Technology for Marketers: Are you Engaging Effectively?


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Ruder Finn has been working in partnership with Brand Republic to conduct research among marketers into whether their involvement in technology buying decisions has and will increase, and what their views are on the existing marketing messages that they see emanating from technology providers. The resulting infographic, “Technology for Marketers: Are you Engaging Effectively?”, makes interesting reading for technology companies and marketers alike, particularly those looking to target decision makers in the marketing department.

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Technology for Marketers: Are you Engaging Effectively?

  1. 1. Technology for marketers Are you engaging effectively? Influencing technology budgets Technology decision making IT spending over the next three years What Marketers are Buying Communications & collaboration technologies proactively using marketing technologies to influence and transform marketing campaigns feel that marketing and comms teams are not closely involved in tech purchasing decisions believe the marketing and communications department is more involved in tech buying decisions than it was a year ago Provide clearer, simpler definitions with no jargon Give real case studies with details of return on investment Use demonstrations, imagery or video content more About the research The research was conducted by Brand Republic between January and March 2014 and surveyed 229 marketers on their involvement in technology buying decision within their organisations and the effectiveness with which technology companies marketed their products and services to them.To get a copy of the full report or to find out more about how Ruder Finn can help you take the right message to the right audience please contact JonWhite at or 020 7438 3051. Gartner 2017 technology budgets ( 50 per cent less on traditional infrastructure projects 50 per cent more on digital and mobile technology 87 89per cent per cent per cent per cent per cent per cent per cent per cent 20 45 32 68.5 59 say that this involvement will continue to progress over the next twelve months 43 Data management CRM technologies 16 6 Too focused on a technology audience Language is too technical Don’t understand marketing challenges Social Email Well tailored messages for a marketing audience Ineffective technology marketing Messages well personalised 56 per cent per cent per cent per cent per cent per cent 55 52 46 per cent 30 CMOCIO Tips for technology marketing Channel preferences Marketing effectiveness in technology