20 may 2011


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20 may 2011

  1. 1. USAACE Weekly Family Update 20 May 2011 US AAC E F R S A, B ld g. 8 9 5 0 , 7 t h Av e n u e, Fo rt R uc k er, Al 3 6 3 6 2 ( 3 3 4 ) 2 5 5 -0 9 6 0 o r r uc k. fr g ap @co n u s.ar m y. mi l Paying Proper Respect – Reveille & RetreatINSIDE THIS ISSUE Reveille and Retreat are a part of military tradition. Reveille1 Paying Proper Respect originated in 1812 and was used to muster units or as a means to – Reveille & Retreat conduct roll call. It also was used to signal sentries to leave off night challenging; it was not originally intended as honors for the2 Did you Know? -- flag. Retreat was first used by the French Army and dates back to Change in Speed the Crusades. The American Army has used this bugle call since Limits the Revolutionary War. Retreat has always been at sunset and its original purpose was to notify sentries to start challenging until3 Relocation Assistance sunrise (which means to “halt” and demand identification) and to Program tell the rank and file to go to their quarters and stay there.4 Moving Ranger Today, Reveille and Retreat ceremonies serve a twofold purpose. They signal the beginning Coloring Book and ending of the official duty day and serve as ceremonies for paying respect to the flag and those who serve it. Reveille sounds at 0530 signifying the beginning of the official duty day, and the raising of the flag. When Reveille sounds, military personnel in uniform are to face the flag or the music if the flag is not visible, and stand at parade rest. At the first note of "To the Colors", “”The beginning of they should come to attention and salute until the last note is played. Those within earshot knowledge is the of the music should immediately stop, get out of their car and salute. discovery of something Non-military should face the flag or music and place their hand over their hearts for "To the we do not understand Colors". ~ Frank Herbert Retreat sounds at 1700 signifying the end of the official duty day and the lowering of the flag. Individuals outdoors and in uniform should face the flag or the music if the flag is not visible, and stand at parade rest during the sounding of Retreat. At the first note of the national anthem, come to attention and salute, holding the position until the last note of the anthem is sounded. If in civilian clothing, both military members and civilians should take the same actions as in uniform, with a few exceptions: Men will remove their hats with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder with the right hand over the heart. Men without hats and women stand at attention and place their right hand over their heart. All vehicles should come to a stop, individuals should get out of their cars and stand at attention and remain so until the last note has ended. www.sittercity.com
  2. 2. Page 2 USAACE Family Weekly UpdateUpcoming Training: Did you Know? The speed limit for outbound traffic exiting  FRG Training is scheduled for the Daleville, Enterprise, and Faulkner Gates SPEED LIMIT 16 June in Bldg. 5700, Rm will soon change to 30 MPH. Speed limit for CHANGES 371F from 0800 – 1200. outbound traffic exiting at the Newton and Register by calling (334) 255- Ozark Gates will soon change to 20 MPH. For your safety and for safety 9578 of our Access Control Point Security Guards, please watch y our speedUpcoming Events: and drive safely as you enter and exit post.  20 May – Newcomer’s Welcome at The Landing from 0830 – 1030. Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey  24 May – EFMP Information & Support Group in The Landing (APLSS) Zone at 9 am. Topic: TRICARE and Extended Care Health Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey, is a Options (ECHO) benefits and comprehensive survey program that is administered services. by the Office of the U.S. Army Surgeon General. The survey focuses on issues ranging from how the  26 May – Memorial Day Ceremony at Veterans Park provider communicated with the patient during the (beside Daleville Gate) from visit to questions about access to care, cleanliness of 1500 – 1600 the facility and courtesy of the staff. Patients are randomly mailed a letter asking them to complete a brief questionnaire regarding their care  27 May – Day of No Scheduled at Lyster Army Health Clinic (LAHC). Activity (DONSA)  28 May – Lake Fest and BOSS There are three different ways a patient can fill out the questionnaire. Car Show at West Beach, Lake The first is a short-form survey that uses a toll-free number and a voice Tholocco starting at 12 Noon. response system. The second method is utilizing a two page written survey. The third method is an Internet based survey where the patients  30 May -- Memorial Day Pool Party at SPLASH! From 10-6pm can log in with a username and password, which is provided for the with live entertainment from 12 patient in the letter sent to them about the survey. The confidential – 4pm. results of this survey are processed and trends are noted that provide immediate feedback for the leadership of LAHC as well as the Office of  4 June – FRCSC “No Limit Texas the U.S. Army Surgeon General. Hold’em Tournament at Silver Wings Golf Course. (334) 379- 7868 for more information. Why is APLSS important to LAHC? LAHC strives to provide Fort Rucker Soldiers and their Families healthcare that is „Above the Best.”  6, 7 & 9 June – AFTB Level II in The monetary gain received by LAHC for maintaining a greater than Bldg. 5700, Rm 371F from 5 – 90% approval rating is turned around and used to benefit healthcare 8:30 pm. Register by calling beneficiaries seeking care at LAHC. (334) 255-AFTB.  11 & 12 June – Wakeboarading So the next time you get an APLSS letter in the mail, please take a few Competition at West Beach, Lake minutes to fill out the survey, so LAHC can ensure you are providing Tholocco beginning at 0800. the best care they can provide. Free to enter and open to the public. (334) 255-4305. www.housing.army.mil
