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Spector soft internet lingo for parents

  1. 1. CD9 RU/18ROTFL SORG NIFOC 45
  2. 2. ‘Internet Lingo’ Dictionary Content ‘Internet Lingo’ Presents Communications Challenge for Parents The Internet has changed the world in many wonderful ways and has successfully created a new channel for rapid communication through chat, Introduction 1 instant messaging, and email. Although children initially began using the Internet to do research for Comprehensive ‘Internet Lingo’ Dictionary 2 homework, they now spend the majority of their computer time socializing. According to the Childwise research agency survey, children spend an average of 1.7 hours a day online, and one in six children spend more than three hours a day online. Sixty-two percent of kids surveyed have a profile on a social Key 3 N 57 networking site. Miscellaneous 4 O 62 As a result of this popularity, many diligent parents have decided it’s not only a right but a responsibility to understand what their children do at the computer A 6 P 65 and on the Internet. They try to make sure their kids are protected from inappropriate content and people, but one of the basic parenting stumbling B 11 Q 70 blocks is understanding the “lingo” kids use in their online communications. C 17 R 71 For example, if you saw “KPC” in a child’s writing, would “Keeping Parents Clueless” come to mind? Probably not, because many parents are just that D 20 S 75 – clueless – when it comes to what is often termed ‘Internet Lingo’. This lingo – consisting of codes and acronyms – is widely used E 24 T 81 in today’s chat rooms, instant messaging, emails, text messaging, blogs, and on the immensely F 26 U 87 popular social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Despite the widespread G 30 V 89 use, a recent report revealed 95 percent of parents surveyed could not decipher common acronyms H 35 W 90 used in Internet chat and messaging. I 38 X 96 J 45 Y 97 Powerful Software Makes It Perfectly Clear K 47 Z 100 Monitoring software programs like Spector Pro are L 49 ^ 101 designed to protect kids from the Internet’s dark side and shed light on what otherwise might be M 53 Top 100 102 puzzling activities. Spector Pro records everything a child does at the PC and on the Internet – including MySpace and Facebook activity – so parents will Friend Request know exactly what their child is doing. © 1998-2010 SpectorSoft ® Corporation. All rights reserved. 1.888.598.2788 toll-free www.spectorsoft.com 1
  3. 3. Using Spector Pro, a concerned parent can guard against Internet predators by Key recording every detail of a child’s chats, keystrokes typed, web sites visited, online ‘Internet Lingo’ Dictionary Top 20 Codes & Acronyms searches, emails sent and received, and programs run. Further, with Spector Pro’s advanced screen snapshot feature, parents can see not only what their child has done, but the exact POS1:37:02 AM] 2cute09>order in which they have done it, step by step. 01. 8 Oral sex 11. ASL Age/Sex/Location Index Parent Over Shoulder 02. 1337 Elite -or- leet 12. CD9 Code 9 - Parents are around Intro 03. 143 I love you 13. C-P Sleepy In addition, Spector Pro includes an 04. 182 I hate you 14. F2F Face-To-Face Key exclusive, innovative mouseover/ Misc 05. 1174 Nude club 15. GNOC Get Naked On Cam rollover technique capable of revealing the hidden meaning behind Internet 06. 420 Marijuana 16. GYPO Get Your Pants Off A 07. 