Draftfcb SEAsia Digital Workshop: Trends for2010


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Draftfcb SEAsia Digital Workshop: Trends for2010

  1. Trends for 2010 Planning for Digital
  2. Trends for 2010 Planning for Digital
  3. Trend #1 Augmentation, not isolation
  4. Augmentation, not isolation 1. More digital as interactive budget get considered into the marketing mix 2. Symbiosis of traditional and new media; leveraging off strong functionalities of each platform 3. Amplification and sustenance via digital, creating campaign long-tail effect
  5. Trend #2 Make it work on Mobile
  6. Make it work on mobile 1. Mobile phones become the new on-the-go computers 2. High user acceptance to accessing data when on the move; proven by spike in Facebook and Twitter activities on mobile 3. Phenomenal rise in smartphone penetration in large developing countries; result of cheaper smartphone sets and pre-paid data plans
  7. Trend #3 ‘Social’ is now a given
  8. ‘Social’ is now a given 1. Result of social networking as an accepted tool of branded communications 2. Sharing culture in online user behaviours aka the viral effect 3. Now not about website as a destination, but about website taken to the destination (audience)
  9. Trend #4 Open architecture and communities
  10. Open architecture and communities 1. Forums, blogs, streams, comments, chatters, messages - the open nature of web and how people trade content 2. The Vocal audience become commonplace; digital is the open ground 3. Social media gets accepted as part of a larger digital marketing strategy
  11. Trend #5 Everyone’s a Facebook expert
  12. Everyone’s a Facebook expert 1. More time spent leads to proficiency and ability to filter out clutter 2. Users get smart in how brands interact with them, and vice-versa 3. Revolution; from one-way to two-way campaign format
  13. Trends 2010 summary 1. Augmentation, not isolation 2. Make it work on mobile 3. ‘Social’ now a given 4. Open architecture and communities 5. Everyone’s a Facebook expert
  14. Trends for 2010 Planning for Digital
  15. Planning for Digital 1. Budgeting 2. Goals and success metrics 3. Pitfalls to avoid
  16. 1. Budgeting 1. 20%. Although there is no standard benchmark. 2. Depending on goals, as high as 40% or higher. 3. Wrong to separate digital away. Budget for digital as you would for any typical media.
  17. 2. Goals & Metrics 1. Many goals to a digital campaign 2. Brand and product awareness 3. Perception and sentiment management 4. Influencers and opinion leaders 5. CRM tool
  18. 3. Pitfalls to avoid 1. Compartmentalizing digital 2. Short term execution 3. Lack of long-term strategy 4. Not synchronized with traditional 5. Separated media mix 6. After-thought
  19. Summary 1. Digital augments traditional marketing techniques and goals 2. Does not replace but enhances reach and effects 3. Avoid compartmentalizing digital 4. Always put it into the mix 5. Make it work on mobile
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