara (UiTM) Puncak Alam, Sulaiman Selamat said, the tendency ofstudents and young people choosing light reading materials because of they areexposed to the culture of the new generation that born in easy, luxurious, fast andcomfortable world. He said this culture makes the generation lazy to think, lessknowledgeable, and just strictly focus on academic and examination. “This is theresponse from the modern world and the transition period, which saw all the aspectsto be addressed just as easily and without initiative. As a result, many must besacrificed, including knowledge”. (Ruhaiza Rusmin,Harian Metro, 2012)1.5 Rational of problem SolvingThe interactive storybook include so many interesting way of explaininginformation. In a way of creating an interactive storybook is because storybook has agood message to deliver. There have good values that will explain in the storybookand also storybook will create in interesting way that will make young generationattracted.Interactive storybook will created by using AR. AR will attracts kids learn to readbooks. The storybook will include popup 3D graphic for the characters and animatedvisual. The learning environment will become less tense to the kids also to theteachers because the storybook will include 3D graphic.1.6 Limitation of The ProjectThe limitation of the project is developer use the application on iPad IOS orAndroid only. The application needs to be installed first before using it. Thisapplication using an interactive iPad, scan by iPad camera and cannot be using PC orlaptop. The developer also not using navigation button to go on the next page andmake one of the Pak Pandir story only.
  4. 4. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW2.0 Introduction2.0.1 Augmented Reality DefinitionAugmented Reality Definition is "A field of computer research which deals withthe combination of real-world and computer-generated data. At present, most ARresearch is concerned with the use of live video imagery which is digitally processedand "augmented" by the addition of computer-generated graphics". (Wikipedia,2008).2.0.2 Malay Folklore story DefinitionFolklore is the literature of the people who shaped the story or telling the storyorally. Folklore is very popular among the Malay community and passed down orallyfrom one generation to the next generation. Folklore usually grows in the oraltradition, handed orally from mouth to mouth by the artisans of professional story ina story to the audience, in the presentation special occasions such as weddings,celebrations, and so forth. Folk tales told by the grandmother / grandfather tograndson or by someone who knows storytelling as entertainment in spare time.(Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, 1993)Among the functions of folklore are:1. An entertainment tool.2. As a tool to deliver teaching and educating the public.3. Public art expression platform using beautiful words.4. The policy of the modern literary creation.
  5. 5. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________52.1 Pak Pandir Story2.1.1 Pak Pandir: “Memancing Ikan”Synopsis of the story is Mak Andeh, wife of Pak Pandir, requested him forfishing. However, Pak Pandir doesn’t know how to fish. Therefore, he asked MakAndeh to guide him how to fishing. Mak Andeh told him to find “Belalang Rusa”for the fishing baits, so Pak Pandir misheard of Mak Andeh words and he searchfor “Rusa” rather than “Belalang Rusa” for fishing baits. That’s where are thestory begins.2.1.2 Pak Pandir: “Pak Pandir dan Anak”Synopsis of the story is their daughter are sick so Mak Andeh is going to buythe medicine, in the mean time Mak Andeh told Pak Pandir to bathe the child. AfterMak Andeh gone to shop, Pak Pandir boiling water on the fire that is burning, afterthat he put his daughter in that boiling water. That’s where are the story begins.2.1.3 Pak Pandir: “Pak Pandir dengan Gergasi”The story is about after their daughter died, Mak Andeh wanted to make“Kenduri Doa Selamat” for their late daughter. Mak Andeh ordered Pak Pandir toinvites “Tok Imam” for their “Kenduri”. On his way in inviting “Tok Imam”, PakPandir lost his way and found the giant’s house. With his mistakenly assume that thegiant is “Tok Imam”, so he invites that giant to his house for their feast. From herethe story begins.2.2 Example of Current/Existing Application2.2.1 Augmented Reality BookBelow is a screen shot of Augmented reality book. This AR video showedabout Interactive Print Media with 3D “Aliens and UFOs” by arsEdition. This ARexplains how Aliens came to earth and landing at it. It’s also including backgroundsound. This AR is different from the project because it is not an AR storybook. Itjust shows pictures of earth, UFO and an explanation about it.