459 I love you 17. HAK Hugs And Kisses B Lingo … lingo you’ll likely find in your child’s daily PC communications. Using this 08. ADR Address 18. ILU I Love You feature, you simply pass your mouse pointer over a codeword or acronym you don’t 09. AEAP As Early As Possible 19. IWSN I Want Sex Now C understand, and the meaning will be shown to you onscreen. D 10. ALAP As Late As Possible 20. J/O Jerking Off Complete Top 100 List on page 102 Source: netlingo.com E F Special Offer – 40% OFF Spector Pro G H If you are concerned about who your children Have a Suggestion? Found a new code word or Internet acronym I are conversing with online and exactly what they are talking about, Spector Pro is right for SPECIAL OFFER: $ (Regularly $169 95 ) 99 95 you don’t see here? Email us: Lingo@spectorsoft.com J you. And we’d like to help you get started with BUY NOW K a Special Offer of $99.95 (Regularly $169.95). L How To Use This Guide M To learn more about Spector Pro please call us at 1-888-598-2788 N (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or visit www.spectorsoft.com. Index Links Finder Field (Adobe Reader) O The Index Panel found on the right Type and search a term, code word or side of every page allows you to acronym with Acrobat Reader’s Finder, P jump to any section of this Guide. located in the application’s tool bar. Q SpectorSoft ‘Internet Lingo’ Dictionary R Comprehensive List – Codes and Acronyms N S Jump to a With more than 1.7 billion Internet users worldwide and approximately 82 million O code word T people texting regularly, it’s a good bet you’ve seen at least a few cryptic codes or acronym P that begins U or acronyms that left you scratching your head over possible meanings. Whether Q with “O”. V found in chats, instant messages, on websites, in searches, contained in emails sent and received, or simply typed in word processing applications, acronyms and R W abbreviations are commonly used wherever people use computers to go online X and communicate. Y Dictionary Key Z To help make sense of it all, SpectorSoft has compiled a list of Codes and Acronyms … and in addition to being one of the most comprehensive lists available • Terms highlighted in blue belong to the Top 20 Codes & Acronyms list ^ anywhere, it’s FOC … Free Of Charge! • “C” and “S” are used interchangeably for “See” 100 • “U” and “Y” are used interchangeably for “You” 2 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 3
  4. 4. Misc. Misc. Misc. Index Intro Key! 182 411 8 MiscI have a comment I hate you Information Oral sex A B*$ 19 420 831Starbucks 0 hand Marijuana I Love You C D02 20 459 86 EYour (or my) two cents worth Location I love you Out of, over, to get rid F of, or kicked out G10Q 2B or not 2B 4COLThank you To Be Or Not To Be For Crying Out Loud 9 H Parent is watching I1174 2BZ4UQT 4EAE JNude club Too Busy For You Cutey For Ever And Ever 99 K Parent is no longer watching L121 2G2B4G 4evaOne to one Too Good To Be Forgotten Forever M ::poof:: N1337 2G2BT 4ever I’m gone OElite -or- leet -or- L337 Too Good To Be True Forever P <3 Heart Q 2moro 4NR Tomorrow Foreigner R I LOVE YOU ? S 1 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 I have a question 2nite 4Q T Tonight F*** You U ?^ Hook up? V143 2U2 511I love you To You Too Too much information W X14AA41 404 5FS YOne for All and All for One I Haven’t A Clue 5 Finger Salute Z ^ 1004 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 5
