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5 basic truths about Digital Media. Part of the Social Media Marketing Management Master in ISLA Lisbon.

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Digital Motto

  1. 1. DIGITAL
  2. 2. 5 TRUTHS ABOUT DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS 1. Everyone Engages with Everyone 2. Anywhere, Anytime 3. Everyone is Empowered to Share 4. Everyone is a Producer 5. It’s all about Me & You
  3. 3. How do we engage digital based on that Vision ?
  4. 4. LISTEN Are you listening ? What are people saying about your organisation and/or brands ? How are they engaging with your organisation and/or brands throught the digital space ? How do they reach you and reach out to you and how do they consume your information and/or communication ? Who is influencing the perception and reputation of your brand/organisation ? Where is the next crisis breweing ? Who and where are your supporters and how to they wish to engage with you ? Who is actually managing your brand ? The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said. Peter Drucker Imagem por Jonas Christian Hansen
  5. 5. CONNECT How are you connecting ? Have you established an own presence strategy ? Have you begun to explore the «outer» digital space ? How do you establish a link between presence, sharing and engagement ? How do you evaluate the sucess of your connection and interaction points ? How do connect beyond the tradition presence ? Are you a member of your stakeholders’ communities ? How do you manage the multitude of online connection points ? Imagem por Steve Kay
  6. 6. SHARE What are you sharing ? Have you reviewed the added value that your organisation and/or brands can give to the community ? Have you outlined what you are able to share and how you will do so ? Have you begun to develop a trully multimedia content development, management and sharing strategy ? Who are the sources of your content ? With what content will you be making a difference ? Has your organisation become a content producer ? Have you ? We are what we share. Charles Leadbeater Imagem por Mr. Kris
  7. 7. ENGAGE How will you engage ? Have you considered how to engage the new digitally empowered stakeholders ? Have you embraced a new bi-direcctional communications culture ? Have you begun to engage your colleagues through and towards social media ? Have you been accepted by the tribes ? Do you know what to expect from the online communities ? How will you measure your engagement ? Have you defined your new set of rules in this brave new world ? Imagem por Siebuhr