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Nis serbia (presentazione)


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Published in: Education
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Nis serbia (presentazione)

  1. 1. Nis is the biggest city in South-east in Serbia and it is the capital of southeast. Across this city flow the river whose name is Nisava.
  2. 2. • The Nis’s fortress • Medijana • Camp of red cross • Bubanj • Skull tower
  3. 3. There are many hotels where visitors can spend the night near the beautiful Nisava quay in the center of the city and many more elsewhere. And there are the biggest hotel whose name is Hotel Ambasador but it’s close, and he looks like this. Nis is the big city. There a lot of good and fun places to go out in night.
  4. 4. The typical food are: • Zimnica • (Cabbage, Pepper) also left, in pots of the dirt, and dishes were preparing the vessel, pottery in bowls, so it could taste much better. • Zito I Slavski Cake.