  5. 5. AD-AF A A Index Intro Key@TEOTD AAR8 ADAD AFAIC MiscAt The End Of The Day At Any Rate Another Day Another Dollar As Far As I’m Concerned A BA/S/L/P AAS ADBB AFAICSAge/Sex/Location/Picture Alive And Smiling All Done Bye Bye As Far As I Can See C DA3 AATK addy AFAICT EAnyplace, Anywhere, Anytime Always At The Keyboard Address As Far As I Can Tell F AFAIK G AAYF ADIH As Always, Your Friend Another Day In Hell As Far As I Know H LOL I AB ADIP AFAIR J Ass Backwards Another Day In Paradise As Far As I Remember K AFAIU LAAAAA ABITHIWTITB ADNAmerican Association Against A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Advanced Digital Network As Far As I Understand MAcronym Abuse Two In The Bush -or- Any Day Now N AFAIUI OAAF ABT2 ADR As Far As I Understand It PAs A Friend -or- Always And About To Address AFAP QForever ACD ADVD As Far As Possible RAAK Alt Control Delete Advised SAsleep At Keyboard AFAYC T ACE AEAP As Far As You’re Concerned UAAMOF Access Control Entry As Early As Possible AFC VAs A Matter Of Fact ACK AFAGAY Away From Computer WAAMOI Acknowledgement A Friend As Good As You XAs A Matter Of Interest AFDN Y ACORN AFAHMASP Any F***ing Day Now ZAAR A Completely Obsessive Really A Fool And His Money Are Nutty Person Soon Parted ^At Any Rate 1006 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 7
  6. 6. AL-AS A A Index Intro KeyAFGO aight ALOTBSOL AOAS MiscAnother F***ing Growth All right Always Look On The All Of A Sudden AOpportunity Bright Side Of Life B AIH AOBAFIAA As It Happens ALTG Abuse Of Bandwidth CAs Far As I Am Aware Act Locally, Think Globally D AIMB AON EAFINIAFI As I Mentioned Before AMAP Apropos Of Nothing FA Friend In Need Is A As Many As Possible -or-Friend Indeed As Much As Possible G AIMP AP Always In My Prayers Apple Pie HAFJ AMBW IApril Fools Joke AISB All My Best Wishes AS J As I Said Before Ape Sh** -or- Another KAFK AMF SubjectAway From Keyboard Adios Mother F***er L AISE-or- A Free Kill As I Said Earlier ASAFP M AML As Soon As F***ing NAFPOE AISI All My Love Possible OA Fresh Pair Of Eyes As I See It P AMRMTYFTS ASAMOFAFT All My Roommates Thank Q AITR As A Matter Of FactAbout F***ing Time Adult In The Room You For The Show R ASAP SAFZ AKA or a.k.a. ANFAWFOS As Soon As Possible TAcronym Free Zone Also Known As And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor U ASAYGTAGB V ALAP As Soon As YouAlmost Good Bridge As Late As Possible ANFSCD Get This W And Now For Something XAGKWE alcon Completely Different ASL YAnd God Knows What Else All Concerned Age/Sex/Location ANGB ZAIAMU Almost Nearly Good ASLMH ^ ALOL 100And I’m A Monkey’s Uncle Actually Laughing Out Loud Bridge Age/Sex/Location /Music/Hobbies8 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 9
  7. 7. B-BB A B Index Intro KeyATAB AWLTP B&F BAMF MiscAin’t That A Bitch Avoiding Work Like The Plague Back and Forth Bad Ass Mother F***er A BATC AWNIAC B/C bananaAny Two Cards All We Need Is Another Chair Because Code word for penis C DATM AWOL B4 BARB EAt The Moment -or- Absent Without Leave Before Buy Abroad but Rent FAsynchronous Transfer Mode -or- in Britain GAutomated Teller Machine AWTTW B4N A Word To The Wise Bye For Now BAU HATSL Business As Usual IAlong The Same Line AYC B4U J Aren’t You Clever -or- Aren’t Before You BB KATST You Cheeky Be BackAt The Same Time L B4YKI AYCE Before You Know It BB4N MATW All You Can Eat Bye Bye for Now NAll The Web -or- Around The BAC OWeb -or- All The Way AYK Bad Ass Chick BBAMFIC P As You Know Big Bad Ass Mother F***erATWD In Charge QAgree That We Disagree AYOR R At Your Own Risk BBB SAWC Bye Bye Babe -or- Boring TAfter While, Crocodile AYSOS Beyond Belief U Are You Stupid Or SomethingAWGTHTGTTA BBBG VAre We Going To Have To Go AYTMTB BAG Bye Bye Be Good WThrough This Again Busting A Gut -or- Big And You’re Telling Me X Ass Grin This Because BBFBBM YAWHFY Body By Fisher, BrainsAre We Having Fun Yet? AYV BAK By Mattel Z Back At Keyboard ^ Are You Vertical? 10010 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 11