  6. 6. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________62.2.2 Storybook Augmented RealityThis picture showed the video about storybook AR, but the application isusing IPAD. The output is after it scans by webcam a video about animal will comeout. It is different from our project, because the project are develop an applicationusing pc/laptop and when it scans by a webcam the storybook environment will comeout and telling the video story.
  7. 7. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________72.2.3 Augmented Reality StorytellingBelow the picture showed the video about AR storytelling. The applicationalmost same with the project but the different is the project will not set up by theuser. This environment of AR is set up by user itself, it is like the user is telling astory by himself. It is also include sound and music background.
  8. 8. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________8
  9. 9. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________92.3 Selective ReviewThe ReasonsThe developer chooses AR storytelling above is because the environment thatthe developer want to develop is almost same. Our project will include 3D characterand environment. Using a storybook, it scans by a webcam and the screen will showan interactive storybook of Pak Pandir including voice and background music. It alsoincludes dialog bubble like a comic book style. Using this style will make astorybook interesting and attracts the kids to read it.
  10. 10. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________102.4 Selective StoryFrom the many story of Pak Pandir, the story chosen was “Pak Pandir DanGergasi” title. The story is about Pak Pandir mistakenly invited giants come to hishouse for “kenduri doa selamat” of his late daughter. While giants eating at PakPandir house, they ordered Pak Pandir to cooks more foods and deliver to their son attheir house. After Mak Andeh finished provide the meal, Pak Pandir takes the mealand send to giant’s son. After Pak Pandir reach at giant’s house, he meet with giant’sson. In mean time the giant’s son saw Pak Pandir he automatically open his mouth toeat Pak Pandir. In fear, Pak Pandir make a reaction by clog in the foods in giant’s sonmouth. Giant’s son died because of Pak Pandir also include the buffalo bones in hismouth. Pak Pandir came back home and suggest Mak Andeh to run. After that, giantsfind out about their son’s death they search Pak Pandir and Mak Andeh to eat them.Giant found out that they at the river, and calling Pak Pandir and Mak Andeh. Toacross the river, Pak Pandir and Mak Andeh, trick the giant to take crock and get inthe crock so that the giant can across the river. After that the crock had cracked andgiants died. End of story, Pak Pandir and Mak Andeh saved from the giant and theygo back to their home.The reasonsFrom the story above, the developer chosed this title because this title isunique compared from the other title. It tells about human being and the giants makethe whole story interesting. From the story also have a lot of lesson that teach humanto distinguish between good and bad before make a decision. Think before makesome decision. This story book has been documented again by Daud Ibrahim in1970. The developer want to remind our new generation about this story is very oldstory that has been told from one generation to another.
  11. 11. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________112.5 Results from the review• Lack of ability in animation to attract audience to understand the application.• In Malaysia, learning by using Augmented Reality still not expands onmarket education in Augmented Reality (AR) storybook.
