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1st assignement of Technology Entrepreneurship class

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  1. 1. Technology EntrepreneurshipOnline Course – Stanford 10/2012 First Assignement: brainstorming 5 best and worst startup ideas
  2. 2. “Best” Idea 1EZINSURANCE.COM
  3. 3. • Sentence 1: For the people who own a car that need to buyinsurance for it, it’s a website whereyou can get instant online quotes of the best insurancedeals around. • Sentence 2: Unlike normal insurance brokers that take toolong and doesn’t really offer you all the deals availableon the market, our website can get you instant quotesfrom all insurance companies available so you cancompare rates, buy insurance and save money.
  4. 4. Customer segment• Any people who own a car
  5. 5. Value Proposition• Online instant insurance quotes, so you don’t have to wait and only get a few ones from your broker. You can buy and make the financial transaction online too.
  6. 6. Key Partners• Insurance companies that provide access to their quotes• Financial and Car portals that will help the company promote it’s services.
  7. 7. Key Activities• Nurture a good relationship with insurance companies to get good prices from them.• Development of cutting edge technology to process inquires for quotes and online purchase.• Provide great customer support and aggressive online marketing strategy.
  8. 8. Key Resources• People• Technology• Funding
  9. 9. Customer Relationships and Marketing• Paid ads and content creation and curation via websites and social network fan pages to educate customers on how to efficiently take care of their cars
  10. 10. Channels• Web purely. Everything happens online.
  11. 11. Revenue streams• Customers pay a commission every time they buy insurance• The commission represents a percentage of the policy cost.
  12. 12. Cost structure• CAPEX will be focused mainly in technology and office space. Rest of the costs will be related to website development and maintenance, sales, marketing and customer support.