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WTR periscope


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Ever wonder what the ruckus is behind Periscope?:

After Meerkat created the initial buzz for live streaming, Twitter quickly stepped in buying Periscope in March 2015 establishing it's hold on live streaming. Find out how your brand can make a ruckus using this app.

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WTR periscope

  1. 1. WTR?what the THE (short) STORY ON PERISCOPE FOR BRANDS
  2. 2. WTR ? 2 Sometimes you just have to be there to appreciate it. Enter, Periscope, a live-streaming mobile app that connects you with your audience and consumers in real-time to share live video at the click of a button. With live streaming, people from around the world can watch or transmit live video over the Internet – changing the world of broadcasting. Developed by friends Kayvon Beykpour and Joseph Bernstein, Periscope was inspired by their trip to Istanbul as they wanted to understand and see the riots taking place in Taksim Square from the eyes of people who were actually there in real-time. After being purchased by Twitter in March 2015, Periscope gained a million users in the first 10 days after it’s iPhone launch and has grown to 10 million users across the globe that have been experimenting with the app ever since. PERISCOPE IN 5 MINUTESThe story on …. Periscope
  3. 3. Features Users Top Brands • Live-streaming app • Searchable by region or by followers • Benefit Cosmetics • Mountain Dew • DKNY • General Electric WTR ? 3 PROS • Easy and cost-effective way to leverage real-time events or celebrities appearances • Integrated with Twitter to leverage existing fan base CONS ruckus rating • After 24 hours a broadcast is removed • Content needs to attract and sustain audience to watch live • Risk adverse stay away. Unique live event opportunity – TRY IT OUT! PINTEREST IN 5 MINUTESKey Plot Points • 10 million global users • Mostly Twitter users • Early-Adopters PERISCOPE IN 5 MINUTES
  4. 4. WTR ? 4 The story Continues Roadmap / New Features With only six months on the market, Periscope is still in its infancy and the application has lots of opportunities to grow and take advantage of its relationship with Twitter. The app secured a strong fan base rapidly but we expect to see new features to increase daily usage for these users and to increase the longevity of content on the platform. Consumers love to speak in the moment about everything, but they also like to have a digital record and review what happened in the past. Also, by having a digital library of content users can return to the platform more frequently. As part of the Twitter family, we also expect to see analytics and in the far future some form of monetization. We are also very excited to see large events like the Oscars or the Olympics take advantage of this platform for more Behind the Scenes broadcasting. Imagine Angelina Jolie periscoping her Oscar experience; it’s possible! Content Ideas How should you use the app? People are tuning in to Periscope for live, exclusive content that they can’t view anywhere else and giving them the feeling that they’re actually there in the moment. Here are some ideas on how your brand can use the app: Product Announcements – Unveil news of new products or new features and showcase the product live in action. VIP Access – Give live access to consumers to real-time events, fashion shows, competitions, etc. Exclusive celebrity chats – Collect questions on Twitter and host a live chat or demonstration with a celebrity or spokesperson. PERISCOPE IN 5 MINUTES
  5. 5. WTR ? 5 Wanna make a Ruckus About Us Connect Team Gary Edgar Managing Director Linda Andross Managing Partner Katie Boland Sr. Social Strategist We built ruckus to work with brands to find and tell their story through rich, compelling and relevant social content. Find out how we can help you make a ruckus. @ruckusdigital +ruckus digital 416 934 2121 PERISCOPE IN 5 MINUTES