Toffee Talk Social Media Strategy


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Social Media Marketing project on local business " Toffee Talk" to analyse their exisiting strategy and revamping it,

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  • Nihan:I think this is important
  • Toffee Talk Social Media Strategy

    1. 1. Social Media Strategy For By : Akanksha Jain, Deepak Chandnani, Nihan Beyazoglu, Ruchita Dudani & Ryan Shi 1
    2. 2. Agenda 1. The Toffee Talk Story: I. Background II. Competition & Differentiation III. SWOT Analysis IV.Current Marketing Objectives V. Effectiveness Of Current Social Media Strategy 2
    3. 3. Agenda 2. Proposed Social Media Strategic Plan: I. Goals & Objectives of Social Media II. Segmentation III. The Brand Story IV. Platforms & Blogs V. The Campaign Calendar VI. Metrics and Measure VII. Tools 3
    4. 4. Background • Set up in 2009 by Catherine Hughes and Ellin Purdom • Handmade, artisanal Toffees • Rented Kitchen Space with 4 employees • Owned trademarks: Crumble Mumble and Toffee Talk. • 5 products • Award winning Toffees 4
    5. 5. A Glimpse of the packaging and product 5
    6. 6. Competitive Analysis Multi Location Presence Facebook: 2770 Twitter: 1683 Blog : Infrequent postings Facebook: 637 Twitter: 125 Blog: Coming Soon Not responsive on social media Popular Segment: 35-44 year old Sold in stores across USA. Similar Story Facebook: 1587 Twitter: 82 Irregular on social Media Newsletter Popular Segment: 45-54 year old 6
    7. 7. Competitive Analysis Own Retail outlet in Arizona Impressive FB page lot of activity 1415 Followers Twitter: 1686 LinkedIn presence Sells through multi channel retail outlets Facebook: 670 Twitter: 708 Instagram: 104 Pinterest: 125 Excellent Affiliate Marketing Facebook: 1092 Twitter: 640 Instagram: 531 followers Blog: Interesting with tons of recipes Popular Segment: 45-54 year old 7
    8. 8. Competitive Analysis 8 Brandini Toffee: Blog: Infrequent postings, Multi-Location Presence Elaine’s Toffee: Irregular on social media, Newsletter, Sold Across USA, Similar Story GoodyTwo’s: LinkedIn presence, Owns retail outlet in AZ, high level of FB activity B Toffee: Blog: Many interesting recipes, Excellent Affiliate Marketing The Toffee Box: Blog: Coming soon, Not very responsive on social media
    9. 9. Product Differentiation • Unique Recipe • Awards • Packaging Design Most of the competitors promise great taste, high quality ingredients, handmade & target the same segment i.e. 45 – 60 year old 9
    10. 10. SWOT Analysis Strengths •Product recipe and reputation •Prestigious Awards •Unique Packaging •Key corporate customers like Pixar & Google •Self Supporting Business Weakness •No patents, easily replicable products and packaging •Don’t own the domain name “Toffee Talk” •Core target market definition not clear •Lack of scaling Opportunity •Large growing market with huge demand for “artisan” toffee, potential in product line expansion, growth in B2B and B2C opportunity Threats •Threat of product duplication •Very close competitors with similar stories and products 10
    11. 11. Current Marketing Strategy 1) Create awareness 2) Create demand from ● individual customers ● corporates ● on-line stores and physical high-end retail stores 3) Public Relations 4) CRM Social media vehicles currently used : Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn 11
    12. 12. Current Marketing Strategy • Articles, Videos, News • Participate in Events, Awards, etc. to create awareness and enhance reputation • Use of Direct Mail to reach out to specific target segment(s) 12
    13. 13. Current Social Media Analytics Facebook OverviewOverview Outbound Community Health Optimization Content Details Brand Posts7 17 Engagement/ Post 2 Total Page Fans680 Avg. People Talking About This (PTAT) 2 Most Engaging Content Type Photos Top Day/Time For Engagement 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Wednesday Most Engaging Post "National Reese's Peanut Butter Day - Toffee Talk Peanut - Secret Ingredient! | https://photos-a.xx.f…" 8 interactions (3.8x average) Avg. PTAT as % of Fans 0.3% Engagement as % of Fans2.5% OUTBOUND COMMUNITY HEALTH OPTIMIZATION CONTENT DETAILSOUTBOUND COMMUNITY HEALTH OPTIMIZATION CONTENT DETAILS Total Engagement on Brand Posts Data by Simply Measured 13
    14. 14. Current Social Media Analytics Facebook Status Posts 0 Links 2 Photos 5 Videos 0 Data by Simply Measured 14
    15. 15. Current Social Media Analytics Twitter Data by Simply Measured 49% of the followers fell under the Pacific Time Zone 15
    16. 16. Current Social Media Analytics • Engagement comparison FB vs Twitter 16
    17. 17. Current Social Media Analytics Instagram INSTAGRAM ACTIVITY PHOTO POSTS VIDEO POSTS 9.5 9.5 0 ENGAGEMENT PER POST 437 437 0 ENGAGEMENT TOTAL 46 46 0 POSTS NEW MOST ENGAGING POST MOST ENGAGING FILTER Poprocket MOST ENGAGING LOCATION Fog City News Toffee Talk hits SF Market Street! #summer #suppor... Data by Simply Measured 17
    18. 18. Current Social Media Analytics Instagram Data by Simply Measured
    19. 19. Instagram • Data by Simply Measured
    20. 20. Current Social Media Analytics Pinterest •2 Pinterest profiles •130 followers •Candy companies, food distributers and stockiest, gift idea companies, competitors and customers •Food Enthusiasts, gourmet food , recipes, gifting ideas 20
    21. 21. • Generating genuine followers • Focused platform selection • Always have ‘plan B’ • Watch the experts 21 Present Content Strategy