  8. 8. BD-BI B B Index Intro KeyBBFN BBT BDN BHAG MiscBye Bye for Now Be Back Tomorrow Big Damn Number Big Hairy Audacious Goal A BBW BEG BBBIAB BHGBe Back In A Bit Big Beautiful Woman Big Evil Grin Big Hearted Guy -or- Big C Hearted Girl DBBIAF BC beos EBe Back In A Few Because Nudge BHIMBGO F Bloody Hell, I Must Be BCBG BF GBBIAS Getting OldBe Back In A Sec Bon Chic Bon Genre -or- Boyfriend -or- Best Friend H Belle Cu Belle Geulle BHOF IBBIAW BFD Bald Headed Old Fart JBe Back In A While BCBS Big F***ing Deal K Big Company, Big School BI5 BFE LBBL Back In FiveBe Back Later BCNU Bum F*** Egypt M Be Seeing You BIBI NBBMFIC BFF Bye Bye OBig Bad Mother F***er bcoz Best Friends Forever PIn Charge Because BIBO BFFN Beer In, Beer Out QBBR BD Best Friends For Now RBurnt Beyond Repair Big Deal -or- Baby Dance BIF S -or- Brain Drain BFFTTE Basis In Fact -or- Before TBBS Best Friends Forever Til I Forget UBe Back Soon -or Bulletin BDBI5M The EndBoard Service Busy Daydreaming Back BIL V In 5 Minutes BFN Brother-In-Law -or- Boss WBBSD Bye For Now Is Listening XBe Back Soon Darling BDC Y Big Dumb Company BFR BIO -or- Big Dot Com ZBBSL Big F***ing Rock Bring It OnBe Back Sooner or Later ^ 10012 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 13
  9. 9. BO-BT B B Index Intro KeyBIOIYA BLBBLB BOB BRB MiscBreak It Off In Your Ass Back Like Bull, Brain Like Bird Battery Operated Boyfriend Be Right Back A BBION Blkbry BOBFOC BRTBelieve It Or Not Blackberry Body Off Baywatch, Face Be Right There C Off Crimewatch DBIOYE BM BS EBlow It Out Your Ear Byte Me BOCTAAE Big Smile -or- Bull Sh** F But Of Course There Are -or- Brain Strain Always Exceptions GBIOYIOP BMFBlow It Out Your I/O Port Bad Mother F***er BSAAW H BOFH Big Smile And A Wink IBIOYN BMGWL Bastard Operator From Hell JBlow it Out Your Nose Busting My Gut With Laughter BSBD&NE K BOHICA Book Smart, Brain Dead Bend Over Here It & No Experience LBITCH BMOCBasically In The Clear Homey Big Man On Campus Comes Again M BSEG NBITD BMOF BON Big Sh** Eating Grin OBack In The Day Bite Me Old Fart Believe it Or Not BSF P BOTEC But Seriously, Folks QBITFOB BMOTABring It The F*** On, Bitch Byte Me On The Ass Back Of The Envelope R Calculation BSOD S BNDN Blue Screen of DeathBJ TBlow Job Been Nowhere Done Nothing BOTOH But On The Other Hand BT U Byte This VBKA BNFBetter Known As Big Name Fan BPLM W Big Person Little Mind BTA X BO But Then Again -or- BeforeBL YBelly Laughing Bug Off -or- Body Odor BR The Attacks Bathroom Z BTD ^ Bored To Death 10014 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 15
  10. 10. C-CI B C Index Intro KeyBTDT buhbye c ya CBB MiscBeen There Done That Bye See ya Can’t Be Bothered A BBTDTGTS BW C&G CBFBeen There, Done That, Best Wishes Chuckly and Grin Can’t Be F***ed CGot The T-shirt D BWDIK C-P CBJ EBTFO But What Do I Know Sleepy Covered Blow Job FBack The F*** Off -or-Bend The F*** Over CD9 G BWL Bursting With Laughter Code 9 - parents HBTHOOM are around IBeats The Heck Out Of Me BWO J Black, White or Other CFBTN Coffee Freak KBetter Than Nothing L BWTM C-T But Wait, There’s More City CFV MBTOIYA Call For Vote NBe There Or It’s Your Ass BYKT C/P O But You Knew That Cross Post CHABTSOOM Click Here Asshole PBeats The Sh** Out Of Me Q BYOA C/S Bring Your Own Advil Change of Subject CIAO RBTTT Goodbye (in Italian) SBack To The Top -or- Bump BYOBTo The Top C4N T Bring Your Own Bottle Ciao For Now CICO Coffee In, Coffee Out U -or- Bring Your Own BeerBTW VBy The Way CAAC BYOW Cool As A Cucumber CICYHW W Build Your Own Website -or- Can I Copy Your Home Work XBTWBO Bring Your Own WineBe There With Bells On CAS Y Crack A Smile CID Z BZ Consider It Done -or- CryingBTWITIAILWU Busy In Disgrace ^By The Way I Think I Am In CB 100Love With You Chat Brat -or- Coffee Break -or Call Back CIL Check In Later16 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 17
