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Feb newsletter (2011)

  1. 1. Flightlines V O L U M E 3 , I S S U E 6 F E B R U A R Y , 2 0 1 1 INSIDE Wine Tasting/Newlywed Game THIS ISS UE:FRCSC Board 2 Spouses WelcomeFrom the 3President When: Thursday February 17th2011-2012 3Board Positions Time: 6:00-6:30pm Shop the VendorsCommunity 4Outreach 6:30pm Wine tasting, mealScholarship 4 Price: $16.00 per personInformationWays & Means 5International Take a date night with your spouse and enjoy tasting some 6-7Tea Photos exotic wines and scrumptious food -steak medallions,Reservation 10 smoked salmon canapés, fresh fruit, and more! Cash barPolicy available too. Then watch a few couples compete in theCookbookOrder Form 11 Newlywed Game. Some of the couples have been marriedSwap-It Bingo 14- 5 years or less, and some have been married for 20 or more.Photos 15 Come see who will win the battle.Sweetheart 15Bingo InfoValentine’s 17 You must RSVP for you and your spouse!Rose Sale Info No late RSVPs will be accepted.Valentine’s Day 17Quiz Outreach Program will be collecting pet items for local animal shelters—see page 4 for more info! Please make your reservation no later than Monday, February 14th by 4:00pm by calling 315-405-6627, email membership@ftruckercsc.com or visiting us at www.ftruckercsc.com Review our reservation policy on page 10FLIGHTLINES is an unofficial publication produced eight to ten times per year by the Fort Rucker Community Spouses Club at no cost to the US Army. Opinions expressedherein are not to be considered an official expression of FRCSC or its operating Board. This publication does not imply endorsement of any products, services or firms bythe US Army, Fort Rucker, FRCSC or the federal government. It is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only.
  2. 2. P AGE 2 FRCSC 2010-2011 Board Honorary President Kimberly Crutchfield Honorary 1st Vice President Sandy Wolf Honorary 1st Vice President Leslie Edens Advisor Kimberly BallThe best things in life come in threes, like President Crissy Baker 1st Vice President Kimberly Vegafriends, dreams and memories. Unknown 2nd Vice President Candice Coatney Secretary Jenny Braden Treasurer Deborah Kennedy Parliamentarian Diana Stockhausen Ways & Means Co-Chair Cindy Carrell Ways & Means Co-Chair Irene Sherman Welfare Chair Nicole Gray Scholarship Co-Chair Dawn Dial Scholarship Co-Chair Jamie Roper Student Spouse Liaison Deborrah Cisneros International Spouse Liaison Janine Whittle Retired Spouses Liaison Mary Jane Collins Membership/Reservations Christin James Flightlines/Publicity Darcy Lynch Volunteer Coordinator Kim Bishop Volunteer Coordinator Glenda Cox Historian Nadia Duncan Hollyday Mart Co-Chair Jackie Jaques Crogan Hollyday Mart Co-Chair Lori Harmon Facility Coordinator Rae Martin-Amble Holiday Decorating Kristina Howell Sweetheart Bingo Tonya Martin Holiday Gift Wrap Jana Fee Bag Sale Coordinator Georgia Fleming
  3. 3. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 6 P AGE 3 From the President...Hello winter! Won’t you please go away now?!? I don’t know about all of you but I am readyfor spring! It seems that January and February are the dreariest months of the year and I amready to get past them! We do however have some exciting things to do in February. Our nextluncheon is one of my favorites! Bring your spouse (just yourself is fine too) and come tastesome good wine and eat some yummy stinky cheese! We will be playing the newlywed gameat this event as well which should make for a very funny evening. Every February, our Clubhosts a “Sweetheart Bingo” for all of the surrounding area’s Senior Citizens. It is such a blastwith this group of very special people. We would love to see as many of you there as possible.It is a lot of work but so worth it! Be sure to let us know if you are interested in helping outthat day! I wanted to thank all of you who helped out the FRCSC over the holidays!Your hard work and dedication to this wonderful Club is greatly appreciated! The FRCSC President Crissy BakerFort Rucker Community Spouses Club would not be as great as it is without the helpof its members! Spread the word about us! Look through this Flightlines to find many other ways to be involved in theFRCSC. You will find it to be very rewarding! Be sure to let us know if you are interested in a Board Position for nextyear and check out the Scholarship page if you are interested in being on the Judging Panel! Sincerely FRCSC President 2010-2011 Crissy BakerWE ARE LOOKING TO FILL THE FRCSC BOARD FOR NEXT YEAR. Below are