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#shift2020 Raina Kumra - Juggernaut shift 2020 - How 3D Printing Will Impact Our Future


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Raina Kumra - Juggernaut
“The Maker movement and 3D printing and the sheer volume of
campaigning about learning to code is going to unlock an unprecedented
amount of creativity from the people for whom this level of ‘creativity’
was out of reach. I think we’ll see daily innovations and life hacks - new
fixes and improvements for daily tasks - in our cities, in our homes and in
our schools.
I also see approved confidence in the general population about their
creative skills, since they will be able to practice and deploy things they
learned in a manufacturer quality way. The maker movement resonates
not just with the creative class, but with people who would never consider
themselves to be traditionally “creative” - opening up a whole population
of pragmatists who can now make extremely useful ‘artwork’ by learning
the basics of code, design and desktop milling.”

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