  12. 12. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________12CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY3.0 Introduction3.0.1 Gathering InformationMost of the information about Malay folklore was gathered from the journaland article about augmented reality to develop the interactive storybook. Other thanthat, do a research about augmented reality via the Internet to make the comparisonevery each AR from the result had found and do the revision about AR, sound andinteraction. Then, the interview session was held with kids that aged between 7-12years old. The information is gained about the new platform of storybook in ARwhether it will give benefit or not. Other than, the observation was held with thekids via testing them whether can read or not. Then, analyze the data and comparedit to come out with the best solution for the problem.3.0.2 FlowchartFigure 1: Flowchart of the design
  13. 13. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________13From the Figure 1 above, the model design of the project will come out withthe book, iPad camera and interactive iPad. The camera will scan the book and it willappear on the iPad screen. The image or visual of Pak Pandir will appear on thescreen and come out with the voice and background music. After that the 3Danimation cartoon will explain about the story of Pak Pandir, with 3D environment.3.1 Research MethodologyFrom the project above are using “ADDIE Methodology”. This methodology willdevelop in the application. The reason is because it can be used to develop this interactiveapplication and can understand more on methodology itself. It consists of step by step ofwhat will be done through out the development of the application. If there is any problem incertain stage, it definitely can go back to their previous stage and start again. The example ison Figure 2 below.Figure 2: ADDIE Model
  14. 14. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________143.2 Project Phase3.2.1 Phase 1: AnalyzeAfter gather all the data needed, the developer will analyzing the data that receivedfrom the interviewing and observation. After analyzing, the developer realizes that the mostof the kids do not know about the Malay folklore, which is Pak Pandir. They only knew PakBelalang and other old story like Puteri Gunung ledang. The kids also mention that theyboring reading an ordinary storybook, because there is no interest in the storybook thatincludes so many texts. They love reading in new technology such as Ipads and personalcomputer.3.2.2 Phase 2: DesignThe developer will produce storyboard design of interface background,environment and characters of the application as the detailed. The storyboard willcontain the story of Pak Pandir and other character such as Pak Pandir’s wife MakAndeh, Giant and his Son. The character will be design in 3D character, including thebackground environment is also in 3D.3.2.3 Phase 3: DevelopmentContent and tools must be organizing to consistent all level models. In thisphase, graphics are designed 3D modeling, programming, animation, functionalityare involved in the development phase. Need complete at least 80% completeprototype.The tool or software that will use is, art Tool Kit for AR software. 3D max or 3DMaya for create the 3D character and background. Sony Sound Forge is for the audio ormusic background. For the program part will be using a script to mix the 3D environmentand AR application. There are also some other software used, such as, adobe Photoshop andillustrator.
  15. 15. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________153.2.4 Phase 4: ImplementFor the implementation, this is the phase where the entire implement isconduct. An implement phase is the phase where the error is to be eliminated. Sothat, the quality of the application will reaches its goal. There two types ofimplement should be conduct in this phase.First, the alpha testing, alpha testing is conduct in house. This is meant that,the alpha testing will be conduct during the development process within thedevelopers of the project. In this process, the project does not have to be completed.It is just a process of eliminated the error step by step. As example, after completingthe character, you will run the alpha testing to check the quality of the characteraccording to the multimedia element, whether it have achieve the standardrequirement of it.Second is the beta testing, in this testing, there should be no minor error andthe quality of the application have achieve the higher standard. Here the testing isconduct with the user or the audience of the application. In this context the kids thatwe have chooses as our client and audiences. To check the result of the testing, thedeveloper will produce an observation along with it. By analyzing at the data gatherin the observation, the developer will know is the application has achieved its owngoals.3.2.5 Phase 5: EvaluationThis is the last phase of the process. In this phase, the product now will bedistributed to the target audience or market. In this case, it will be distributed to thekids as the new method of learning and entertaining process. The developer willgather the children in between 7-12 years old and give them to use this applicationand later will get the feedback from the user. The user will test our application andafter that will collect the information about how the application will help the childrento improve their reading skills. The developer also makes a questionnaire to theteachers for recommendations.
  16. 16. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________163.3 Budget CostingITEMS PRICE (RM)HARDWARELaptop 2, 400External Hard DiskHeadphoneMouseWebcam2506025100SOFTWAREMicrosoft Office Professional 800Adobe Flash CS3 Professional 1, 550Adobe Illustrator CS3 600Adobe Photoshop CS33D Maxs 2011Adobe PremierAdobe sound forge6001, 0001, 0001, 000STATIONERIESBox card 200Printing 500TOTAL RM10085.00Table 1: Budget Costing
  17. 17. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________173.4 Time PlanFigure 3: Time Plan ChartFrom the Figure 3 above is the chart of time plan of this project. Time plan isimportant to developer to develop the project within the due date, if there is unlimitedtime in the certain project, the product will not complete until end. The time plan todevelop this project is about one year. Until that, the prototype will be developed anduser can test the product. For the detailed of the time plan will display in the(APPENDIX I.)
