10 feb 2012


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10 feb 2012

  1. 1. USAACE Weekly Family Update 10 February 2012 US AAC E F R S A, B ld g. 8 9 5 0 , 7 t h Av e n u e, Fo rt R uc k er, Al 3 6 3 6 2 ( 3 3 4 ) 2 5 5 -0 9 6 0 o r r uc k. fr g ap @co n u s.ar m y. mi l Visit us at www.facebook.com/fortruckerfamilyINSIDE THIS ISSUE1 Revised Fort Rucker Revised Fort Rucker Child Supervision Policy Child Supervision Effective 27 January 2012, Fort Rucker Child Supervision Policy was revised Policy and updated. The policy imposes requirement for supervision of children.2 Did You Know? AR 608-18 defines “lack of supervision” as a type of child neglect characterized Bernard Curtis Brown by the absence or inattention of the parent, guardian, foster parent, or other II Memorial Space caregiver that results in injury to the child, in the child being unable to care for Camp Scholarship him/herself or in injury or severe threat of injury because the child’s behavior was not properly monitored.3 Fort Rucker Tax Center Open Sponsors or designated care providers who leave children unattended in violation of this policy may be investigated under the Uniform Code of Military4 Child Supervision Justice and applicable state and federal laws by the installation policy, Criminal Matrix Investigation Division, and Family Advocacy Program Treatment Services. Love – a wildly misunderstood although The Child Supervision Matrix is included on page 4 of this newsletter. Note the highly desirable malfunction following highlights: of the heart which weakens  Children under the age 10 may not walk or ride bike to and from school the brain, causes eyes tosparkle, cheeks to glow, blood without being accompanied by a parentpressure to rise and the lips to  Children under age 12 cannot babysit siblingspucker. ~Author Unknown  Children under age12 cannot be left unattended in the car  Children under age 12 cannot be left alone in quarters  Children ages 17-18 can be left overnight for no more than 2 consecutive overnight periods with access to competent adult for emergencies.  Children ages 12 -18 who babysit must have attended the Babysitter Course offered by CYSS 2012 edition of “A Parent’s Guid to Facebook “ www.connectsafely.org
  2. 2. Page 2 USAACE Family Weekly Update Upcoming Did you Know? Training/Workshops The Space Camp is a 6-day program that shows young men and women firsthand what it takes 13 & 14 February -- AFTB Level I to be an astronaut. The camp is offered in Training from 0830 – 1430 at Huntsville, Alabama and takes a unique, fun The Commons (Bldg. 8950). To and hands-on approach to learning outside the register call (334) 255-2382 classroom. 14 February – EFMP Information and Support Group The Camp is funded by the Military Child Education Coalition from 0900 – 1000 at The (MCEC) and covers full tuition (round trip transportation from Commons (Bldg. 8950). Topic is student’s home base to Space Camp, meals, lodging and program “EFMP Respite Care.” To materials). register, call (334) 255-9277. Eligibility Requirements: 22 February – Blended Family  Child of a military member on active duty or mobilized guard Workshop from 9-11:30 am at the Early Childhood Activity or reserves or Center. To register, call (334)  Child of a military member who dies while serving on active 255-9641 duty or mobilized guard or reserve status AND  Enrolled in grades 6 thru 9 21 & 28 February – Anger Management Workshop from 9- Applications can be obtained by visiting www.militarychild.org and 11am at the Early Childhood Activity Center (Bldg. 3705 off must be submitted no later than 10 March 2012. Dean St). To register, call (334) 255-3898/9641. Additional info: 15 students a year are sent to the Space Camp and students get to pick when they would like to go and have 1 year to use 24 February – Newcomer’s the scholarship. Welcome from 0830 – 1030 at The Landing. To register for free childcare, call (334) 255-3564. Fort Rucker Fort Rucker Army Community Service Rucker Fort ACAP Public Affairs Fort Rucker Fort Rucker BINGO CYSS Fort Rucker Pwoc www.herosalute.com FREE admission for active duty, activated or drilling reservist or NG
  3. 3. USAACE Family Weekly Update Page 3New Danger PayImminent Danger Pay (IDP) IDP is authorized for militarymembers who are serving in areas specifically designatedto receive this allowance. The change will affect very fewpeople, but there seems to be much misunderstanding.  Picerne Military Housing – Visit www.ourfamilyforfamiliesfirst.org to get thePreviously, IDP was paid for the entire month, even if the application. Deadline is 16 February 2012 forservice member was only in a qualifying area for one day High School students, and 17 May 2012 forof the month. Under the new rules, IDP will be paid on a spouses.daily basis at the rate of $7.50 per day. If the service  AER Scholarship – Visit www.aerhq.org to getmember is in a qualifying area for the entire month, they the application. Deadline is 1 April 2012.will receive the full month’s allowance of $225.00. Thischange went into effect on 1 February 2012.  Commissary Scholarship – Visit www.militaryscholar.org for application.In addition, IDP will be paid at the full monthly rate for any Deadline is 24 February 2012.service member who meets any of these criteria:  United States Army Warrant Officer Association (USAWOA) Scholarship – Visit  Subject to hostile fire or explosion of hostile mines; www.usawoa.org for application. *Requires  On duty in an area in which he was in imminent membership danger of being exposed to hostile fire or explosion  Fort Rucker Community Spouse Club of hostile mines and in which, during the period he (FRCSC) Scholarship – Visit ftruckercsc.com was on duty in that area, other members of the for application. Deadline: 14 March 2012 uniformed services were subject to hostile fire or explosion of hostile mines;  Thrift Shop Scholarship – Visit  Killed, injured, or wounded by hostile fire, http://www.cacfinfo.org/sacf/scholarships.html to explosion of a hostile mine, or any other hostile get application. Deadline: 1 April 2012 action; or  Quad-A Scholarship – Visit www.quad-a.org to  On duty in a foreign area in which he was subject get application. *Requires membership to the threat of physical harm or imminent danger  Buick Scholarship – www.buickachievers.com. on the basis of civil insurrection, civil war,  Pat Tillman Military Scholar – Visit terrorism, or wartime conditions. www.pattillmanfoundation.org/tillman-military- scholars/apply for application and moreService members who are serving in a designated area for informationthe entire month will not see any change to their totalallowance paid.
  4. 4. Page 4 USAACE Family Weekly Update