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Using adjectives

-using adjective for grade three

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Using adjectives

  1. 1. LET’S PLAY FIRST!!! Bring out your BRAINS, we need it!!!
  3. 3. MIL1LION
  6. 6. eEeEeE EeEeEe eEeEeE EeEeEe
  7. 7. mmoaonn
  8. 8. What is the difference between here and there? Answer:
  9. 9. What letter comes once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years? Answer:
  10. 10. What letter is the center of joy and the principal mover of sorrow? Answer:
  11. 11. 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 15
  12. 12. THE MAN AND THE SNAKE One day, a kind man saw a snake on the road. He was about to leave, but he thought," This is one of God's lovely creatures, too. I will take it home to warm it by the hot fire. Then, I will set it free." He picked up the long snake and put it in his small sack. 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 16
  13. 13. The man was hungry, so he stopped for lunch at a simple restaurant. He sat by the fireplace, the long snake crawled out from the small sack. It was hissing at the frightened people. 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 17
  14. 14. The angry man jumped up and ran to the fireplace. " Is this how you repay the kindness of others?" he shouted in a loud voice. The man grabbed a long stick used for stirring the fire. He chased the ungrateful snake out of the restaurant. 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 18
  15. 15. • Who are the characters in the story? • What can you say about the snake? The man? • What did the man see on the road? • What did he do with the snake? • Where did the man go after that? 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 19
  16. 16. • What did the snake do when the man was inside the restaurant? • How would you describe the man when he saw the snake hissing? • Who among the characters would you like to imitate? Why? • Did you like what the man did at the end of the story? 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 20
  17. 17. What do we use to describe person, places, animals, ideas and events? ADJECTIVES 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 21
  18. 18. LET’S HAVE MORE!!! Nina is fond of pets. She has a new pet cat whom she calls Crissy. Here is how Nina Describes her. “Here’s my pet Crissy. She is healthy and funny. She looks fierce but she is friendly. She has a red ribbon on her neck. After drinking milk, she still eats rice and fish. She is very greedy.” 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 22
  19. 19. FILL IN THE BLANKS excited interesting happy joyful generous 1. I like to share the ___________ things with my classmates. 2. My classmates are always ___________ about it. 3. My teachers said that I am ___________ for doing that. 4. Well, I simply want to make others ___________. 5. Besides, it also gives me pleasure to see their ___________ faces. 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 23
  20. 20. LET’S SEE IF YOU HAVE LEARNED!!! 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 24
  21. 21. Complete the following sentences using the adjectives in the box. hard sharp juicy high rainy fresh hot fragrant 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 25
  22. 22. 1. Be careful in using a ________ knife. You might get hurt. 2. The sampaguita flower has a ________ smell. 3. Can you climb a ________ mountain? 4. Streets should be __________, so vehicles can easily pass through. 5. On _________ days, be sure to put on your raincoat when going out. 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 26
  23. 23. 6. Pineapples and watermelons are _________ fruits. 7. Growing children need milk because it is _________. 8. ___________ vegetables are always available in our market. 9. _________soup is best to eat on cold days. 10. Some rocks are so ________ that they can’t be easily broken. 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 27
  24. 24. Assignment: • Cut out three pictures of animals and complete the two sentences below. Write it under each animal. The ______ is when _______. The ______ is when _______. 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 28
  25. 25. QHANK YOR….. I HOPE YOR’VE LEARNED!!!!!!!!! By: Ms. Rufina Razalan 1/30/2014 copyright 2006 29