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Duties of a Property Manager


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Many property owners hire property managers to manage their investment properties. A Property Manager is actively involved in all functions that directly impact occupancy and the physical property. To know more, visit

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Duties of a Property Manager

  1. 1. People expect good service when hiring a property manager. The property manager has certain duties which they have to perform. An experienced property manager will fully manage all the things related to the property. Here we point
  2. 2. Conduct a thorough backgroundConduct a thorough background checkon all tenants.checkon all tenants.
  3. 3. Market the property in a good way.Market the property in a good way.
  4. 4. Show the interested tenants theShow the interested tenants the
  5. 5. Handle the procedures involved inHandle the procedures involved in signing the contracts.signing the contracts.
  6. 6. Take care of the maintenance of theTake care of the maintenance of the
  7. 7. Handle any legal issues, if any.Handle any legal issues, if any.
  8. 8. Take care all the needs of theTake care all the needs of the tenants.tenants.
  9. 9. Genaro DiazGenaro Diaz is the CEO of NovaNova Eagle Trace LLCEagle Trace LLC, a property management company based in Miami, Florida. Nova Eagle Communities is dedicated to serve its clients with the highest professionalism and devotion. Genaro Diaz has more than 20 years of experience in business ventures. Under his leadership, Nova Eagle Trace, LLC, has built up a high position for the attainment, renewal, financing and administration of multifamily and single