Evaluation question 2 how effective is the combination


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Evaluation question 2 how effective is the combination

  1. 1. Ruheet Hasnath
  2. 2.  The main aim for our coursework was to create a 5 minute production. Each person individually in the group had to do an ancillary task which was creating a poster and review to advertise our film.
  3. 3.  The main objective for our ancillary task was to create a film poster and film review to promote and advertise our film. The film poster and film review was created to persuade the audience to watch our film just from looking at both the film review and film poster.
  4. 4. For the title of the film I used a simple font so it isThe purpose of clear and simple to read.the tagline was I made the title fontto summarize bigger than the rest ofthe storyline of the font on the poster tothe film in one make sure it stands out, Iline. then changed the colour of the title to green as itBoth of the is a dark colour and itcharacters body connotes to dramaticlanguages show comedy.representationsof the dramaticcomedy genreand it gives ahint of thestoryline to the In the poster I decided to separate both of theaudience of what characters, this represents that both of theis going to protagonists are in a complicated relationship. Thishappen. also connects with the film title. I the film poster idea from another film poster called Lay the favorite.
  5. 5. The charactersclothing link to thedramatic comedygenre as blackrepresents darkness.We decided to putboth characters inblack clothing as it I put a BBFC filmconnects and links to classification onour film very well and my poster as it is aalso signifies to resolution of filmsomething that is posters.going to go wrongwithin the film.
  6. 6. For the title of the film I decided to use a simple font so theaudience can identify the name of the film easily. I alsochanged the font colour to green so it is different from therest of the font colours, and it makes it far more clear to theaudience of what the film name is.For the main protagonists I also decided to use clear andsimple font so that the audience can identify who thecharacters within our film are with ease. The second half ofthe characters name is bold to also indicate to the audiencethat this is one of the main characters in the film.For the tagline I decided to keep it artless so theaudience can understand and read it without havingany difficulties. From looking at other film poster credits I decided to make my credits look artistic as it makes the poster look more attractive and professional. It was very clear to read and easy to understand.
  7. 7. I decided to use simple and clear font so theaudience can read the film review with nodifficulties or misunderstandings. For the title I used big and bold font so it stands out from the rest of the text within the film review to give the audience a clear insight of the film name.
  8. 8. I decided not to use a picture from my final video because the quality of a print screened picture will not look good on my film review. So what I did was take a few pictures while we were filming, this allowed me to get a high quality picture that I added in my film review. It made my review look much more professional.The main picture I used for my film review was of both of the main protagonistssitting down on the sofa showing each others facials expressions and how they feelsitting next to each other. The image that I used gave me an idea of what colourschemes I should use throughout my review.
  9. 9. I decided to use these three images as they all show facial expressions of the protagonists. Thesethree images fit well in my poster as it represents that the protagonists are uncomfortable witheach other and it links to our storyline very well as both characters are going through acomplicated relationship and are about to break up. I added effects on all three images by usingAdobe Photoshop, this made the poster look better and gave a unique look to my poster.
  10. 10. For the protagonist names I decided to use For the film review I decided to use a whitethe colour white for the text as it is easy and background as this will make the textsimple to read. This time I used white text stand out and make it easier for theinstead of using black colour text as the audience to read. The colour white is acolour black wouldn’t have been clear and it bright colour and links with the secondwould of caused confusion to the audience. half of the genre.
  11. 11. I decided to use a black background for my poster as it makes the rest ofthe poster stand out. I created little boxes on my poster by adding shapeson Photoshop. I did this because it separated the images very well.
  12. 12. After looking at several film posters I noticed that all of the film postershave a film classification, Facebook website link and their own companywebsite link on their posters. So I decided to add my own company website,Facebook link and also a film classification to my poster, this allowsaudiences to interact more with our film by visiting our website and alsoliking our page on Facebook. I added a film classification as it states whatages can watch our film.
  13. 13.  Overall I feel that both my film poster and review were effective as it linked to our final product very well.