The great train robbery of 1963


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This is about a robbery worth around 2.4million pounds in 1963. Also, no guns were used !

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The great train robbery of 1963

  1. 1. THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY OF 1963 A Presentation by: Ruchir Shukla PGDM A 42 SIMSR17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 1
  2. 2. How the thriller unfolds… • Introduction • Robbers, informants and associates • And the action begins… • Enter Tommy Butler • The Aftermath of the Great Train Robbery17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 2
  3. 3. IntroductionDate of crime : August 8, 1963Amount Stolen : £2.6 millionPlace of crime : Buckinghamshire, EnglandWeapons used : No guns, no knives…. Only a few rods !17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 3
  4. 4. Robbers, informants and associatesBruce Reynolds• Unofficial leader of the gang• Undoubtedly, the brains behind the robberyDouglas Gordon Goody• Deputy Leader• Key organizer17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 4
  5. 5. Robbers, informants and associatesCharles Frederick (Charlie) Wilson• “Treasurer”• Most popular gang memberBrian Arthur Field• Organised the mock purchase of Leatherslade Farm, the gangs hideout• Informant17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 5
  6. 6. And the action begins…• The “Ulsterman” – Brian Field – Bruce Reynolds• The Royal Mail train: Travelling Post Office (TPO) “Up Special” Train from Glasgow, Scotland to Euston, England.17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 6
  7. 7. Setting the ground…• Smartly, tampered with signal lightsA problem:• Take the train to the place of robbery. How? Picture: It’s New engine for the gang’s View towards driver!!! Sears Crossing where the robbers took control of the train17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 7
  8. 8. The Loot…• At Bridego bridge the train was stopped and the robbers assault force attacked the High Value Packages (HVP) carriage• The bulk of the haul was in £1 notes and £5 notes (both the older white note and the newer blue note which was half its size). There were also 10 shilling notes and Irish and Scottish money17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 8
  9. 9. Enter Tommy Butler• A shrewd Scotland yard detective• “Don’t move till 30 minutes, or else…”• Discovery of the Leatherslade farm• All but three men caught, money recovered – very less17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 9
  10. 10. The Aftermath…• Yes, they pulled of a great robbery, but sacrificed some of the best years of their lives• Most of the money was spent in legal activities, part of was stolen from them (wow !!!), Charlie Wilson was found shot dead in 1990…• The driver suffered due to trauma for the rest of his life• Wrong deeds never bring true, ever-lasting happiness; life comes only once, live it the right way…17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 10
  11. 11. 17/11/2011 Ruchir Shukla 11