  18. 18. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________18CHAPTER 4: PROTOTYPE/PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT4.0 IntroductionThe researchers use ADIE methodology in developing Augmented Reality:Story Book Of Pak Pandir prototype. This chapter will describe the developmentphase of Augmented Reality: Story Book Of Pak Pandir prototype in details startingfrom information and all data’s analyzing, including designing 3D characters,designing 3D background, developing the application, recording narrator’s voice, andevaluate finished prototype.For this semester, the development group was instructed and given eachgroup member the specific tasks when developing the prototype. Normaira Ramliwas responsible for develop the 3D character, render the video and animation, whileHamizah Mohammed Bukhary was responsible for the flowchart, 3D background,story book design, and audio/video.4.1 StoryboardAfter completing analysis phase, the next step start with briefing the wholeconcept and idea to design and develop the Augmented Reality: Story Book Of PakPandir. All ideas were interpreted in sketching storyboard and implement sketches.(See APPENDIX II)
  19. 19. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________194.2 ScenesAugmented Reality: Story Book Of Pak Pandir divided into nine scenes.Each scene will be have a picture where the users must scanned it by using IOSor Android tablet camera to view the content of the storybook. The pictures willbe a marker to preview a Pak Pandir 3D animation story.(See APPENDIX III)4.2.1 Scene 1The beginning where introduce Pak Pandir and Mak Andeh character.4.2.2 Scene 2Mak Andeh give an order to Pak Pandir to invite ‘Tok Imam and Tok Haji’for the banquet at their house.4.2.3 Scene 3Pak Pandir is going to search for the house with cheerful expression.4.2.4 Scene 4Pak Pandir has arrived at the giant’s house that he thought the house was TokHaji’s house.4.2.5 Scene 5Pak Pandir meets with the big giant and invites him to eat banquet at his house,due he was afraid that the big giant would eat him alive.
  20. 20. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________204.2.6 Scene 6Because of the giant love the foods, he give a command to Pak Pandir fordeliver the foods to his kid at home.4.2.7 Scene 7Then Pak Pandir heading to the giant house again and give the foods to hischild, but unfortunately Pak Pandir has killed his son.4.2.8 Scene 8The giant was really angry when he knew his son already dead, so he decideto kill Pak Pandir and Mak Andeh.4.2.9 Scene 9At the end because of Mak Andeh brilliant idea, they successfully killed thebig giant and get through with happy life.4.3 Storybook Cover Page DesignThe developer and team member decided to design a simple storybookso that it is easier for the children to scan and read the storybook at the sametime.Figure 4: A sample of storybook cover page.
  21. 21. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________214.4 Content DesignBelow is a sample of a content design for the storybook: (See Appendix F for more)Figure 5 : Scene 1/WordsThe user has to open the Aurasma Lite application and direct the iPad camera to themarker/pictures so that the video of Pak Pandir will be appear on iPad screen. Thereare also including the words, telling the story of Pak Pandir.4.5 3D Modeling and AnimationThe developer created 4 characters in this storybook, which are Pak Pandir,Mak Andeh, Big Giant and Little Giant. The story will tell how Pak Pandir and MakAndeh will be deal with Giant. Below is Pak Pandir 3D modeling character that hasbeen creating using 3D max 2013.
  22. 22. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________22Figure 6: 3D Character of Pak Pandir4.6 Audio and videoThe developer had to render the 3D animation into video format which is .avithen convert it to .mp4 to make it easy uploading via Aurasma Lite website( since this project were run with Aurasma Lite application. Theaudio that been using is Music Instrumental to make it sound interesting and alsohave voice narrator so that the children will understand the story.4.7 Unforeseen LimitationThroughout the development of the product, developers have been facingsome difficulties in creating the application because Augmented Reality andapplication via interactive iPad was never being taught as a subject at the institute. Thedeveloper also has to learn and explore more about 3D animation because instituteonly taught the basic in creating 3D character. It was a learning curve, which thedeveloper had to take time.
