Short film analysis tick tock


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Short film analysis tick tock

  1. 1. Short film analysis- Tick Tock by Ian chi By Ruheet Hasnath
  2. 2. This is a story about a guy who is rushing to seehis girlfriend after he thinks that he has takenpoison.
  3. 3. This short film starts of by usingopening credits. As you can seethe opening credits are in asimple form and the text usedwas simple, This represents thatthe editor of the film did notspend a lot of time on thecredits.Behind the text a normal blackbackground is used which issimple and shows no effort wasput into the film.
  4. 4. The scene is openedwith a mid shot of theclock as the time isgoing backwards.The setting of theopening scene is in abedroom.The second shot is amid shot of a girl sittingon a bed which starts tocreate confusion to theaudience because theydo not know what thestory is going to beabout as of yet.
  5. 5. A mid shot of the girl standing up, It isshowing her gesture and facial expression.It shows that she is happy be cause hertrue love has walked through the door.The camera pans to the guy walkingthrough the door, There is a mid shot ofthe guy also showing his facial expression,it looks like he is also happy to hisgirlfriend.Both of the characters clothing is casualand it gives an indication to the audiencethat they are both young.
  6. 6. A mid shot of the boy andgirl hugging giving theaudience a romanticfeeling.Suddenly the video startsto fast forward and thereis a non diegetic echosound which createssuspense to the audience.
  7. 7. This is a long shot of the girlshocked and upset that the guyjust steamed off suddenly.They used an editing techniquehere. They have speeded up thevideo to yet again createconfusion to the audience inwhat is going on.These two guys suddenly runback into the room and they areboth exchanging diegeticdialogue.
  8. 8. A three shot of all of thecharacters in the room. Theyare exchanging diegeticdialogue with one another.They are talking in a differentlanguage so there aresubtitles for the audience tounderstand what they aresaying.
  9. 9. A long shot of the couple sittingdown on the bed, incidental nondiegetic score music playing in thebackground to create suspensetowards the audience.It then cuts to the guy and he isexchanging some diegetic dialogue,there is still non diegetic echo soundswhile the guy is talking.
  10. 10. A mid shot of the guyabout to walk out of theroom as he isexchanging diegeticdialogue as he is aboutto walk out.It cuts back to thecouple sitting on thebed exchangingdialogue.
  11. 11. The editor used a differentediting technique, what he donewas he re winded the footage towhen the guy is outside in thecorridor knocking on the roomdoor. This is once again creatingconfusion because couple ofseconds ago the guy was talkingto the girl inside the room, nowhe is outside the room knockingon the door.A good technique was used toconfuse the audience. There isnon diegetic score music playingin the background.
  12. 12. The guy is having a flashbackand it looks like the wholevideo is re winding but its not.This is showing the audience ofall the things that the guy wasdoing before he met the girl inthe room.
  13. 13. He has entered a different settingnow. A low angle long shot isused in this clip.The non diegetic score music isalso playing in the background.
  14. 14. A two shot is used, Themain character isexchanging diegeticdialogue and telling theboy to hold the door. Thisstarts to make audiencethink why he would saythat. What is the need forhim to hold the door.
  15. 15. Another two shot isused, it is showing themain characterexchanging moredialogue with a teachertelling him that his booksare expensive and histeaching sucks.There is still non diegeticscore music playing inthe background.
  16. 16. A mid shot of him runningbackwards and talking on thephone. He seems to be in arush.The non diegetic score music isstill playing in the backgroundwhile all of this is going on.
  17. 17. A close up of the maincharacter looking athis phone and it stillseems that he is in arush.A title sayingindifference used toindicate that thephone call was notimportant.
  18. 18. A longshot of the maincharacter entering a differentsetting. It seems like he isrushing to somewhere.The non diegetic score music isstill playing in the backgroundwhile all of this is going on.
  19. 19. The film still looks like it is rewinding but it isn’t he is still in aflashback.A mid shot of him runningbackwards, this really confusesthe viewer as they still do notknow what is going on.
  20. 20. A long shot of the maincharacter entering anotherroom. The editor decided touse a long shot to allow theviewers to see thecharacters gesture and facialexpression.The lighting and colour thatis used is natural which isgood as you can seeeverything that is going on.
  21. 21. A two shot of the two guysexchanging diegeticdialogue. This hasdramatically causedconfusion because in theprevious clips these twoguys were exchangingdialogue in a differentsetting.As you can see on the subtitle he is telling the guy tocall 911 which makes theaudience feel that there isdanger.
  22. 22. A close up of the guy,this shot is allowingthe viewer to see hisfacial expression. Itshows that the maincharacter looksunsettled.
  23. 23. A two shot of bothof the characters.This shot isshowing that themain character is inanxiety and theother guy behindhim is laughing athim whichrepresents that heis careless.
  24. 24. It cuts to a mid shot ofthe other guy sittingdown playing Xbox. Healso exchanges diegeticdialogue saying ‘did youjust swallow pills fromthat bottle’?This is a bad signbecause the pills in thatbottle are harmful.
  25. 25. A mid shot of the maincharacter drinking waterafter he took the pill.This creates uncertaintytowards the audience asthey will be thinking thathe took the wrong pill.
  26. 26. A mid shot of the maincharacter openinganother pill bottle totake some more.
  27. 27. It then pans down tothe bin on the floor,it has images insideof it of his true love.Which representsthat he does notcare about her.
  28. 28. A close up of a different colourclock to the one in the beginningof the film. The colour black isrepresenting darkness and failure.A paragraph at the end from afamous guy. This paragraph linksto the whole film.
  29. 29. Closing credits look coolas they are in themiddle of the clock.