Simple Machines Student PPT Sample 2


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Simple Machines Student PPT Sample 2

  1. 1. Simple Machineskamryn and christopher 113
  2. 2. Simple machine Write the definition of a simple machine. A simple machine helps make work easier.
  3. 3. LeverWrite the definition of a lever.To lift heavy objects up and down.
  4. 4. LEVER
  5. 5. INCLINED PLANEWrite the definition of a inclined planeA slanting surface connected a lower level to a higher level
  6. 6. Inclined plane
  7. 7. WHEEL AND AXLEWrite the definition of a wheel and axle.A wheel that turns on a post to help move things quickly
  8. 8. Wheel and axle
  9. 9. PULLEYWrite the definition of a pulley.A Wheel and axle with a rope.
  10. 10. Pulley
  11. 11. WEDGEWrite the definition of a wedge.2 inclined planes put together
  12. 12. wedge
  13. 13. SCREWWrite the definition of a screw.