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Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, The Honorable President of India unveiled a 50 page report at the ASSOCHAM's 10th Knowledge Millennium Summit on Jan 16th 2013. The report was titled "Innovations in Healthcare" and was authored by Dr. Ruchi Dass, Founder and CEO, HealthCursor Consulting Group. HealthCursor was the exclusive knowledge partner to ASSOCHAM for the event. The analysis and the findings in the report were well appreciated by the Industry leaders during the event.Modern Medicare ( Modern Medicare is a monthly B2B (Business to Business) magazine for this vibrant industry and focuses on the latest developments in the health care equipment and technology segment apart from views and features on hospitals and other allied medical services. Cohesive and research-backed information to the medical fraternity with the aim of serving as a solid platform for the entire medical industry has been its success.)- reviews this report. More here

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Reports from assocham & ficci mm feb 2013-page-88

  1. 1. Book Review Curing the Incurable: The 10th knowledge Millennium Summit on the theme ‘Curing the Incurable: Sharing ‘Sharing of Innovations’ of Innovations’ was organised by ASSOCHAM. The focus of the summit was to address the formidable challenges of accessibility, quality and affordability facing the Indian healthcare sector through innovation in delivery, technologies, process and products. With these objectives, ASSOCHAM had commissioned HealthCursor, Hyderabad- a niche TechHealth strategy consulting firm with global clientele, as its knowledge partner. The report, authored by Dr Ruchi Dass, CEO, HealthCursor was unveiled on this occasion by the Honourable President of India. The salient feature of the report ‘Innovations in Healthcare’ are: 1. The report offers practical and actionable insights into delivering frugal innovations in healthcare. The focus of this report is to highlight the low hanging fruits to deliver an innovation led health framework using technology and also define roadmap for the future. 2. The report is comprehensive in its scope and content and showcases the innovation in entire spectrum of healthcare services and players in ecosystem at various levels to improve healthcare outcomes and reducing disease burden at community level. 3. It discusses the innovations in the sphere of public health and providing primary healthcare services to the rural population to achieve MDGs and Universal Health Coverage by enhancing accessibility, affordability and quality in healthcare delivery. 4. It is well illustrated with recent success stories and case studies on innovations in healthcare. Overall, the report serves as a useful resource and a companion for HCOs, healthcare uchi Dass Author: Dr R executives, entrepreneurs and managers, physician executives, public health administrators, On request from Availability : r biomedical engineers, medical device manufacturing companies and policy makers. / HealthCurso ASSOCHAM Publisher: Morgan & ClaypoolData Analytics in Health Insurance Realising the role of health insurance as an important tool for providing quality, affordable‘Getting Behind the Numbers’ and universal healthcare, FICCI as an advocacy group, has come out with concrete recommendations to IRDA to galvanise and expand the sector in the recent past. As of now, availability of quality data on morbidity and patient safety are grossly inadequate in India to design innovative insurance products for population and institutionalise effective safety programmes in hospitals. Currently, most HCOs and insurance companies are data poor; some are data rich, but information poor; very few could be data and information rich. With above objective in mind, FICCI’s annual Health Insurance Conference on the theme ‘Getting Behind the Numbers’ was organised on December 10, 2012 in New Delhi. The report covering ‘Combating Health Insurance Fraud and Data Analytics to Optimize Health Insurance’ was released by the Chairman IRDA and widely distributed. Data analytics in health insurance sector is used across various functions including risk assessment, and customer life time value assessment. It shall help to combat health insurance that is hurting the industry badly, design innovative health insurance products and decide pricing, CRM, customer segmentation, service delivery chronic disease management, improve quality of healthcare outcomes, implementing ways and means to reduce cost and waste. Decisions made on basis of data analytics are scientific and evidence based rather than being intuitive. With the above scope and contents, the deliberations of the conference and report serves as an important milestone and a useful resource to health insurance sector,TPAs, healthcare providers, CI’s Health Authors : FIC Towers Watson agents and brokers, NBFCs/MFIs/VCs, medical device manufacturers and policy makers and up and Insurance Gro On request regulators to leverage data analytics to optimise their operations and gain competitive advantage. Availability : CI from FIC Publisher: Prentice-Hall India Pvt Ltd Reviewer: Gp Capt (Dr) Sanjeev Sood is a Hospital Administrator and NABH empanelled Assessor serving in Chandigarh. He is a prolific writer on healthcare matters. E-mail: doc_ssood@yahoo.com88 I February 2013