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VA 2012 Senate Race & YouTube


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VA 2012 Senate Race & YouTube

  1. 1. (YouTube) YouTube and the 2012Virginia Senatorial Race By: Christian Ruiz
  2. 2. Why YouTube? Free  No time limit  Much more detailed videos than on television Fast upload Generally aimed at supporters  Do something beyond voting (Moe)  Young, educated, engaged population  Provide opportunities to network and become involved  Not only look for ways that the opponent is bad (Salmond 5)
  3. 3. The CandidatesGeorge Allen (R) Tim Kaine (D) (Kaine1) (Falkenstein)
  4. 4. What do the polls say?  9/11/2012 – 9/26/2012  Average of several polls:  FOX News  Rasmussen Reports  Roanoke College  Allen: 44.2%  Kaine: 47.8%  Up by 3.6% (“Virginia Senate – Allen vs. Kaine.” ) (VC café poll)
  5. 5. Does YouTube have a role in this lead?
  6. 6. YouTube PagesAllen Kaine (GeorgeAllenVA’s channel
  7. 7. YouTube PagesAllen Kaine (Tim Kaine)
  8. 8. Number of Videos Uploaded Allen Kaine 111 videos  98 videos (YouTube)
  9. 9. Positive Ads Allen Kaine Envision  Unleashed George Allen: Opportunity  Best Dorothy - Foundation  Our Best Days Are Still Ahead
  10. 10. Negative Ads Allen Kaine Unabashed  Clock Accountable  Priorities Going To Be Great?  A Great Opportunity
  11. 11. Being Personal Allen Kaine Rhonda  WRIC: Kaine Guest Coaches University of Richmond Ask George Allen Women’s Basketball Team George Allen on “Cooking  Tim Kaine Plays Harmonica with the Candidates” with the Tazewell County  Tim Kaine’s video? Pickers  TK4VA Bumper Sticker
  12. 12. Replay Positive News Footage Allen Kaine Fox 5: George Allen Interview  Gov. Kaine Meets with Seniors in Falls Church George Allen Joins Neil Cavuto on Fox Business  WSLS: Bob Denton Says Gov. Kaine “Prevailed” in VBA WCAV: George Allen Brings Debate “Send a Message” Tour to Charlottesville  Gov. Kaine Volunteers at RAM Clinic in Wise County, VA
  13. 13. Support from Wife Allen Kaine Susan Allen  Anne Holton  NBC29: Susan Allen  Anne Holton Tours Campaigns for George Allen Businesses in Downtown in Central Virginia Staunton  Susan Allen Introduces Ann  ABC13: Anne Holton at Romney in Leesburg, Virginia Opening of Virginia  WCAV: Susan Allen’s Beach/Norfolk Office Charlottesville Visit
  14. 14. Garnering Support Allen Kaine GOTV Radio Ad: Send a  Tim Kaine’s Message from Message Winchester George Allen Thanks  A Message from Mike Henry “Ambassadors for Allen”  Facebook and Twitter links  50 Days Left
  15. 15. Speeches / Debates Allen Kaine George Allen Speaks to the  Full VBA Debate 7th District Convention  2012 Democratic Convention George Allen Thanks Speech (PBS NewsHour) “Ambassadors for Allen”  Kaine Speech at Rally May George Allen in Manassas 5th, 2012 with Romney-Ryan 2012
  16. 16. Edited Videos Allen Kaine Fox 5: George Allen Interview  WTVR: Analysis of the Fairfax  Chamber / NBC 4 Debate tch?v=JyAIFCbBdtg&feature  =plcp tch?v=- qnTY8OaHcc&feature=plcp
  17. 17. Demographics: Women Allen Kaine  Dorothy – Foundation  Gov. Kaine Talks with Military Wives in Virginia Beach with  Kay President Obama and Sen. Mark Wagner  Betsy  CBS19: Gov. Kaine Discusses Education, Balance with Women in Charlottesville  Clock• History • Women favor Democrats, men favor Republicans • Bob Holsworth: this year: women are giving Democrats greater advantage than men for Republicans (Przybyla)
  18. 18. Demographics: Hispanics Allen Kaine (speaks Spanish!)  WDBJ: Senator Marco Rubio  Gov. Kaine – Entrevista con (FL) Endorses George Allen in Armando Guzman en Arlington Today Univisión  WUSA: Marco Rubio  Apoyar Endorses George Allen  Latinos for Kaine• History • Latino voters: 2.2% electorate (VA) • Allen voted against McCain-Kennedy immigration reform bill • Kaine in favor of “common sense immigration solutions” (Le) • Poll (June 2012): 53% VA Hispanics would support a Democrat in Senate vs. 32% for a Republican (Stein)
  19. 19. George Allen: Endorsements Rudy Giuliani Endorses George Allen Majority Leader Eric Cantor Endorses George Allen for U.S. Senate – NBC Washington Congressman Robert Hurt Endorse George Allen for U.S. Senate
  20. 20. Conclusion Both replay positive ads, negative ads, positive news stories, stories of wife’s involvement, speeches Both get personal Both play on history of party affiliation of demographics George Allen’s advantage:  Endorsement videos Tim Kaine’s advantage  Latino voters  Women  More access to getting involved Not only videos, but history Quality of YouTube use greater than quantity of videos posted
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