highlightsof the executive Board positions available (our Treasurer Deb Kennedy has agreed to stay on!)PRESIDENT– Oversees the entire Board and club activities. According to our current President, Crissy Baker, beingPresident can be a big job, but the amount of support you get from the rest of the board and the community is amazing!She says that two good traits for the President are being a good listener and problem solver. She also says that Or-ganization is the key to success!! Crissy has enjoyed volunteering and making lifetime friends.1st VICE PRESIDENT - In charge of fundraising events. Kim Vega serves as 1st VP this year. Head of fundraisingsounds like a daunting task, but each fundraiser has an individual chairman. So the 1st VP helps these chairmen toensure the success of the events.2nd VICE PRESIDENT - In charge of planning our luncheons. Candice Coatney serves as 2nd VP this year. Shesays two good traits to have for this position are good people skills and an outgoing personality. You speak at eachluncheon, so not being afraid of public speaking helps!! She says that this year her creativity has soared with planningthe luncheons. She has met some great ladies ad has learned about money, event planning, foods, wines, fun gamesand more. Candice is so thankful to have had this opportunity to help the club give back to the community.SECRETARY - Records and submit minutes for Board meetings. Jenny Braden serves as Secretary this year. A goodlistener and note-taker is essential to this position. All board memberssubmit written monthly reports to the Secretary which helps in takingminutes at the meetings.The one common thread of all of the board positions ismaking lifetime friends. The FRCSC board accomplishesa lot each year and gives so much back to the Fort RuckerCommunity, but we manage to do this while having a lot offun! If you think that you might be interested in joining thefun and volunteering please contact Diana Stockhausen,475-4360 or email stockhausenx6@yahoo.com .
  4. 4. P AGE 4 Community Outreach This month we are collecting donations for local animal shelters- SOS Animal Shelter and Ozark-Dale County Animal Shelter.Both are “no kill” facilities. They arein need of towels, blankets, dog food, cat food, cat litter, toys, and bleach. Please be sure to bring your dona- tions to our February luncheon. Thank you for your support!1. Applications for the 2011 Fort Rucker Community Spouses Scholarship Programare now available! This years scholarships are provided the FRCSC, Fort RuckerThrift Shop, First Command Educational Foundation, the Society of American Mili-tary Engineers Wiregrass Post, Edwards Jones Joan Newmans Office in Enter-prise, Sikorsky, and Raytheon. For eligibility and criteria, download the applicationat http://ftruckercsc.com/scholarship.htm. Postmark deadline is March 14, 2011.2. The scholarship committee is in need of YOUR help! We need 5 willing individu-als to help judge our scholarship applications. The judging process requires about10+ hours of your time during late-March and early-April, which you can do in thecomfort of your own home. We make it a priority to keep our judges anonymous toprevent any conflicts of interest. Please contact the Scholarship Co-Chairs, JamieRoper or Dawn Dial, at scholarship@ftruckercsc.com or (719) 433-4930 if you areinterested in helping with this great cause!
  5. 5. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 6 P AGE 5 Ways & Means Item of the Month Westerwald Pottery is back!! We have Fort Rucker and Fly Army back in stock. Westerwald Pottery was the first to offer personalized stoneware, the first to use authentic cobalt brush decoration, and the first to sign, stamp, and date each piece in the line. While not the largest producer of hand-made pottery in the U.S.A., Westerwald Pottery has consistently maintained the highest standards of excellence. Westerwald pottery is wheel- thrown, brush decorated, and imprinted. Because every piece is handmade, no two products are exactly alike. The glazes are lead-free, microwave, and dishwasher safe. This is truly a collectible item. They are available at many military installa- tions around the world, but Fly Army and Fort Rucker are only available here. Prices from $17.50. For orders or more information, please call Cindy 709-4621 or Irene 403-7044. Look for us at the monthly luncheons, too! Contact Yolonda Martin
  6. 6. P AGE 6 International Spouse’s Tea
  7. 7. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 6 P AGE 7 Thank you ladies for the wonderful Christmas event!
