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Zing NLP Brochure


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Zing NLP trainings

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Zing NLP Brochure

  1. 1. CONNECTING WITH YOURINNER POWER‘Zing’ is more than just a word, an idea,a dream, a quest or a passion. Itrepresents a completely new philosophy,a new way of living.Come experience the power of NLP anduncover your true potential. Achieveyour goals and success in life... discovera better you!
  2. 2. energy flows where attention goes About NLPWhat is Neuro NLP represents an attitude of mindLinguisticProgramming and a way of being in this world(NLP)? NLP REPRESENTS AN ATTITUDE OF MIND AND A WAY OF BEING INNLP is the art and science of THE WORLDpersonal excellence, derivedfrom studying how top people indifferent fields obtain theiroutstanding results. NLP’s coreidea is that an individual’s How does it work?thoughts, gestures and words Learn to set and achieve compelling Generate more options and choiceinteract to create one’s goals through the use of well formed leading to better business decisions andperception of the world (called outcomes. results.maps of reality). By changing Increase personal certainty and Build rapport & develop qualityone’s outlook, therefore, a conviction - uncover your values and relationships to influence, negotiate andperson can change his attitudesand actions, hence, the results. beliefs. resolve conflict easily. Recognise the values and beliefs of Enhance performance and confidenceIn short, NLP provides us with a those you work with to enable better at meetings and presentations.way of understanding not only communication and the ability to Motivate & empower others.ourselves, but other people too, motivate and inspire them. Change the unwanted behaviours andand learning to communicate Discover techniques to self-lead, be habits in yourself and others in positivewith them in the most appropriate resourceful and manage yourself better. ways.and effective way possible. It is Eliminate limiting self-talk and beliefs Discover how high achievers attainabout training your mind to and reduce stress levels for a more excellence and how to replicate theirexperience the wonders, not fulfilling life. success.focus on the problems. Its about STRENGTHEN NLP is widely used inlearning to let go of things which Goal setting, Self m a r k e t i n g a n dhave held us back, and live the Esteem, Relationships, If what youre communications, sales, Winning strategies,life we want to live, however that Financial position, doing isnt leadership, coaching, negotiating and teammay be. Its about getting our Communication, working, do building. It is a powerful wayoutcomes…its not a theory, its Personal rapport & persuasion skills something of enabling you to reach yourabout finding out what different full potential as a leader. You can expect to increaseworks….and achieving the MANAGE ELIMINATE productivity and revenuesresults! and create greater Anger, Anxiety, Habits, Limiting beliefs, Trauma, Stress, Behavior, Phobias, Chronic pain, satisfaction from your Conflicts Procrastination employees and customers.
  3. 3. will I learnfrom the discover your potentialprogramme? unlock your brain powerCommunication is the get results!response you get. The Answerlies in the Question. Each person is Programme HighlightsUnique. We have all theresources we need. Having Understand the underlying dealing with situations when you feel powerful and compelling goalsChoice is better than no choice. fundamentals and beliefs of NLP that stuck. Know with certainty what you wantProblems cannot be Solved enhance communication to yourself Overcome blockages and get best to achieve.unless you have an outcome. and others. results. Become more solution & outcomePeople make the Best Choice Learn to apply the exceptional Increase passion and turn your orientated rather than problemavailable to them at the time they power of your conscious and limiting language and beliefs into orientated.make it. unconscious mind for empowering actions. Achieve who you want to be and communication success. Learn techniques to enhance your what you want to do.How will it help me? Discover KEY fast and easy empowering beliefs. Elicit strategies to increase your techniques to communicate better. Understand motivations of own and creativity, motivate yourself and Learn how to recognise the preferred of those around you. make decisions.Business to promote good style of your audience and how to Uncover energy and drive to Identify personal verbal and non-communication and negotiation adjust to make sure your message is achieve your goals. verbal indicators of success.strategies including sales and understood. How to successfully set and achievemanagement skills. Use fast & powerful questioningCounseling, coaching and therapy techniques to get specifics. The purpose of NLP is to What’s more, underto accelerate changes with clients Increase your understanding and be useful, to increase understand and the ANLP affiliation,by looking at the processes thatunderlie a particular pattern, drive better decisions. the choices you have model your own you also get an and to enhance the opportunity to repeatemotion or habit. Transform attitudes to get better results. quality of your life, by SUCCESS the program as manyEducation and training to promote Deal with and resolve conflict in a c t i n g a n d times as desired byand accelerate learning and positive ways. experimenting , not by paying a nominal day charge...memory. NLP is also a valuable tool Enhance your awareness of thinking about it. It is what you Wherever theres an ANLPwhen it comes to training and preferred thinking and working styles need to achieve your dreams and recognised program in India!teaching design methods. be successful. It’s about getting our that results in different behaviours.Personal development to remove outcomes… it’s not a theory, it’s Enhance your and your team’snegative emotions and patterns; productivity and co-operation about finding out what works…. 100%promote confidence and self and achieving the results! through self awareness andesteem. NLP also has tremendous awareness of others. If it is possible in theapplications in goal setting. Identify and learn how to play to yourParenting, learning how to foster strengths and those of your team.good, clear communication withyour children right from the start.Sport to enhance performance, Learn how to manage your own and your team’s time preferences to world, then it is possible for me! eliminate stress and allow effectivedevelop and maintain the winning work / life balance.attitude. Discover new and better ways of
