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Selected Enterprise Project

  1. 1. L2 EDPS 2008/09 Selected Enterprise Projects Tuesday Group Name: MISS NORLIZA JABAR (received 54 points) Title of idea: DIGITAL PEN Target market: Business people, students, officer, home user Digital pen is a pen that can write as a normal pen on paper and simultaneously copying digitally of whatever we write. It can copy exactly like what was written on the paper by converting the handwriting into digital text. The size of this cordless digital pen is like a normal pen and come out with a receiving device. Using the RF signal technology, the pen can transmit the input signal to the receiving device and transfer signal to PC or laptops. It can also act as a flash memory where all notes that has been written can be saved and can upload in email and any computer files. It is compatible in all Windows versions. The key markets for this product are student, business people, officer, and home user. Suitable for any ages and kid aged of 6 and above. It is wireless with unique and well patterned technology. Philip Krejov (received 58 points) My idea is to impregnate a car windscreen with a form of LCD technology (smart glass) that with the use of a camera on the front of the car can detect bright light or potential hazards on the road. E.g. oncoming traffic at night the LCD turns on in the area of the windscreen between the driver’s eyes and the oncoming cars headlights to prevent the dazzling of the driver. The resolution can be very small to reduce cost (say 200 hexagonal pixels’ in total) they could also work as a HUD flashing were the potential hazard is. Aimed at car manufactures Callum Littlejohns (received 64 points) The Mobile Phone ProjectorThis product is a mini projector built into your mobile phone. With the increasing quality of picture and video capture using mobile phone cameras why not make it easy to show all of your mates without having to crowd around the tiny phone screen or connect to a TV? With the mobile phone projector this becomes reality with the ability to project onto any blank wall. It can also be used to enhance viewing of downloaded video clips or music videos etc. This product will be aimed at the younger males mainly, but also young females as well. It also has the option of expanding to business needs if proved successful. Business men and women will be able to project presentations from their mobile phones, which could be very useful for sales and marketing personnel. Robert Karpinski (received 34 points) The uMeter is an electronics multimeter which connects to your PC over USB. It allows you to make faster and more accurate readings than commercial meters. It can measure voltage, current, frequency, inductance, capacitance, and resistance. It will be a unique product because it can measure inductance, something that has normally been only capable in very expensive meters. The uMeter does not have its own display but instead uses the screen of the computer, this allows the display to be scaled to suit the user or task. It is aimed at Undergraduate electronic engineering students as well as electronics hobbyists. The ability to measure inductance makes it ideal for those who are winding their own inductors. Sam Nicholls (received 68 points) My idea is a piece of language translation software for mobile phones. The user photos a piece of text, the phone then reads it with optical-character-recognition and translates it into the user’s desired language. Once the software is written it will be very valuable. It could be sold to existing customers as a retro-fit for their phone, or – I believe that the real money lies in selling it to the mobile phone manufacturers. 125 million mobiles are produced annually, if we can sell this at a low price to only a percentage of the manufacturers, there could be massive profits. Shahrul Izwan Bin Sabaruddin (received 44 points) The idea for the enterprise project is to provide the manufacturing, installation and servicing on a new equipment which called as Power Line Data Communication and which after this known as PLDC. This PLDC is basically a combination of electrical, electronics and signal transmission as its core functions and principle. PLDC is a device that will be use in building as a medium of power transfer. This means that in any building, we will not need to have an electrical wiring because from the electrical power source, it will be connected to the main PLDC and the main PLDC itself will transmit the electrical signal to the other mini PLDC in one area. Therefore, no physical wiring is needed in any building to transfer the electrical power to use any electrical appliances. The key market for this PLDC is mainly to any building developer as they will not have to hardly design the wiring system inside the building. This PLDC is expected to be use in any building as a medium of electrical transfer in future life.
  2. 2. L2 EDPS 2008/09 Selected Enterprise Projects Friday Group Louis Christodoulou (received 33 points) If there was a product on the shelf that was the same price as its equivalent, required no more set-up and offered you the chance to save over £60 a year on your bill would you grab that one instead ? Nearly everybody uses those 4 way extension leads to plug in all their general peripherals such as Speakers, monitors etc. A simple extension lead with zero setup that turns off the devices plugged into it with your computer / laptop. Do your bit for the world and your wallet! With global warming and a credit crunch the marketing potential would be huge! The target market for this product would be anybody who pays an electricity bill and owns a computer across the world! Balendra Gajendra (received 32 points) My innovative idea is that to make a doorbell that can ring four different ringing tones and which could recognise the visitor with the finger print which is saved by previous visits and tells the owner who was there in the door. And if the visitor presses the bell for the fifth time then it could turn on the speaker in the door, which allows the visitor to leave the message to the different places where the speaker points are attached in different places in the house. And the owner could be able to answer to the message from where she or he is being. James Mitchell (received 32 points) Disco-in-a-Box: The ultimate addition to your house party. This all-in-one unit will deal with the music and the lighting to make your party the best with minimum effort. For sound the unit contains two powered speakers with ipod dock and 3.5mm jack input for other mp3 devices. For lighting it contains two LED moonflower light effects, a strobe, a laser and mood lighting projection. The unit works with sound to light technology, so will change the lighting according to the song. This product enters the entertainment market and household gadget market. This will be sold to teenagers and young adults. Alexandros Neophytou (received 43 points) Picture yourself in front of a painting which suddenly comes to live. The scenery of the painting becomes alive and interactive according to your mood.Imagine watching the development of a painting step by step as if an invinsible painter is drawing it that moment. All that and much more could come true with the new product the Mona Lisa live! Features: • Super slim screen of various sizes and shapes depending on customer’s needs. • On board mini pc for video and image processing. • Sensors of 2 meter range and mini camera for interactive purposes. • 3 USB 2 ports and card reader. • 500gb of memory or more depending on customer ‘s needs • Remote control. This product will be targeting at hotels, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, airports, households. Matthew Sharpe (received 35 points) My idea is for a key finder. It would be attached to the keys via a key ring and would help people find their keys if they were misplaced. It would do this by the person calling a certain number on their mobile phone. The key finder would receive the call and its built in buzzer would be set off. This would ensure that the keys can be found quickly and easily as it is easier to find the sound. The buzzer can then be turned off when the keys are found. The key markets I would expect it to address would be adults who are always in a rush and keep forgetting where they put things. It could be used as a novelty present for someone who is like this. Christopher White (received 42 points) MP4 sunglasses. Similar to the MP3 sunglasses but the lens is of a material similar to Sony’s OLED technology which would allow the screen to be opaque. The amount of video can be changed for different conditions, such as completely black for home use to light for gym use etc. Intended markets would be gym users and business users for use on airplanes and while travelling. Harold Ngo (received 54 points) Wireless Power Transfer: My idea is about being able to charge your electronic devices (eg phones, ipods, laptop), without the use of a cable. This could in the future be developed to replace overhead power lines, transmitting energy to cars and possibly satellites. I was thinking of having a transmitter connected to the main, which would create a magnetic field to send energy to the receiver. One of the problems will be that some of the energy will be wasted when the receiver do not need to be charged. To overcome this, I thought of some kind of switch that would turn the transmitter on or off. I would say that the product will be targeting almost everyone as we all use electrical energy in our daily lives.