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Grecia -aristoteles

  1. 1. Revolution of the Soul English Translation (from the original Spanish) by: Ruel Pepa , Ph.D. and Anne Forst-Pepa
  2. 2. Written in 360 B.C.E. Texts from the Greek Philosopher Aristotle
  3. 3. Images- Internet - Greece
  4. 4. Nobody owns his/her happiness except him/herself
  5. 5. because of this, never entrust your happiness, your peace, your life in anybody’s hand,
  6. 6. . . . absolutely never.
  7. 7. We are free—no one possesses us
  8. 8. and we cannot wish to be the possessors of the desires, the willingness or the dreams of one who is of no significance.
  9. 9. The meaningfulness of your life is your very own self.
  10. 10. Your inner peace is your life’s very purpose.
  11. 11. When your soul feels empty, when you think something is still lacking, even if it seems you have everything,
  12. 12. reserve your thoughts for your most intimate desires and pursue the divinity that is found in your own reality.
  13. 13. Quit searching for your daily happiness in places farther from your own self!
  14. 14. Don’t set your purpose too distant from your hands; embrace those you can reach today.
  15. 15. If you are preoccupied with problems in finances, love or family ,
  16. 16. look inwards for the peaceful solution, for you are the reflection of your daily ruminations.
  17. 17. Refrain from having negative thoughts about yourself and always be your own best friend !
  18. 18. To smile is to commend, to acknowledge, to facilitate.
  19. 19. Hence, let there be a smile of harmony for the world enthusiastic to offer you the best!
  20. 20. With a smile on your face, people will see the best in you,
  21. 21. and you will be acepted as you are , for you have gotten to the closest point of happiness . . .
  22. 22. Labor, labor more for your own betterment.
  23. 23. Never think of achieving happiness without sweating for it.
  24. 24. Refrain from asking others to provide you with anything that you have not gained for yourself.
  25. 25. Criticize less; work more.
  26. 26. And never forget to be grateful.
  27. 27. In each moment of your life, be thankful for everything , even for the painful experiences .
  28. 28. Our understanding of the universe is so limited to give us the right to judge the meaningfulness of life.
  29. 29. Greatness is not reckoned in the acceptance of honors;
  30. 30. it is something deserved.
  31. 31. Music– Zorba The Greek The End