Deliver Your Perfect Pitch


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A presentation workshop I gave for students from design schools of Hong Kong, organized by HKAIM, Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing

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Deliver Your Perfect Pitch

  1. 1. Creative Presentation Workshop Deliver Your Perfect Pitch Prepared by Rudi Leung July 11, 2013
  2. 2. Your Lecturer Rudi Leung
  3. 3. The Year When I Began My Career In Advertising
  4. 4. Copywriter Senior  Writer Crea/ve  Group  Head Crea/ve  Director Associate  Crea/ve  Dir Rudi Leung 1.0
  5. 5. Rudi Leung 2.0 Crea/ve  Ambassador Vice  President GM,  HK  &  GZ Dir  of  Comm.   Planning
  6. 6. Master  of  Science  In  Marke/ng Bachelor  of  Marke/ng  &  Adver/sing My Second Job
  7. 7. My Third Job
  8. 8. But I Used To Be Very Shy I grew up with five sisters & I’m the youngest I’m a typical introvert
  9. 9. Then I became A Musician It took me a long journey to overcome my fear in standing and performing on a stage
  10. 10. Presentation Skill Is Learnable Some people might have it as a gift Some people acquire it via learning & practicing
  11. 11. ®  2013  Tribal  Worldwide   Let’s Practice It This Morning
  12. 12. ®  2013  Tribal  Worldwide   Deliver Your Perfect Pitch Courtesy of photo: DJ Anto D
  13. 13. What’s A Pitch? An attempt to propose, sell, or convince the audience to buy into your idea/product/service Courtesy of photo: GettyImages
  14. 14. Why You Need It? A must-have skill in not only the business world, but also charity, politics, & even personal life Courtesy of photo: Kalexanderson
  15. 15. Purposes Of A Pitch Engage So they will listen, ask questions & most important, give you more time to talk Intrigue So they will pay attention Convince So they will buy into your idea
  16. 16. Course Objective To provide you a framework to construct & deliver a Pitch efficiently Courtesy of photo: GettyImages
  17. 17. Learning Outcomes ü Tactics to construct an Elevator Pitch ü Skills in delivering your Pitch ü Basic framework of a Pitch Deck ü Practice & receive comments about your Pitch ü Evaluate your Pitch Style & get feedback
  18. 18. What’s An Elevator Pitch? You run into Mr. Li in an elevator & you know that he is interested in investing your business What Do You Do?
  19. 19. Why Practicing Elevator Pitch Is So Important?
  20. 20. Attention Span Of A Gold Fish 9 Seconds
  21. 21. Attention Span Of Human Beings 8 Seconds
  22. 22. Time For An Elevator Pitch 120 Seconds
  23. 23. People don’t buy what you do; People buy why you do it. Simon Sineck
  24. 24. Don’t talk about how large the storage of an iPod has Just tell straight WHY we need an iPod for
  25. 25. WHY? Every fan’s dream is to take part in the idol-making process HOW? Fans’ support determines if an individual artist can perform and be successful WHAT? Create a teen idol group with 88 girls. Everyday, only the most-popular 48 will perform in Akihabaara
  26. 26. WHY? Imagine if human being is no longer on the top of the food chain HOW? Humanlike but brainless giants come to eat us, mercilessly WHAT? Human beings formed special forces to fight back. They also built tall walls to protect them from giants
  27. 27. Introduction 10 Sec WHY - Problem/Situation Analysis 45 Sec HOW - Solution/Your Vision 45 Sec WHAT – Requirement/Do What? 20 Sec
  28. 28. Time For A Typical Pitch Presentation 20 Minutes
  29. 29. ®  2013  Tribal  Worldwide   How To Start?
  30. 30. Don’t Start Straight With Your PowerPoint
  31. 31. Conceptualize & Frame Your Story
  32. 32. Craft Your Last Slide & Set The Tone First
  33. 33. Different Font Type Depicts Different Tone Keep All Font Sizes Larger Than 30 Points
  34. 34. Prepare Your Pitch Deck With Various Tools Visuals Slides Statistics PowerPoint Keynote Haiku Deck
  35. 35. Visualize your concept Keep it as simple as possible
  36. 36. Summarize your pitch in ONE Phrase
  37. 37. Title  Page   Overview   Compe//ve   Analysis   Problem   Our   Advantage   Idea/ Solu/on   Sales  &   Marke/ng   Business   Model   KPI   Forecast   The  Team   Milestones   Recap     Why  us?   Reference: Guy Kawasaki “How to Create an Enchanting Pitch” The 12 Slides Principle
  38. 38. Recap Of Today’s Workshop
  39. 39. Reference: How to give more persuasive presentations: A Q&A with Nancy Duarte (2012/10) 1. Be audience-centric 2. Understand your role 3. Wrap your content in a story A Persuasive Presentation Should Be…
  40. 40. Reference: Nancy Duarte “Structure Your Presentation Like a Story” (2012/10)
  41. 41. 1.Know Your Audience, What’s In It For Them?
  42. 42. 2.Tell A Story And Inspire Them With A Dream, Believe Or Cause
  43. 43. 3.Structure/Plan Your Pitch
  44. 44. 4.Keep It Short, Simple & Easy To Understand
  45. 45. 5.Enjoy The Pitch & Keep Practicing
  46. 46. Where Else To Get Inspirations?
  47. 47.
  48. 48. ®  2013  Tribal  Worldwide   Don’t just present it. Pitch it! Courtesy of photo: DJ Anto D