An advertising campaign powerpoint


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An advertising campaign powerpoint

  1. 1. An Advertising Campaign for Our Documentary Beatrice Ruffle
  2. 2. What we will include:We are going to create 3 different types of poster which will advertise our documentary.As our documentary is based on fast food, to attract the audience we could put a shocking picture of either fast food or an unhealthy child on it to shock people and make them see how important it is to see the impact fast food is having on todays children, making them want to watch it.We will have a description of what the documentary includes in large and colourful writing to attract the audience and represent fast food colours. We will also include pictures to make the posters more exciting and eye catching.
  3. 3. What form/ style will it take?Our advertising campaign will be in the form of a poster and we will create 3 types; a billboard, bus stop poster and newspaper advert.We will make it stand out from other posters by making it unique. One idea is that we make the poster in the shape of a burger to represent the theme of our documentary.The colour scheme will be the coloursof a well known fast food restaurant,like red and yellow to represent McDonalds.
  4. 4. How will you make it differentTo make it different we will make it a different shape, for example the shape of a burger or chips – to represent our theme.We could also make it very large to it has a bigger impact on the audience.We will also use lots of images and choose a suitable colour scheme that links to our theme well.
  5. 5. Who will be in charge of what?Nisha will be in charge of the writing/fonts and the colour scheme of the poster.Bea (myself) will be in charge of the pictures and shape of the poster.And we will both decide on the layout of the poster and the description about our film which we will write on there.
  6. 6. How will it interest you audience?By using shocking images and bright colours for the font we think that this will interest our audience and make them want to know what its all about.Also making it a really large poster will attract peoples attention.We want people to be shocked in to realise the impact fast food is having on the younger generation and how its increasing.