  4. 4. EYE ON IT How Does NLP Training Work? NLP training is a combination of group learning, individual experiential exploration and personal application. In the training group, you will see live The NLP Practitioner Program demonstrations of NLP techniques and be able to ask It is a life transforming experience of l Generate more options and l ge Chan the unwanted questions and understand the the power and magic of Neuro choice leading to better business behaviours and habits in yourself principles that underpin the L i n g u i s t i c P r o g r a m m i n g . The decisions and results and others in positive ways techniques. Then you will work program is designed to enable l Build rapport & develop quality l Discover how high achievers in pairs or small groups to participants to fully understand and relationships to influence, attain excellence and how to explore the techniques further practice the skills of NLP in their negotiate and resolve conflict replicate their success to find what works in what professional and work situations, as easily context. Finally, you will be able well as for their own growth, l Increase personal certainty and While undergoing the Practitioner to apply the techniques to your development and personal conviction by uncovering your of NLP, you will not only learn all this own business and personal life achievement. values and beliefs and lots more, but you will also learn and test out the results for l how to set and achieve Learn l Recognise the values and beliefs to harness the power of NLP in your yourself. compelling goals through the use of those you work with to enable life, whether at work, at home or in It is important to have an open of well formed outcomes better communication and the external relationships. On successful mind because sometimes what l Discover techniques to self-lead, ability to motivate and inspire completion, you will also be ANLP you think will work doesnt and be resourceful and manage them Certified as "The Zing Practitioner of what you think cant possibly yourself better l Enhance performance and NLP". work, works easily. l Eliminate limiting self-talk and confidence at meetings and beliefs and reduce stress levels for a more fulfilling life l presentations Motivate & empower others enrol now!! Certification ANLP certification An ANLP, India accreditedUpcoming NLP Certification certification, it’s recognised worldwide, and accepted by The Zing NLP Practitioner The Zing NLP Master all premier bodies of NLP in the Regular program Practitioner US, Europe, Asia & Australia 2nd - 6th Feb. 2011 12th Feb. 2011 The Club, 197 D N Nagar, Part II : 28th – 6th Mar. 2011 Opp D N Nagar Police Stn., Investments New Link Road, Andheri For the Regular program West, Mumbai 400053 ` 25,000 + 10.3% Service Tax The Zing NLP Practitioner For the Weekend program Weekend program ` 35,000 + 10.3% Service Tax 29th, 30th (Sat / Sun) Jan. (Includes lunch, tea/coffee on 2011, 4th, 5th, 6th (Fri / Sat / all days and Practitioner Manual, Certification and a Sun) Feb. 2011 membership of ANLP, India) Also, enroll now and receive 15 Audio CDs and 2 DVDs worth ` 5000/- at no extra cost to you.
  5. 5. NLP Training TeamDR. DAVID J LINCOLNDavid is a psychologist and naturopathic doctor withspecialization in mind body connection and a MasterTrainer of NLP and Hypnosis. He heads theaccreditation for the premier and ONLY accreditationorganization for NLP in India, the ANLP. TERRY ELSTONDavid has over 40 years of experience in the domain of Terry Elston has been a trainer of NLP for 9NLP and hypnosis. He has experience in all aspects of HR years now and is also one of the few, Timeand the people business from individuals to large groups Line Therapy trainers in the UK. He is ato 5000 plus people. David has a vast network of people trainer of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy .in the industry and travel all over the world. David can Terry also has a background in coaching.also deal with extremely difficult problems and ones that He has been coaching executives andothershave given up on. celebrities for over twenty years and provides coaching and mentoring servicesUMESH SOMAN for diverse clientele and associates aroundUmesh has successfully facilitated over 500 workshops, the and counselling over 10000 people acrosslevels & functions. In behavioural and soft skills, along He has over 26 years first-hand experiencewith expertise in classroom training, He is highly in the development and delivery ofeffective in the experiential format of training. He has change. A selection of assignmentsextensive experience with psychometric tools, includes training police, Home Office andsuccessfully handling organisational development, MOD personal; developing traininghelping organisations build robust processes in HR - modules for the Cabinet Office and one-benchmarking, competency mapping, succession to-one coaching for top executives in blueplanning, recruitment to employee development, chip and governmental institutions.internal job posting and restructuring. enrol now!!Umesh is an internationally certified ProfessionalBehavioural Analyst, Professional Values Analyst,Attributes Index Analyst, and an international Master 986 928 2981 for all of these certifications. Umesh isalso an internationally certified Practitioner and MasterPractitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming,Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy.