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  1. 1. March 15, 2011Dear Mr. Renatos,I hope you are no more anxious about son’s progress. You may now restassured that he has extricated himself from the bad company he was keeping. Iusually sent my maid, Maria, to stalk him when he goes out in the evenings.Except for a little addiction to drinks, he has given up female companion andporn books. The check was brought about during a discussion. I had been withhim on the problems that arise from the vices of youth.I think he is not inclined to be hard-worker. Your wealth has made him lethargicto work. It will take sometimes before the effect of pampering goes.Please do not write to him except once a month. I want him to feel independentand learn to stand on his own feet.I will keep you informed about your son’s progress.Let the God bless you with all the pleasures.With love.Yours sincerely,(Your name)
  2. 2. Create the document. Font Size =12, Font Style =Arial, Left justiftySave it is Confidential_YournameInsert a watermark o Format Menu => Background => Printed Watermark => Text watermark => Select Confidential