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The value of education


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motivational presentation on education for class

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The value of education

  1. 1. The Value of Education River Valley Charter School
  2. 2. Whatever is good to know is difficultto learn. Greek Proverb
  3. 3. Education is the best provisionfor the journey to old age. Aristotle
  4. 4. What we learn with pleasure we neverforget. Alfred Mercier
  5. 5. Imagination is more important thanknowledge... Albert Einstein
  6. 6. An investment inknowledge alwayspays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin
  7. 7. Genius without education islike silver in the mine. Benjamin Franklin
  8. 8. Education is whatsurvives when whathas been learned hasbeen forgotten. B. F. Skinner
  9. 9. To educate a man in mind and not inmorals is to educate a menace tosociety. Theodore Roosevelt
  10. 10. I have never let my schoolinginterfere with my education. Mark Twain
  11. 11. Human historybecomes moreand more a racebetweeneducation andcatastrophe. H. G. Wells
  12. 12. Intelligence pluscharacter--That is the goalof true education. Martin Luther King, Jr.