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Hovind seminario 4b español


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Hovind seminario 4b español

  1. 1. Grand Canyon- 36James Hutton 60Charles Lyell 69Geologic column 77Index fossils- 111Polystrata trees 136Darwin 183Variations 218Moon-green cheese 254Mutations 259Natural Selection 270Gill Slits 316Vestigial 417
  2. 2. . .. .
  3. 3. CREATION SCIENCE EVANGELISM EVANGELISMO CIENCIA DE LA CREACIÓNSeminar Part 4b: Lies in the Textbooks?Seminario Parte 4b: Mentiras en loslibros textos Session 7 of 14 A Creation Seminar by Dr. Kent Hovind c/o 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 32503 850-479-3466 Sección 7 de 14 Seminario de creación por el Dr. Kent Hovind c/o 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 32503 850-479-3466
  4. 4. There is no scientific evidence to support the evolution theory except known lies.Allá no hay evidencias cientificas que apoyen la teoría de la evolución excepto mentir sabiendo. If real evidence exists please show me but don’t lie to students to make them believe a theory!Si realmente existen evidencias por favor muestremelo pero no mientaestudiantes hacen de ellos creer una teoría!
  5. 5. Suppose I had a theory that the moon is made of green cheese. Imaginate que tuveuna teoría que la luna esta hecha de queso verde. NASA proved it when they went there in 1973 on a secret mission! La NASA demostró esto cuando fueron allá en 1973 en una misión secreta!
  6. 6. Obviously I can have any theory that I want but it is wrongto lie about my evidence just to get people to believe me.Obviamente yo puedo tener la teoría que yo quiero pero es erroneo mentir acerca de mievidencia pero recién obtengo personas que me crean. It is worse for me to use tax dollars to make everyone pay to support me as I lie! Esto es peor para mi que usar los impuestos del dolar hacer algun pago para apoyarme como mentiroso!
  7. 7. *** “Evidence from fossils…” (Heath Biol 1991 index )Heath Biology 1991 Table of Contents
  8. 8. Evolution is dead.Some followers are having a hard time letting it go. They even lie to make you think all is fine.La Evolución está muerta. Algunos seguidores estanteniendo un tiempo difícil. Ellos siempre mienten y hacen que tu pienses que todo esta bien
  9. 9. He never Pulso y Pulse and heart rate looked El nunca se ritmo del look good! better! vió tan bien! corazón se vé bien!
  10. 10. Evolution is based on two faulty assumptions:1. mutations make something new and2. natural selection makes it survive and take over the population.Evolution is a religion of death not life. La Evolución esta basada sobre dos supuestas faltas:1. mutación hace algunas cosasnuevas y2. selección natural esto hacesobrevivir la población.La Evolución es una religión demuerte y no de vida.
  11. 11. Did man bring death into the world? Did death bring man into the world?El hombre trajo muerte al mundo? La muerte trajo al hombre al mundo?
  12. 12. Heath Biology 1991 p. 221
  13. 13. do not produce any kind of evolution.” Pierre-Paul Grasse, Evolution of Living Organisms 1977, p. 88They rearrange existing information but do not increase genetic complexity. do not produce any kind of evolution.” Pierre-Paul Grasse, Evolution of Living Organisms 1977, p. 88They rearrange existing information but do not increase genetic complexity.
  14. 14. A five legged *** Cow with extra leg Christian bull Como cinco Walton 850-678- school in Ft.toros piernas 7712 Brother Ray Allen largas No new information added No agregan nueva information
  15. 15. No new information added, only a loss of information*** Mutated sheep ( ch 21 textbook ? ) No agregan nueva información solo información perdidAllyn and Bacon Biology 1977 p. 364
  16. 16. Two headed turtle Mutant but not Ninja!Mutante pero no Ninja!