  23. 23. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________234.7.1 SoftwareThe main software to develop this application is 3D Max 2013 that isthe new version of 3D Max. The new version of this software is more usersfriendly. It is really easy when rendering rather than the old version. Thedeveloper also has to learn more about the biped, movement and animationthrough video tutorial from You Tube and Internet.Figure 7: Unforeseen Limitation: Software 3D Max4.7.2 ApplicationThis Augmented Reality Storybook of Pak Pandir was developingusing Aurasma Lite application that need high speed Internet connection whileuploading the contents. Even though this application is free, but the developerhas to sign up as a member and taking 6 month to get approval from AurasmaLite website. The developer needs to do some research all over the Internetabout Aurasma Lite and how to use it.Figure 8: Aurasma Lite Application Icon
  24. 24. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________244.7.3 Content/InformationThe stage for the application is rather limited which made it difficult todevelop for the navigation button, and that is why the developers decided todevelop for only scanning the image/marker. Additionally, the informationand the research paper about the Augmented Reality is rather limited to getand difficult to research in the worldwide.
  25. 25. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________25CHAPTER 5: TESTING AND RESULT5.0 IntroductionIn this chapter will be discuss the testing method used in test finishedprototype application and describes the testing results. The method used covered bothhardware and software. The results are presented in pie chart. In addition, all thetesting results will be compared with initial planning and objectives.5.1 Stage of prototype developmentIn this stage of prototype development, there are many types of method canbe used to test a certain product application. When all the design and developmentphase has been completed, the developer tested the application by using aquestionnaire and user also given the chance to try the application. The testing phasewhen the users were given the chance to try out the application was called Betatesting.The beta testing is was held at the Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Sek.6 KotaDamansara, Petaling Jaya Selangor, in order to get the response for the target usersfor the prototype that has been developed. The target users for the prototype arechildren between 7-12 years old and 20 respondent answers the questionnaire. Thedeveloper also gives the questionnaire to the teachers.5.2 Testing MethodIn the testing method, to gather the result for get the feedback on theprototype, we prepared a set of 7 questions that relate to the prototype for the targetusers. Polar questions is chosen because to make it understanding and comprehensionon the question. The developer conducted the test individually with the target. Theexample of the question can be seeing at the APPENDIX IV.
  26. 26. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________265.3 Finished Prototype Comparison with Initial PlanningBy developing the storybook of Pak Pandir as a Malaysian folklore story withAugmented Reality it can make the storybook more attractive and interactive. Theprototype will help the users to know more about the Pak Pandir stories with theprinted storybook and pictures that can help the users to clearly view and feel theanimated things that have in the prototype which is telling the story of Pak Pandir.5.4 The Behavior of the Finished Prototype and the Functionality andOutputAbout the prototype, the picture on the storybook was used as the main toolson the smartphone and tablet that supported IOS and Android 2.2 and above tointeract with the prototype. Bahasa Malaysia as the primary language in the prototypeand the voice narrator that being used in the application is simple and easy tounderstand. The animations are design according to the target users. Using the 3Ddesign to attract the users and interesting sound that the children will having funwhen hearing the music.5.5 Testing ResultThe Augmented Reality Storybook of Pak Pandir is the story tellingMultimedia application that can be viewed in the smartphone and tablet thatsupported IOS and Android 2.2 and above. It covered more about the story of PakPandir. After the testing phase is complete, it found that 98% of the overall users didnot really know well about Malaysian Folklore story of Pak Pandir.
