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Product Specification


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This is the Digital Pen Specification. Please click at the document to see bigger view.

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Product Specification

  1. 1. Digital Pen Specifications Digital Pen: The main feature of the pen its ability to write in ink as well as write to its internal storage or to a Bluetooth capable device simultaneously. It can copy exactly what was written on the paper by converting the handwriting into digital text. The size of this cordless digital pen is that of a normal pen. Using Bluetooth the pen can transmit the input signal(what is being written) to a Bluetooth capable device such as PCs, laptops or PDAs in real time. It also has internal flash memory where all notes that have been written can be saved. These can be uploaded to devices via Bluetooth or a micro USB cable. This pen is user friendly and brings a safe, portable and exclusive design. To charge the pen, it has to be connected to a computer via the micro USB cable. The pen is compatible with all Windows and Mac versions and does not need any additional software to convert the handwriting to ASCII code. The ink can be refilled without removing the pen tip, avoiding any contact with the sensitive LASERs emitter and detectors. The pen has a micro-SD memory slot to increase the total flash memory beyond the 2GB internal flash memory. The pen also has an integrated microphone and loudspeaker to record and play back any auditory notes. Point-by-point technical details of product:- Bluetooth capabilities LASER emitters and detectors and dual cameras to record pen movement. 2 GB of internal memory storage Micro SD memory slot for memory extension LED power/connectivity display Rechargeable battery in pen is charged via micro USB cable Microphone and Speaker to record and play back voice notes.
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