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WTR (What The ruckus) on Snapchat


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Wondering whether your brand should be on Snapchat? Wondering how to speak to that hard to reach Millennial audience? Here it is - the 5 minute download on Snapchat for brands!

Find out the pros and cons of using Snapchat, which brands are doing it well as well as who the primary audience is.

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WTR (What The ruckus) on Snapchat

  1. 1. WTR? what the THE (short) STORY ON SNAPCHAT FOR BRANDS
  2. 2. The story on …. Snapchat SNAPCHAT IN 5 MINUTES Snapchat’s big draw? Messages and pictures that disappear within seconds of being viewed. In direct contrast with sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest that hold content in perpetuity, Snapchat is focused on the here and now - ephemera. Originally called Pictaboo (hence the ghost in the app icon) Snapchat exploded onto the scene in 2012 and was quickly adopted by high school kids as the “go to” for picture messaging amongst their friends. Within a year the service was generating 60 million “snaps” a day. Because of the nature of the app (images the disappear) Snapchat has been painted as a glorified sexting tool, however more and more brands are flocking to it as a way to reach the challenging millennial audience. It also made big news earlier this year by rebuffing Facebook’s purchase offer of $3 Billion!! WTR ? 2
  3. 3. Key Plot Points SNAPCHAT IN 5 MINUTES Features • Quick, easy photo and video sharing (one to one) • Video and text chat • Our Story feature allows users to share videos and images with a select audience • Ad platform just announced Users • Millennials: watch this video to see why ( • Skews mostly female (13-25) Top Brands • Taco Bell • Ben and Jerry's • McDonald’s • Heineken PROS • Currently has the eyeballs of a lot of millennials • Quick and easy to create and share content • Ad platform gives brands the option to monetize the channel CONS • No analytics to speak of - tracking effectiveness of content is impossible • Limited content options • Very targeted audience ruckus rating • If you’re looking for fun consumer engagements – go for it. • Analytics nuts beware Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel WTR ? 3
  4. 4. The story Continues SNAPCHAT IN 5 MINUTES Roadmap / New Features Snapchat’s future is regretting turning down Facebook’s $3 billion – just kidding (maybe). With their ad platform soft launching, expect the platform to roll out a more robust and marketing-friendly back-end. Snapchat seems to have learned from other social platforms on how to monetize their app, however it’s yet to be seen if the ads will alienate the much-sought after millennial audience they cater too. Summary Snapchat’s growth can’t be ignored and they’ve done better than a lot of social networks to capitalize on their popularity and monetize the platform. The absence of measurement and analytics still make it a bit of a flier for most marketers but the trade off is exposure to the coveted millennial audience. Bleeding-edge type brands should jump all over it – everyone else take your time. WTR ? 4
  5. 5. Wanna make a Ruckus SNAPCHAT IN 5 MINUTES About Us Connect Team Linda Andross Managing Partner Gary Edgar Managing Director Katie Boland Sr. Social Strategist We built ruckus to work with brands to find and tell their story through rich, compelling and relevant social content. Find out how we can help you make a ruckus. @ruckusdigital +ruckus digital 416 934 2119 WTR ? 5