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Some notes on UX


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Some notes on UX

  1. 1. some notes on UX by Rui Lopes
  2. 2. demystification. inspiration. guidance.
  3. 3. demystification
  4. 4. UX is not a boogeyman
  5. 5. UX is not a panacea
  6. 6. UX is not just for coolness
  7. 7. UX is not abstract
  8. 8. UX is not sacred
  9. 9. UX is not (just) usability
  10. 10. UX is listening
  11. 11. UX is knowing
  12. 12. UX is reflecting and understanding
  13. 13. UX is pleasure
  14. 14. UX is trust
  15. 15. UX is a long term relationship
  16. 16. UX is a process
  17. 17. inspiration
  18. 18. source: I would find things during the workday that I wanted to read, but I was at work - so I really couldn't. I would skim articles [or] I would open a tab and never go back to it, until my browser crashed and then I forgot about it. And then similarly, I had to commute on the train everyday for about an hour or two. When I was on the train, I had my iPhone and I could browse the internet - but only before it went underground. There were a load of things I had to read. – Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper
  19. 19. source: It started more out of necessity than anything else: we both loved git but there was no acceptable way to share code with others. Tom thought I’d be interested in helping fix the problem, and I was. Shipping early and often lets you see how people are actually using your site and allows you to react accordingly. – Chris Wanstrath, co-founder of github
  20. 20. source: I love Dropbox. The appeal is its utter simplicity – it's essentially invisible, doing the task that isn't hard but none of us care to remember to do, namely, backing up our files. I had a hard-drive meltdown this summer, and even though I broke into a cold sweat, I really hadn't lost anything because I had been working on those files within Dropbox. The hard drive and my whole computer, for that matter, was just a piece of metal and plastic that I replaced. Disaster averted. – Susan Orlean, staff at NewYorker
  21. 21. My daughter came home from college on thursday night and showed me all of her friend's Tumblrs. All the cool kids have them at her school now. A Tumblr is self expression. Jessica's looks different than Emily's, mine and the Gotham Gal's. That's powerful. And that is what I think is driving Tumblr's popularity. Self expression matters. – Fred Wilson, aka AVC source:
  22. 22. source: Through its mix of efficiency, charm and community, Instagram quickly creates an emotional connection amongst its users, while at the same time offering a great amount of functionality. Instagram [...] brought me back to the place wherein I enjoy sharing my photos [...]. I’m followed by far more strangers on Instagram than I am on Flickr already, but everything about it feels intimate and personal. – Fred Wilson, aka AVC
  23. 23. versus Between the worse data aggregation method and the much higher amount of work Wesabe made you do, it was far easier to have a good experience on Mint, and that good experience came far more quickly. – Marc Hedlund, founder of wesabe source:
  24. 24. source: If you then tell a developer to replicate StackOverflow, what goes into his head are the above two SQL tables and enough HTML to display them without formatting, and that really is completely doable in a weekend. If you really want your code to be successful, you'll stop coding long enough to do all that other, even more trivial stuff around the code that's necessary to make it successful. – Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Stack Overflow
  25. 25. But despite these wins, and numerous loyal fans, Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked. – Urs Hölzle, SeniorVP Google We're dedicated to giving you better access to the information you currently have in Google's Wave servers. We aim to provide multiple ways to let you export and migrate that information [...] – Pat Coleman, GoogleWaveTeam source:
  26. 26. Twitter is over capacity. – Fail Whale, HTTP 404 on
  27. 27. source:
  28. 28. guidance
  29. 29. idea listen prototype
  30. 30. ideas your own pain points
  31. 31. ideas
  32. 32. ideas sleep, shower, get distracted
  33. 33. listen learn to listen!
  34. 34. listen talk to people
  35. 35. listen facilitate
  36. 36. listen pain points will be expressed
  37. 37. listen free text
  38. 38. listen user support
  39. 39. listen A/B testing
  40. 40. listen analytics
  41. 41. prototype paper & pen!
  42. 42. prototype powerpoint et al.
  43. 43. prototype HTML
  44. 44. one more thing
  45. 45. copy
  46. 46. thank you.