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Quick writing

  1. 1. Quick Writing ReviewQuick Writing Review The purpose of writing is toThe purpose of writing is to communicate your thoughts andcommunicate your thoughts and feelings. This is your voice.feelings. This is your voice.
  2. 2. Your voice can beYour voice can be heard through writing.heard through writing.
  3. 3. Organize Your ThoughtsOrganize Your Thoughts You mustYou must OrganizeOrganize YourYour Writing!Writing!
  4. 4. How to OrganizeHow to Organize  IntroductionIntroduction  BodyBody Paragraph(s)Paragraph(s)  ConclusionConclusion
  5. 5. IntroductionIntroduction  The first paragraph should introduce theThe first paragraph should introduce the subject.subject.  The first sentence of the introductoryThe first sentence of the introductory paragraph should start with a generalparagraph should start with a general statement.statement. Example: Most high school students areExample: Most high school students are proficient at text messaging, however theirproficient at text messaging, however their writing skills are limited.writing skills are limited.
  6. 6. IntroductionIntroduction  The sentences following theThe sentences following the general statement will be thegeneral statement will be the basis for your body paragraph(s).basis for your body paragraph(s).
  7. 7. Body Paragraph(s)Body Paragraph(s)  The bodyThe body paragraph(s) isparagraph(s) is where youwhere you elaborate on theelaborate on the subjectsubject..
  8. 8. Conclusion ParagraphConclusion Paragraph  This “ties”This “ties” together alltogether all that you havethat you have written.written.
  9. 9. i lk u 4 mi frndi lk u 4 mi frnd Yes!Yes! Text messaging isText messaging is communicating.communicating. However, inHowever, in English and theEnglish and the workforce this isworkforce this is unacceptable!unacceptable!
  10. 10. READ WHAT YOU WRITEREAD WHAT YOU WRITE Read what youRead what you write, this willwrite, this will help you edithelp you edit your paper.your paper.
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