  8. 8. P AGE 8
  9. 9. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 6 P AGE 9 990 North Daleville Avenue Daleville AL 36322 Phone: (334) 598-6212 Fax: (334) 503-9205 Orders: (800) 223-1213 Check us out at our online store: www.wings-aviation.com Flashcards, Map Kits, Mini -10s, PPC Cards, Study Guides, Books, Pub Bags, Headsets, Flight Gloves, Sectionals, Survival Items, Rank, Insignia, Art, Prints, Toys, Models, Jewelry, Mugs, Sunglasses, Car Stickers, Souvenirs, Children’s Flight Suits, Boots, License Plates, Hats, Magnets PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE! *Rewards program! Get a stamp for every $10.00 you spend. Fill up your stamp card and get 15% off you next total purchase. Drawing once a month from stamp cards for additional prizes. *Some restrictions apply.
  10. 10. P AGE 10 RESERVATIONS POLICY Reservations should be made by 4pm on the Friday prior to the luncheon/dinner. To obtain reservations, please call Christin James at (315) 405-6627 or email membership@ftruckercsc.com. Please do not call Aviators Landing directly as they do not handle FRCSC reservations. Reservations made after the 4pm deadline will be placed on a waiting list and seats will be filled on a first-come, first served basis should there be cancellations or no-shows. If you arrive at any luncheon without a reservation you will be required to wait until an available seat becomes available. We will make every effort to seat you. Cancellations must be made by 4pm on the Friday prior to the event. Members not meeting this deadline will be responsible for luncheon/dinner fees. No-shows will also be responsible for lunch- eon/dinner fees. Members with outstanding fees will be unable to make reservations for subsequent luncheon/dinner events. Payments may be made the day of the event with cash or check, or in advance through the website www.ftruckercsc.com. Permanent reservations are available for your convenience. The main meal is automatically selected each month. Should you wish to select an alternate meal, please call or email by 4pm on the Friday before the event. Guests are welcome to attend FRCSC functions. If a guest is eligible for FRCSC membership, he or she may only attend as a guest to one event, but may join at any time. Guest reservations must be made by 4pm on the Friday prior to the event. Children under the age of three months are welcome at the luncheons/dinner but we ask that you make childcare arrangements for children three months old and older. 25 Urell Street Fort Rucker, AL 36362 502-744-2503 Happy Birthday to our membersborn in February! Wishing you all the best!And for those couples celebrating, a very Happy Anniversary!
  11. 11. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 6 P AGE 11 Cindy
  12. 12. P AGE 12
  13. 13. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 6 P AGE 13
  14. 14. P AGE 14 SWAP-IT BINGO was a blast!
  15. 15. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 6 P AGE 15We gave away some amazing prizes-spa packages, wine baskets and tickets to the Rawls Ball. Congratulations to our winners! And speaking of BINGO…. The FRCSC’s annual Sweetheart Bingo for the senior citizens in and around the local community will be held at The Landing on Wednesday, February 23rd beginning at 8:00am. We need volunteers to bring veg- gies, cheese, crackers and cookies and we need volunteers to help serve food while the seniors play Bingo. If you are interested in help- ing, please contact Tonya Martin at 334-470-3832. This event has always been a ton of fun and a great hit with the seniors that attend.
  16. 16. P AGE 16
  17. 17. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 6 P AGE 17Valentine’s Day Quiz 1. Saint Valentine was: A. A martyred saint of ancient Rome B. A religious leader of Scandinavian descent C. A mythical imp known to cast spells over lovers 2. When was the first Valentine’s Day card sent? A. 1415-the Duke of France to his wife B. 1533-King Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn C. 1595-Romeo to Juliet 3. Euphoria is: A. A movie with Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Matthew McConaughy B. Transcendent happiness C. A city in Illinois D. All of the above 4. A bromance is: A. The act of wooing a woman with expensive jewelry B. Platonic, brotherly love between two men C. A love affair between a man and woman of rival families 5. How many Valentine’s Day cards are sent out annually? A. 2.5 million B. 25 million C. 250 million 6. Finish this quote by Albert Einstein: “_____________ is not responsible for making people fall in love.” A. Electricity B. Gravitation C. Chemistry 7. Which U.S. state has the most number of chocolate making establishments? A. Pennsylvania B. Nevada C. California First two (2) members to get all the questions correct will WIN A PRIZE! Email your answers to flightlines@ftruckercsc.com. Prizes awarded based on date and time email is received.
  18. 18. Wishing the Fort Rucker Community Spouses Club members and their sweethearts a Happy Valentine’s Day!P O Box 620001 The purpose of FRCSC shall be to develop andFort Rucker AL 36362 foster a spirit of community responsibility; to provide welfare support for activities primarily within the military and civilian community; and Find us on the web www.ftruckercsc.com to provide opportunities for social, cultural and and Facebook creative pursuits.