  27. 27. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________27Figure 9: Chart shows the result in terms of “users knowledgeable about PakPandir”Other than that, it also finds out that 100% users agree that they are all not familiarwith Augmented Reality application.Figure 10: Chart shows the result in terms of “Experience with AR application”
  28. 28. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________28From the charts below, most of the respondents agreed that this Multimediaapplication is interactive.Figure 11: Chart shows the result in terms of “interactivity”From the charts below, most of the respondents agreed that this Multimediaapplication is interactive.Figure 12: Chart shows the result in terms of “Help to attract people about PakPandir Storybook”
  29. 29. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________295.6 Functionality of the Augmented Reality ApplicationFor the functionality and performance of Augmented Reality of the product isamong the most important factor to consider when developing a certain application.Below are few characteristics of the completed application.5.6.1 Attractive multimedia application to suites the mood of users.For the attractive, it used the Augmented Reality multimediaapplication to deliver the information about Malaysian folklore storyof Pak Pandir, since the old method to deliver the info about the storywas too old version and not too interactive. By using this multimediaapplication users can absorb the information clearly5.6.2 Interactive MultimediaIt is essential for an application or project to have interactivemultimedia element so that user will get interesting while using it. Forthis, developers create many interesting scene.5.7 Beta Testing resultsThis is the beta testing that provides the questionnaire about the questionnaireto gain feedback from potential user who can use the interactive iPad. The sources ofthe user testing are about 20 people. The results of Beta Testing are stated as below:
  30. 30. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________30Question 1 - What is your current age? Please (select one).Figure 13: Beta Testing result – Question 1Question 2 – What is your gender? Please (select one).Figure 14: Beta Testing result – Question 2
  31. 31. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________31Question 3 – Have you ever-heard Traditional of ‘Pak Pandir’ story before? Pleasetick Yes or No in the provided box.Figure 15: Beta Testing result – Question 3Question 4 – Do you think this AR storybook of Pak Pandir is user friendly? Pleasetick Yes or No in the provided box.Figure 16: Beta Testing result – Question 4
  32. 32. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________32Question 5 – Do you understand well about the storybook of Pak Pandir application?Please tick Yes or No in the provided box.Figure 17: Beta Testing result – Question 5Question 6 – Does the text suitable and easy to understand? Please tick Yes or No inthe provided box.Figure 18: Beta Testing result – Question 6
  33. 33. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________33Question 7 – Does the character design of Pak Pandir suit the overall concept?Please tick Yes or No in the provided box.0"5"10"15"20"Yes" No"Character(Design(Character"Design"Figure 19: Beta Testing result – Question 7Question 8 – Do you agree that the AR storybook should be implemental as a mediatechnology for users gains the information about the Pak Pandir story? Please tickYes or No in the provided box.Figure 20: Beta Testing result – Question 8
  34. 34. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________34CHAPTER 6: CONCLUSION6.0 ConclusionFor the conclusion, after nearly a year, developers finally managed to finishthe project and successful to produce the Augmented Reality: Storybook Of PakPandir. In the research and development, developers learned how to scope andmanage problems that often occur in completing this Final Year Project. Whileworking as a team, teamwork is essential as an important thing to gain the objectives.Cooperation between team members was needed to ensure the project runs smoothlyand was able to complete the project within the given time.Despite many obstacles and problems, which have confronted them,developers have managed successfully. Developers managed to improve skills incommunicating with public relations and 3D designers. In addition, developersgained new knowledge during the development of this Augmented RealityApplication and experiences using the interactive iPad to play in the device central.The project proponent should start from the scope of product analysis, charactersketches and background, the overall interface design, develop projects, and assessthe final outcome.The project taught the developers to think creative and to act smart. From thebeginning, developers needed to think outside the box to gain fresh idea, which thedevelopers and advisor sat down discussing therefore conduct a brainstormingsession to achieve the best idea for Augmented Reality: Storybook Of Pak Pandir.6.1 Future EnhancementFor the future enhancement, the developers took into consideration from thefeedback given from the questionnaire in Beta Testing, where the developers gainedidea on how to improve the application in the future. The First is, put the trulyenvironment of Malaysian folklore story. Secondly, add navigation button in theapplication, which is that make the user become easier to push a back and next forviewing the story. By adding the bilingual, it would certainly attract the Malaysian
  35. 35. FINAL YEAR REPORT 2012Augmented Reality: An Interactive Story Book Of Pak Pandir_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________35youths more. Thirdly, add more navigation button, such play, stop and pause buttonso that the children can review and more understanding for the story.6.2 Future benefitsThis interactive Augmented Reality: Storybook of Pak Pandir where the maintargets are the children. The content of this application is very interesting yetattractive and hopefully user can get entertained by watching on it. At the same time,children can learn in reading the storybook. Developers hope that this applicationwould become the benchmark for future development so that it would becomereferences for future research. Hopefully the accessibility to the application via iPadwould make it easier for users to access, also the functionality to all of age andpeople who use the touch screen tablet.