  11. 11. CS-CY C C Index Intro KeyCLM CRAFT CSN CUWTA MiscCareer Limiting Move Can’t Remember A F***ing Chuckle, Snicker, Grin Catch Up With The A Thing Acronyms BCM CTCall Me CRAP Can’t Talk CUZ C Cheap Redundant Assorted Because DCMAP Products CTA ECover My Ass Partner Call To Action CWOT F CRAT Complete Waste Of Time Can’t Remember A Thing GCMF CTCCount My Fingers Care To Chat -or- Contact CWYL H CRAWS -or- Choking The Chicken Chat With You Later ICMIW Can’t Remember Anything JCorrect Me if I’m Wrong Worth A Sh** CTMQ CX K Chuckle To Myself Quietly Cancelled CRB LCMUCrack Me Up Come Right Back CTO CY M Check This Out Calm Yourself NCNP CRBT OContinued in Next Post Crying Real Big Tears CU CYA P See You -or- Cracking Up Cover Your Ass -or- See Ya CRDTCHCK QCOBClose Of Business Credit Check CUATU CYE R See You Around The Check your Email SCOD CRS Universe TChange Of Dressing Can’t Remember Sh** CYL U CUL8R See You Later CRTLA See You Later VCof$Church of Scientology Can’t Remember the CYM W Three-Letter Acronym CULA Check Your Mail XCofS See You Later Alligator YChurch of Scientology CSA CYO Cool Sweet Awesome Z CUNS See You Online See You In School ^COS 100Change Of Subject CSL CYT Can’t Stop Laughing CUOL See You Tomorrow See You OnLine18 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 19
  12. 12. DH-DN D D Index Intro KeyD&M DDSOS DH ditto MiscDeep & Meaningful Different Day, Same Old Sh** Dear Husband Same here A Bd00d def DHYB DITYIDDude, also seen as dood Definitely Don’t Hold Your Breath Did I Tell You I’m Distressed C D DEGT DIAF DIY ? E Don’t Even Go There Die In A Fire Do It Yourself F DKDC G DETI DIC Don’t Even Think It Drunk In Charge Don’t Know Don’t Care H IDAMHIKT dewd DIKU DL J Dude Do I Know You? Down Low -or- DownloadDon’t Ask Me How I K -or- Dead LinkKnow That DILLIGAD L DF Dear Friend Do I Look Like I Give DLTBBB MDARFC Don’t Let The BedDucking And Running A Damn N Bugs BiteFor Cover DFLA O Disenhanced Four-Letter DILLIGAS Do I Look Like I Give DLTM PDBA Acronym (that is, a TLA) A Sh** Don’t Lie To Me QDoing Business As DGA R Don’t Go Anywhere DINK DMIDBABAI Don’t Mention It SDon’t Be A Bitch About It Double Incomes, No Kids T DGT Don’t Go There DIRFT DNBL8 UDBD Do Not Be Late VDon’t Be Dumb Do It Right the First Time DGTG W Don’t Go There Girlfriend DISTO DNCDBEYR Does Not Compute XDon’t Believe Everything Did I Say That Outloud? YYou Read DGYF Damn Girl You’re Fine DITR DND Z Dancing In The Rain Do Not Disturb ^DD 100Due Diligence20 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 21
  13. 13. DW-DY D D Index Intro KeyDOC DSTR8 DWBH DYHAG MiscDrug Of Choice Damn Straight Don’t Worry Do You Have A Be Happy A Girlfriend? DTC BDOEDepends On Experience Deep Throaty Chuckle DWI DYJHIW C Driving While Don’t You Just DDOEI DTRT Intoxicated Hate It When... EGoodbye (in Dutch) Do The Right Thing DWPKOTL F DYLI DUI Deep Wet Passionate Do You Love It? GDORDDepartment Of Redundancy Driving Under the Influence Kiss On The Lips HDepartment DYOFDW I DUM DWS Do Your Own F***ing Driving While Stupid Dirty Work JDP Do You Masturbate? KDomestic Partner DUNA DWWWI DYSTSOTT L Surfing the World Did You See The Size Mdps Don’t Use No Acronyms Wide Web WhileDamage Per Second Of That Thing Intoxicated N dunno ODPUP I don’t know DWYMDon’t Poop Your Pants P Does What You Mean Q DURSDQMOT Damn You Are Sexy DYFM RDon’t Quote Me On This S Dude You DUSL Fascinate Me TDQYDJ Do You Scream Loud?Don’t Quit Your Day Job U DYHAB V DUST Do You HaveDRB Did You See That? A Boyfriend? WDirty Rat Bastard X DWB YDRIB Don’t Write BackDon’t Read If Busy Z ^ 10022 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 23