  3. 3. USAACE Family Weekly Update Page 3Using Credit Wisely – Debt Management, Credit Reports & ScoresA recent survey conducted by the FINRA Investor EducationFoundation revealed several disturbing trends among military andcivilian respondents:  Over 1/3 of military respondents reported facing difficulties in covering monthly expenses and paying bills  Only ½ of the respondents have “rainy day” funds set aside for unanticipated financial emergencies  More than one in five respondents reported engaging in alternative borrowing methods (such as payday loans, pawn shops, and tax refund advances)  And over ¼ of credit card holders report owing more than $10,000 in credit card debt.Financial problems have a direct impact on mission and familyreadiness. If you or others are struggling with managing yourpersonal debt, make it a point to attend this event. RSVP nlt20 May to Edwin.burden@us.army.mil. The Department of Defense‟s (Do) off-duty, voluntary education programs constitute one of the largest continuing education programs in the world. Each year about 300,000 service members enroll in postsecondary courses leading to associate, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees. Service members are also afforded opportunities to earn college credits for learning that has taken place outside the traditional classroom. This is accomplished through programs such as college-level equivalency testing, assessment of prior learning, assessment of military training, independent study, and distance learning.A service member‟s participation in DoD-supported continuing education programs begin with a visit to aninstallation center. At these centers, education officers and counselors present members with an extensivemenu of options, provide details about specific programs, help members design courses of study, andaccomplish administrative tasks to ensure that service members receive maximum exposure to and benefitsfrom available programs. For more information visithttp://apps.mhf.dod.mil/pls/psgprod/f?p=VOLED:HOME:0.Fort Rucker Amy Education Center is located in Bldg. 5700, and can be reached by calling (334) 255-2378. Making Your Next Move easier – Are you moving? Moving and traveling for the military can be confusing to both young and experienced service and family members. Military One Source will ensure that you make smart financial decisions, plan a smooth move, and receive all of your allowances and entitlements. Contact us 24/7 by phone at 1-800-342-9647, by email, or use the resources at http://www.militaryonesource.com/MOS/FindInformation/Category.aspx?NoCookieCTI =1&CategoryID=141 to research and organize your move. Fort Rucker‟s Relocation office is located in Bldg. 5700, Rm 193, and can be reached by calling (334) 255-3735.
  4. 4. Page 4 USAACE Family Weekly UpdateMoving Ranger – Coloring book to assist kids with the stress ofmovingTo spear head the initiative of communication and outreach with the Army Housing office, they are debutingthe Moving Ranger coloring book. This interactive learning tool is to involve children in the PCS process.By defining new outreach markets Army Housing hopes to make the moving process one step easier for ourSoldiers & Families. This coloring book provides information for parents on the proper procedures onmoving and showcases the green programs that the Housing Services Office provides. TRICARE TV TRICARE beneficiaries who want to learn more about their health care plan and how it works can get short, relevant tips once a month with the launch of TRICARE TV. The videos are short and easy to follow, ranging in length from two-to-four minutes. The first episode called „What is TRICARE?” gives beneficiaries an overview of TRICARE health care plans and some of the special programs offered. To view TRICARE TV, beneficiaries can visit TRICARE‟s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/TRICAREHealth or www.tricare.mil/mediacenter. To sign up for TRICARE e-mail updates go to www.tricare.mil/subscriptions. Local Community Events http://www.alabamajubilee.net/ Sinfonia First “Bravo Beat 5K” Run Lace up your shoes and run for the arts on Saturday, 21 May in Sinfonia Gulf Coast‟s inaugural bravo! beat 5K run/walk. Proceeds will benefit Sinfonia‟s Music Education Fund to continue live music and guest artists in the schools of Walton and Okaloosa Counties. The race will take place at The Village of Baytowne Wharf Miramar Beach, Florida Sinfonia Gulf Coast, Destin, Fl 32550. For more information call (850) 269-7229.