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2011 05 word-press-not-just-for-blogging-anymore


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WordPress is not just for blogging anymore. Now it is a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) for sites large and small

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2011 05 word-press-not-just-for-blogging-anymore

  1. 1. Rudy 202-258-3252
  2. 2. Rudy 202-258-3252
  3. 3.  Powerful tools at your disposal Relatively easy to build Robust Content Management System (CMS) Open Source
  4. 4.  Static versus Dynamic Sites Which Flavor of WordPress? Key Components of a WordPress Site Pages, Permalinks and Posts… Oh My!
  5. 5.   Hosted at  Self-hosted  Your Domain: blogging service “” WordPress Domain:  Total control of “yoursite.wordpress. your site com”  Download / install Less control: can’t latest version use plugins, your  Discussion forums own ads  Browse the Codex (documentation)  “Real” designers /developers  No usage restrictions at all.“Free” Professional
  6. 6.  Domain Name Web Host Text / Code Editor File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Program Image Editor Webmasters Tools Kit [ wtk ]
  7. 7.  Register a domain name such as or or are good choices for registering domains. ◦ Cost is around $10 per year. ◦ At such a low price, consider purchasing the “”, “” and even “” versions. Select a domain name that: ◦ Represents what your site is about; ◦ Is as short (25 letters or less) as possible, and ◦ Contains real words that are easy to spell.
  8. 8.  Owning a domain name is half of the equation. Now you need a web server to “host” your domain. Hosting is more expensive than domain names, but for low to medium traffic sites, even basic hosting plans are adequate. and start at $3 - $5 per month. Don’t ever skimp on hosting: ◦ Pick a professional, reliable host that offers great tech support via multiple media (web/chat/phone) and can usually get all issues resolved via text chat in less than 15 minutes. ◦ You get hundreds of professional email boxes (and can loose that AOL email address) ◦ You can host a WordPress or other CMS site ◦ You can host an e-Commerce site
  9. 9.  You don’t really need a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver Use a real Code Editor Several to choose from that are free of inexpensive (< $60) Notepad++ (www.notepad-plus- is a free source code editor for MS Windows jEdit is a mature programmers text editor for MACs
  10. 10.  You’ll need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software program to connect to your web server and transfer files back and forth from your computer File transfer is all you need, but some programs offer more Several to choose from that are free or inexpensive FileZilla ( )is a free program that is all you need whether Windows or MAC
  11. 11.  You’ll need an image editor to prepare graphics for your WordPress site Although WordPress does a good job of optimizing and resizing graphics, you often need original graphics to be in the right proportion for sliders and such Free/Inexpensive Image Editors: ◦ Color Schemer:  ◦ GIMP: ◦ Photoshop Elements (<$100) Premium ◦ Adobe CS5.5 Web Premium
  12. 12.  You MUST see what your site looks like in all the major browsers, so it’s a good idea to download them to your system ◦ Firefox (FF3.0+)  Most Popular amongst Web Designers for Developers’ add-ons  Latest version is FF4.0 ◦ Internet Explorer (IE7+) – Latest version is IE9.0 ◦ Google Chrome ◦ Safari (Mac and iDivices) ◦ Opera (prettiest)
  13. 13.  Webmasters Tools Kit ◦ [ ] is a compilation of many of the aforementioned ColorPix: ◦ o.php ◦ ColorPix is a neat little app that will let you grab the color values and screen coordinates at any pixel on your screen.
  14. 14. Installation in anInstant (well… 5minutes)Setting the Rightsettings
  15. 15.  Business Requirements & Objectives Picking the Perfect Theme Picking Powerful Plugins Categories and Tags Permalinks: Your URL Structure Users and Administrators
  16. 16.  Things to look for in a theme Where to find free themes Where to buy premium themes
  17. 17.  There are certain features that all themes should have: ◦ Navigation ◦ Theme Options ◦ Widget Ready ◦ The Functionality you need for each project ◦ Source files for customization
  18. 18.  Free themes are normally not as feature-rich as paid/premium themes; but there are many free themes that are better than some paid themes ◦ Theme Library - ◦ Smashing Magazine - wordpress/ ◦ 0/08/19/100-free-high-quality-wordpress- themes-for-2010/#more-51885 ◦ Google - ess+themes ◦ Digging Into WordPress Theme Clubhouse A sample free theme: 011/05/30/free-wordpress-3-1-theme- splendio-with-psd-sources/
  19. 19.  ThemeForest - WooThemes - ElegantThemes - WPBest -
  20. 20.  The WordPress Plugin Repository Installing and Activating Plugins
  21. 21.  300+ Resources to Become an Expert ◦ resources-to-help-you-become-a-wordpress-expert/ Book: Digging Into WordPress ◦ Major WordPress Update (3.2) due out June 30th ◦ about-wordpress-3-2/