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ULS Internet Librarian 2011 wrapup


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Published in: Education
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ULS Internet Librarian 2011 wrapup

  1. 1. ACRL-ULS Internet Librarian wrap-upOctober 26, 2011Internet Librarian2011 Learning, Innovation & Play Rudy Leon @rudibrarian
  2. 2. • Change• The future is constant learning• Learning is play / play is learning• Libraries have a role to play• Cumulative learning, learning environments• John Seely Brown themes
  3. 3. • Learning is changing• Learning how to learn is no longer enough• Learning will now require dispositions which cannot be taught, but can only be cultivated• How to build spaces to cultivate dispositions?• How to train librarians to mentor these dispositions?John Seely Brown
  4. 4. • Curiosity. Amplify it.• Questing. Probe, seek, uncover• Connectivity. Learning with & from each otherJSB’s Dispositions
  5. 5. • Social view of learning: I participate, Therefore I am • Understanding is socially constructed rise of constructivism? • Dispositions toward forming affinity groups a key to success • Wikipedia/Brittanica: not accuracy, but new literacy, new way of reading, new abilities requiredThe end of Cartesianknowing & identity
  6. 6. • Homo Sapien (knower) Homo Faber (maker)• Now also, maker of context (remix culture. New context makes content new) Homo sapien Homo faber knowing making• New Blended Epistemology Homo ludenKnow, Make, Play playing
  7. 7. From Training to Learning Emily Clasper• Training happens to you, learning is a verb• Change• Responsibility on learner• Big concepts, transferable skills• Social, personalized• YouTube gamestraining & learning track
  8. 8. Making Learning Stick: A Dozen Tips Polly Farrington• What’s in it for them?• Keep it fun• Play! Encourage risk-taking, create a comfortable environment for failure• ‘Canoe time’/participation, mixed perspectives• Ask for 1 take-awaytraining & learning track
  9. 9. From Training to Learning: Institutionalizing Creativity and Innovation Lisa Hardy and Nancy MacKenzie• Librarian led, Library supported learning • Allows librarians leadership opportunities, leverage their own communities • Library must develop structural models that support innovation, bring into strategic plan, and measure successtraining & learning track
  10. 10. • Created Future Action think tank• What is a Library Future? blog•• Imagine the Future day, everyone participating in different possibilitiesCalgary Public Libraryinitiatives
  11. 11. Helene Blowers• Developing a culture of innovation How it effects our services• Definitions of Innovation, of play• Fuel creativity, curiosity, collaboration• Idea exchangeInno-play-ion
  12. 12. • JSB • Live stream: • Slides:• Emily Clasper’s slides:• Polly Alida Farrington’s Slides:• Lisa Hardy & Nancy MacKenzie’s slides to Internet Librarianpresentations/slides
  13. 13. Rudy Leon Technology Training & Outreach Librarian University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign @rudibrarian http://deepening.wordpress.comQuestions?