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Not A Ceos Toy Anymore Orion Mcu Video Conferencing By Rudy Shainer


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Video Conferencing solution for every SMB

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Not A Ceos Toy Anymore Orion Mcu Video Conferencing By Rudy Shainer

  1. 1. Not a CEO’s Toy Anymore: Video Conferencing for Every OrganizationRudy ShainerDirector International
  2. 2. Agenda Surf Communication Solutions, company introduction Why Video Conferencing? The Market Environment The Past, Present and Future of Enterprise Communications Orion-MCU™ Introduction
  3. 3. SURF Communication Solutions Offices and representative in USA ,Japan, Israel and Europe
  4. 4. Target Multimedia Applications examplesIP / 3G Media Gateway Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS)Media server – Media resource function(MRF/MRFP) Video CallingTranscoding (Transrating, Frame adaptation ,bit Video ring back tones (CRBT)rate adaptation etc’)Video+ Voice conferencing Mobile VODVideo enabled iPBX LiveTV to mobileAll-in-one PBX (voice + fax + video) IVVR (Interactive Voice & Video Response)IMS/NGN infrastructure SBC (Session Boarder Controller) 09
  5. 5. Why Video Conferencing?Expense reduction through a decrease in travel ,it’s only 1 of 5 main reasons.
  6. 6. 5 main reasons why V.C is gaining a wider audience#1 Expense reduction Through a decrease in travel many companies need to economize and cut costs#2 Productivity Many companies vastly improved the productivity by way of video conferencing#3 Scale down from large enterprise to SMB From education, Healthcare, government , remote recruitment , Legal, to SMB#4 Broadband More affordable in terms of price and bandwidth for the purposes of videoconferencing#5 Video cameras Hi Quality, powerful and range in costly price
  7. 7. Video Conferencing - Global Enterprise MarketVideo Conferencing - Global Enterprise Market
  8. 8. Video Conferencing - Vertical ApplicationsE-Education &Distance learning HEALTHCARE BUSINESS MEETINGS Call Center Remote Recruitment Multi Branch interconnectLive On-Demand Financial Events Legal
  9. 9. Group Video Conferencing on a Global Basis
  10. 10. Forecast Enterprise Video Growth 2010-2013
  11. 11. Enterprise Video Conferencing Market Snapshot• Infonetics Research expects the enterprise video conferencing and telepresence market to more than double between by 2015, when it will hit $5.0 billion.• Forrester study found that 29 % of enterprises investing in new or upgraded room-based video-conferencing systems, a trend that would bring the total number of implementations to 62 percent of businesses in the next couple of years.
  12. 12. Mobile Video Market
  13. 13. Mobile Video Market Trends • The mobile industry is embracing and marketing video calling as the future of mobile communications • Front and rear facing cameras have become a prime success factor for any new smart phone and tablets such as the iPAD2. • Voice communication applications such as Skype and Google Talk support Video Calling • Thanks to their low cost and availability on PBXs, software-based endpoints out-ship hardware by 10:1 (mostly on tablets)
  14. 14. “…Bring Your Own Device…” • 73% of business leaders allow mobile devices & tablets to connect to their corporate networks.• 53% of businesses have seen productivityimprovements of more than 10 % thanks tothe use of personal devices at work• 16% percent reporting increases of > 30%. * Source: IBM Study
  15. 15. Interoperability is mustAccessibility to Technology and Devices = Interoperability Challenges
  16. 16. The Past, Present and Future ofEnterprise Communications
  17. 17. The Past – PSTN/ISDN Systems Separate Equipment and Separate Networks Enterprise PSTN Trunk Service PBX Analog PhonesProvider Leased ISDN Line Conference Room Conference Room
