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Marketing Questionnaire


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Marketing Questionnaire

  1. 1. The Pen That Can Change your way of writing Description: The Digital pen is a normal pen, in additional to some features where it can copy simultaneously whatever is written digitally. It can copy exactly what’s written on the paper by converting the handwriting into digital text. The size of this cordless digital pen is that of a normal pen. Using the Bluetooth signal technology the pen can transmit the input signal to a Bluetooth capable device such as PCs or laptops. It also has internal flash memory where all notes that has been written can be saved which are uploaded to devices via Bluetooth or USB cable. It is wireless with unique and well patterned technology. Some of its additional features: This pen is user friendly and brings a safe, portable and exclusive design. It uses Bluetooth to transmit and receive data, a micro USB cable is used for charging the pen and can also be used for uploading data. The pen is compatible with all Windows versions (as well as Mac) and does not need any additional software to convert the handwriting to ASCII code. The ink can be refilled easily. The pen has a micro-SD memory slot to increase the total flash memory beyond the 2GB already in the pen. The pen also has an integrated microphone and loudspeaker to record and play back any auditory notes. This Pen will cost about 90 £. Thank you for participating in this quick survey, we really value your answers. Age : 15-18 18-25 25-35 >35 Occupation: Student Employed Self Employed Other_________________________________
  2. 2. 1- ) How can you describe your first thinking about the Digital Pen Idea : Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor 2- ) Have you ever heard about this kind of Pen before: No Yes Where : ________________________________________ 3- ) What are your primary usage of this Digital Pen : At home At the office Other :_______________________________________________________ 4- ) How often do you think you will be using this Digital Pen : Daily Once a week 2-3 times a month I will never use it 5- ) Please select the feature you consider to be the most important one about the Digital Pen: It can Copy every thing you write It can be used as a normal pen It is wireless when transferring data to your computer It is compatible with all Windows versions as well as Mac It has an integrated microphone and loudspeaker to record and play back any auditory notes. Other: ___________________________________________________ 6- ) Please rate the value of the price of this Digital Pen: Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor 7- ) what are the major facts that may influence your buying decision: The Cost Not needing it Not having the opportunity to test it first. Other: __________________________________________________
  3. 3. 8-) Would you recommend this product to others: Absolutely Very likely Unlikely Absolutely not Not sure 9- ) Please rate your overall satisfaction about the digital Pen including (Price, Features): 5 Very Satisfied 4 3 2 1 Very Dissatisfied. 10-)Please enter any additional comments or Ideas you would like us to Know: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ________ Thank you again for participating in this survey 2nd year Electronic Engineering EDPS project.
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