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Culture Mondo Katelijn


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x10 Presentation submission for 2008 Culturemondo Roundtable in Taipei.

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Culture Mondo Katelijn

  1. 1. Embracing diversity Bridging people Shaping partnerships
  2. 2. Work Cultural Cooperation – Artistic Exchange – Networks Asia and Europe Governments and Civil societies Artists, cultural practitioners and Policy makers Virtual and Real
  3. 3. Work Process Platform Policy
  4. 4. Work Awareness Engagement Point of Connection Virtual & Real Sharing common issues Right formats Cooperation
  5. 5. Context Better understanding of the arts & cultural contexts Asia- Europe Content reflecting need and adding value Community of users who meet virtually and face-to-face Synergies with existing online cultural initiatives Increased dialogue between governments and civil society Strengthened digitalisation of cultural information Strengthened cultural cooperation and artistic exchanges
  6. 6. Context • Multi-disciplinary • Clear Asia-Europe Focus • Top Down- Bottom Up Diverse – open – neutral ground clear – connection – interaction
  7. 7. Context For Users For ASEM governments Cross-border /disciplinary Visibility Asia-Europe Networks Perspective Access –visibility Dialogue with sector Local-Transnational Added value on diff. levels Issues-Interests Critical mass English Pro-active Regional cooperation
  8. 8. Challenges In the process In the future Focus Governance Imbalance Sustainability Editorial choices Maintenance Technology Quality control Human resources Language Financial resources Involvement Language Technological changes Balancing expectations Complexity
  9. 9. Personal Challenges • Managing Complexity • Vast Field to cover • Time – Research – Connect – Technological developments • Lack of understanding – Financial requirements – Human resources – medium
  10. 10. Contact: Katelijn Verstraete +65 8322 8310 !