  18. 18. The Present: Separate VoIP and Video Systems Separate Equipment and Same Network EnterpriseVoice
  19. 19. The Future: Integrated Multimedia Systems Same Network and Same Equipment EnterpriseVoice + Video Tablet
  20. 20. The Future: Multi Service platform Same Network and Same Equipment EnterpriseVoice + Video Tablet
  21. 21. First Challenge: Interoperability The ChallengeTo provide ubiquitous video services in an enterprise of every size
  22. 22. The Video Terminal Jungle Desktop Video Phones Telepresence / Video Conferencing Room Tablets and Smart Phones Desktop Soft Clients
  23. 23. Interoperability: Signaling Connectivity Challenges Google Talk XMPP SIP H.323
  24. 24. Interoperability: Multimedia Connectivity Challenges• Codecs – H263, MPEG4, H264 AVC, H264 SVC, VP8• Screen Size / Resolutions – 1080p, 720p, CIF, VGA,D1,QCIF• Network Bandwidth • Fixed and Mobile (Changing) • Symmetric / Asymmetric
  25. 25. Introducing the Orion-MCU™
  26. 26. Asterisk Use CaseAn Asterisk based PBX vendor is looking for a voice and video conferencing solution to embed within the PBX. The Requirements: • The solution must be embedded solution within the same PBX • The solution must be plug and play • The solution must be cost effective and high quality • The solution must be rebranded as the vendor PBX • The solution must be based on open standardsThe Solution:
  27. 27. Best Of Show – Best SMB Solution @ ITEXPO East 2012
  28. 28. Introducing the Orion-MCU™Orion-MCU™ is multimedia conferencing bridge Open standards based SIP / H.323* < $3K Board Unmatched cost < $6K Appliance Board or Appliance * Q3 road-map
  29. 29. Orion-MCU™ Available ConfigurationsThe Orion-MCU™ is available in two form factors: • Appliance that connects to the IP network providing plug and play multimedia conferencing. • PCIe board (Orion Express) designed to be integrated into IP/PBX like AsteriskTM to provide multimedia conferencing. Orion Express Orion-MCU PCI-E Card with Software Package Stand alone network appliance Asterisk is a trademark or Digium
  30. 30. Orion-MCU™ Deployment Examples Tablet Mobile Smartphone Mobile Network Enterprise IP/PBX SIP Conference room Video Desktop
  31. 31. Orion ExpressTM Deployment Example Mobile Network / WAN Tablet Tablet Mobile Smartphone Mobile Smartphone Enterprise Enterprise Orion Express Embedded IP-PBX Conference room Conference Room Video Desktop Video Desktop
  32. 32. Asterisk Hardware/Software Integration Conference Media Processing Offloaded from Host SURF1286 Orion-MCU Signaling Processing and Media Control Conferencing Management Off The Shelf Server Running Asterisk Embedded within Software & Orion Software
  33. 33. Interworking with AsteriskManagement • Orion-MCU™ GUI is re-brandable and supports multi-language • Orion-MCU™ is also provided with XML API for 3rd party provisioningConnectivity • SIP Trunk between Asterisk and Orion-MCU within the same server provide connectivity SIP Trunk
  34. 34. Keeping it Simple• Intuitive Web Management for administration and monitoring of: • Configuration • Conference creation • Monitoring • Full control to all levels of users
  35. 35. Orion Express is Designed for OEM and rebrending• The only MCU-On-A-Board Solution• Ready for installation and deployment• Requires only network and power interface• Easily integrated in variety of systems• Branded with customer’s logos
  36. 36. 10 Golden Bullets! Orion-MCU™ Competitors1 Low Cost but high quality and performance2 Open System, 3rd party terminal Support3 Asterisk Ready4 HD Voice and Video Conferencing5 Optimized for mobile6 Rebrand for OEM (private label) and customization7 Voice and Video Bridge8 Open Standards Based Codec Support9 Built on High Performance DSP Technology10 Scalable Design
  37. 37. SURF invites you to join thedynamic, fast-growing video conferencing market, with Orion-MCU
  38. 38. For more information:Rudy Shainer ,Director international