Board of Directors

Lonnie Holmes
Juvenile Justice Center and Youth Guidance Center

John Torres

Sabeen Shaiq
Our Mission
                                                   To empower under-represented individuals
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PLC Brochure Alternate 2


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PLC Brochure Alternate 2

  1. 1. Board of Directors Lonnie Holmes Juvenile Justice Center and Youth Guidance Center John Torres Consultant Sabeen Shaiq Social Worker Jerome Palencia Finance and Casualty and Property Broker Boris Jovanovic Graphic and Web Designer Teruko Dobashi Student (University of Berkeley) The People’s Legal Center (415) 724-8024 Gunercindo Antoneo Espinoza Law Student (University of Wisconsin at Madison Law School) Lorrie Williams Business Consultant and Certified Empowerment “I have property in another state and Coach didn’t understand the legal paperwork. I was laid-off so I had no money for a lawyer. I found the People’s Legal Striving to empower Staff Center who quickly referred me to an the community by out-state lawyer willing to work with Maria Lourdes Nocedal Executive Director me encome level. The People’s Legal providing access to Center was very helpful. Without them I don’t know what I would’ve done.” legal education and 415) 724-8024 J. Rosaio services. Rudolfo San Miguel Grant Writer (650) 996-9306 Winnette Williams Receptionist (415) 724-8024
  2. 2. Our Mission To empower under-represented individuals through the care of their legal situation and to encourage access to legal knowledge and active involvement in the judicial process for positive change. The People’s Legal Center will provide four types of services ACCESS IS EMPOWERMENT Care Management and Referral Services Volunteers and Interns tapes (auditory learning on legal matters) for We rely not only on the generous financial The Center will provide case management. participants and community members to help contributions of concerned community members, Qualified legal professional will interview them enhance or supplement their learning. just as critical are the hundreds of volunteer the client, analyze their legal situation, and Attorneys, facilitators, or teachers will interns and law clerks who have contributed determine what resources and services the thousands of hours to making sure that the The recommend the materials including reading they require. If the they need legal advice or People’s Legal Center (TPLC) can continue to lists. the work of advancing legal rights and education. representation then they will be referred to However, volunteering is not the only way of an attorney at the center. If they do not, they Legal forms and use getting involved. Join the TPLC list to find out will continue to meet with the case manager Based on the Case Manager’s assessment how you can participate in the efforts of the or attend legal educational workshop and and recommendations to the client, a lawyer TPLC and how you can take action to alert policy classes until the their situation is resolved. will provide relevant legal forms with advice makers to your concerns and help the community. on how to complete and file them. Also, the Email so that we Additionally, the center will provide an outside attorneys will offer advice on how to use the can put your contact information in our database. referral service. If the center cannot assist forms. Thank you! the client, then they will be refer to outside nonprofit organizations based on location, Notary Public and Loan Signing Services Thank you to all of our many donors for their unprecedented support of this worthwhile cause. area of law, and special services offered. Being a National Notary Association Member All donations are tax deductible and a Certified Signing Agents Member, we (TAX EIN # 35-2337886). Legal Education offer public notarization and loan signing Attorneys or qualified facilitators and teachers services. Make all checks payable to The People’s Legal will be teaching legal workshops and classes Center. at the legal center. Participants, teachers and All services are provide on a sliding facilitators may use these courses for school If you have any questions or concerns please credit. pay scale based on the client’s email to ability to pay. The Center will provide books, CDs, and Thank you again!