  14. 14. EO-EZ E E Index Intro KeyE123 EM EOT ETLA MiscEasy as One, Two, Three Excuse Me End Of Thread Extended Three-Letter A (meaning: end Acronym (that is, an FLA) of discussion) BE2HO EMAEach to His/Her Own E-Mail Address every1 C ESAD everyone DEAK EMFBI Eat Sh** And Die EEating at Keyboard Excuse Me For Butting In EVRE1 F ESADYFA Everyone Eat Sh** And Die You GEAPFS EMFJIEverything About Pittsburgh Excuse Me For Jumping In F***ing Asshole EWI HF***ing Sucks E-mailing While I EMI ESEMED Intoxicated JEE Excuse My Ignorance Every Second Every Minute Every Day EZ KElectronic Emission Easy L EMLeffin Email Me Later ESH MF***ing Experience, Strength, N and Hope EMRTW OEFT Evil Monkeys Rule PElectronic Funds Transfer The World ESMF Eat Sh** Mother F***er Q EMSG R E-Mail Message ESO S Equipment Smarter than Operator T EOD U End Of Day -or- End Of Discussion ETA V Estimated Time of WEG Arrival -or- EditedEvil Grin EOL To Add X End Of Life YEL ZEvil Laugh EOM End Of Message ^ 10024 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 25
  15. 15. FG-FO F F Index Intro KeyF2F FBI FGDAI FMLTWIA MiscFace-to-Face F***ing Brilliant Idea -or- Fuhgedaboudit -or- F*** Me Like The A Female Body Inspector Forget About It Whore I Am BFABFeatures Attributes Benefits FBKS FIF FMTYEWTK C Failure Between Keyboard F*** I’m Funny Far More Than You Ever D and Seat Wanted To Know E FIIK F FBOCD F*** If I Know FMUTA Facebook Obsessive F*** Me Up The Ass G Compulsive Disorder FIL H Father-In-Law FNG IFAH FCFS F***ing New Guy J First Come, First Served FILFF***ing A Hot K Father I’d Like to F*** FO FCOL F*** Off LFAP For Crying Out Loud MF***ing A Pissed FILTH Failed In London, Try FOAD NFAQL FDGB Hong Kong F*** Off And Die O Fall Down Go BoomFrequently Asked PQuestions List FINE FOAF FE F***ed up, Insecure, Friend Of A Friend Q Fatal Error Neurotic, Emotional RFAQOMFTFrequently Argued Waste FOAG SOf My F***ing Time FF FISH F*** Off And Google T Friends Forever First In, Still Here UFASB FOC FF&PN FITB Free of Charge VFast Ass Son Bitchii Fresh Fields and Fill In The Blanks W Pastures New FOFLFAWC XFor Anyone Who Cares FLA Falling on Floor Laughing Y FFS Four Letter Acronym For F*** Sake ZFB FOGC FLUID Fear Of Getting Caught ^F*** Buddy F***ing Look it Up, I Did 10026 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 27
  16. 16. FU-FY F F Index Intro KeyFOL FTASB FU2 FWOT MiscFond of Leather Faster Than A Speeding Bullet F*** You Too F***ing Waste Of Time A FTBOMH BFOMC FUBAR FYAFell Off My Chair From The Bottom Of My Heart F***ed Up Beyond All For Your Amusement C Recognition DFOMCL FTF FYE EFalling Off My Chair F*** That’s Funny -or- Face FUBB For Your Edification To Face F***ed Up Beyond Belief FLaughing G FYEOFORD FTFOI FUD For Your Eyes Only HFound On Road Dead For The Fun Of It -or- For The Fear, Uncertainty, and I-or- Fixed Or Repaired F*** Of It Disinformation FYF JDaily -or- F***ed Over From Your FriendRebuilt Dodge FTL FUJIMO K Faster Than Light F*** You Jack I’m FYI LFOS Movin’ On For Your Information MFull Of Sh** FTLOG N For The Love Of God FUM FYIFV OFRED F***ed Up Mess F*** You I’m FullyF***ing Ridiculous FTN Vested PElectronic Device F*** That Noise FURTB Q Filled Up and Ready FYLTGE RFS FTR To Burst From Your Lips To SFor Sale For The Record God’s Ears FWB TFSBO FTRF Friends With Benefits FYM UFor Sale By Owner F*** That’s Really Funny For Your Misinformation V FWD WFSR FTTB Forward FYSBIGTBABN XFor Some Reason For The Time Being Fasten Your Seat FWIW Belts It’s Going To Be YFSU FTW For What It’s Worth A Bumpy Night ZF*** Sh** Up For The Win -or- F*** The World ^ 10028 SpectorSoft Lingo Dictionary www.spectorsoft.com 29