    22. 22. Proposed Social Media Strategy Objectives •Attract unique visitors – Generating Traffic •Engaging existing fans – quantitatively and qualitatively •Creating a brand differentiation •Creating rich content i.e. onsite optimization 22
    23. 23. Proposed Social Media Strategy Target Segment Demographics: 1)25-35 year old, mid to high income, women(new segment) 2)35+, high income women(existing segment) Psychographics: 1)Like to splurge on pricey treats for friends and family 2)Love to celebrate the emotional quotient of occasions 23
    24. 24. Proposed Social Media Strategy • The Brand Story “ Conversations & Celebrations” • Advocate & Influencer engagement • Guest blogs sponsored and earned 24
    25. 25. The Content Strategy • Post/ Tweet on how Toffee Talk embellishes Celebratory Occasions and use labels to customize packs for special occasions o Halloween/ Christmas o Graduation/ Baby Shower/ Weddings o Sport Events • Post engaging content. o Ask fans on Pinterest/ Facebook to pin/ post pictures showcasing how they used Toffee Talk/ Crumble Mumble and run contests o Post Customer Testimonials - Tag them and Thank them o Use hashtags 25
    26. 26. The Platform Strategy Link and Integrate all these platforms. 26
    27. 27. The Content Narratives 1 • Baby Shower favors: Facebook Post “Throwing a shower for a baby girl? Add a little more sweetness with the awesomely delicious and beautifully decorated toffee from Toffee Talk!!” (add an image of the Toffee Talk’s bag with pink ribbons) 27
    28. 28. The Content Narratives 1 Twitter: Have a baby shower coming up? We have the perfect toffee to celebrate your special day!!(Link it with an image that has been pinned on Pinterest) Pinterest: Pin an image showcasing how Toffee Talk can be a wonderful addition to any baby shower. Share this on Facebook & Twitter. 28
    29. 29. The Content Narratives 2 Occasion: Halloween Would you like to share your favorite Halloween toffee recipe with us? The winner will get a free Toffee Talk hamper!! Facebook: Share your favorite Halloween pix and enter for a chance to win a Toffee Hamper!! Such posts should be promoted using FB ads. Tweet interesting messages about the photos and Halloween ideas for décor and recipes Start pinning helpful blogs from own site and other sites. Use Instagram to post pictures on the day and some cool Halloween inspired events. 29
    30. 30. The Content Narratives 3 Celebrate sporting occasions : SF Giants win Pinterest posts: Surprise the corporates! Special packaging featuring sporting Events & movies etc. 30 Facebook / Twitter : “Awesome win!!! Unwrap Toffee Talk!!”
    31. 31. The Content Narratives 4 Occasion: Graduation ●Facebook ○ “You are a proud mom today, aren’t you? It’s your daughter’s graduation day! Why not bake her fav cake and top it with Toffee Talk’s Crumble Mumble :)” (add an image of a cake with Crumble Mumble) ●Twitter ○ “Celebrate your daughter’s graduation with this box of delicious toffee from Toffee Talk” (add a link to pinterest) ●Pinterest ○ Pin an image of a beautifully decorated table with Toffee Talk packs & boxes 31
    32. 32. Why Blog : Toffee Talk ‘s’ 32 • Helps create original content – Dessert recipes – Dessert table decoration – Gift packaging • Leverage third party blogs – Food Guru on Mt. Kilimanjaro • Great way to do SEO • Goodwill and fan followership
    33. 33. The Content Narratives 5 Workshop at Google ● Workshop on making Toffee/ Dessert ● Toffee talk giveaways ● Take pictures and post it on Facebook/ Twitter/ Blog/ Pinterest ● Ask attendees to write a review 33
    34. 34. The Pinterest Contest 34 ● Find 10 influencers on pinterest (people who love pinning recipes for desserts, blogging and have a huge followership) ● Take their address and send them a surprise gift hamper from toffeetalk. ● Include in the hamper an overview of a contest where they have to create something unique with toffee talk and share on their blog/pinterest or instagram the best recipe will be featured on the toffee talk blog and win $100 worth of toffees!
    35. 35. The Social Cause: 35
    36. 36. The Content Schedule(for a week) 36 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Twitter 2 posts 3 posts 2 posts 3 posts 2 posts 3 posts 2 posts Facebook 2 posts 1 post 2 posts 1 post 2 posts 1 post 2 posts Instagram 1 post 1 post 1 post Pinterest 5 pins 5 pins 5 pins 5 pins 5 pins 5 pins 5 pins Blog Start with 1 per week **The posts should be pre made and put into a content calendar. Reactive content can replace proactive content
    37. 37. The Content Schedule(for a week) 37 **The posts should be pre made and put into a content calendar. Pre made posts Platform Date “what better dessert than toffee talk” say at 1 pm/ 8pm i.e. right after lunch & dinner” Twitter 01/09/2013 Example of a content roster for proactive content
    38. 38. The Metrics Measures to track to see how well your Social Media Marketing is working: •Facebook Likes/ Shares/ Comments •Twitter RT’s , Mentions •Pinterest Followers/ Likes •Number of blog visitors •Website visits 38
    39. 39. Suggested Tools •Twitalyzer: Twitter analytics •Google Analytics : Overall Analytics •Sprout social: Scheduling and Analytics •Hootsuite: Social platform post management and monitoring •Woobox: Contest and FB integrations of various apps •Google drive: Content sharing and planning •Simply Measured: Social Analytics 39
    40. 40. 40 Ready! Set ! Munch ! Time for Toffees and Conversations!
    41. 41. A Very Special Thanks to 41 The Official Toffee talkers and Michael