  17. 17. Sorry,Double-neck Turtle-neck sweaters double-necked turtle neck sweater Out of Stock (artwork) Lo siento, sweaters Doble-cuello ó cuello de Tortuga Agotados
  18. 18. From the letters in the word Christmas you can get: has, mat, Sam, Christ, ram, sat, hit, etc. but you cannot get: Xerox, Zebra or Queen!De las letras en la palabra Navidad tu puedes formar: nada, vida, Ivan, Dana, nadad, dada, vid, etc. pero no puedes formar : bueno, perro o Queso!
  19. 19. 1996, p. 324Why don’t they give an example of a beneficial mutation ? Por qué ellas no entregan un ejemplode mutación benefica?
  20. 20. One professor I debated said he could prove a beneficial mutation becausepeople who have sickle-cell anemia are less likely to get malaria! Debatí a unprofesor que decía que el podría proveer unamutación benefica a personas que tienen anemia ya que son menosprobable a adquirir malaria! © 2000, P. 320
  21. 21. chapter 9 Holt Biology “Natural selection causesevolution…” (pages are cut out and in suitcase) Holt Biology 1994 p. 176
  22. 22. next page textbook shot Holt Biology 1994 p.186?
  23. 23. Creationists have no argument with natural selection, we thought of it first.It is only a conservative process that removes defective organisms and keeps the species strong. (Edward Blyth, 24 years before Darwin) Creationistas no tienen argumento con la selección natural, nosotros pensamos en la primera. Esto es solo un proceso conservativo que quita organismos defectuosos y mantiene las especies fuertes. (Edward Blyth, 24 years before Darwin)
  24. 24. “Natural selection may have a stabilizing effect, but it does not promote speciation. It is not a creative force as many people have suggested.”“ La Selección Natural puede tener un efecto estabilizante, pero esto nopromueve una especialización. esto noes crear fuerza como algunas personas sugirierón .”Daniel Brooks “A downward Slope to Greater Diversity,”Science, Vol. 217, 24 September 1982, p. 1240
  25. 25. “Natural selection can act only on those biologic properties that already exist; it cannot create properties in order to meet adaptational needs.” Parasitology, 6th ed. Lea & Febiger, p. 516. “La selección Natural puede actuarsolo en esas propiedades biologicas que ya existen; esto no puede crear propiedades en orden conociendo las modificaciones necesarias.” Parasitology, 6th ed. Lea & Febiger, p. 516.
  26. 26. Prentice Hall Focus on Life Science 2001, p. 144
  27. 27. 8 L ie # es n do n- tio o elec voluti ra l s e n atu cause ariatio N t no only v ació voca 8 o n o pr ra # ón s tural n vari ti o lo a Men evo ción N lu ci ele cLa s Prentice Hall Focus on Life Science 2001, p. 141
  28. 28. Factory to produce cars with a quality control section. Fábricas producen carros con una sección de control de calidad.Cuánto tiem po le toma?
  29. 29. Survival of the fittest does not explain the arrival of the fittest! La Sobrevivencia dela ley del más fuerteno explica la llegada de la ley del más fuerte!
  30. 30. By the way: “Survival of the fittest” is a tautology.Q. Why did it survive?A. Because it is the fittest.Por el camino: “Sobrevivencia dela ley del más fuerte” es unatautología.Q. Por qué sobrevivió?A. Porque es la ley del más fuerte.
  31. 31. Q. How do you know it is the fittest? A. Because it survived.Q. Cómo sabes que es laley del más fuerte?A. Porque sobrevivió.
  32. 32. Whale drawing (“”) No! Survival of the Luckiest! No! Sobrevivencia del más afortunado!
  33. 33. Conclusions from Peppered Moth Experiment1. Moth population ratio shifted from mostly white to mostly black as treesturned black.2. Moth population was able to adapt to the new environment.3. This helps prove we all came from a rock. Conclusiones para preparar el Experimento de la mariposa1. una porción de la población de Mariposascambió, mayoría de blancas a mayoríanegras como los árboles2. La población de mariposas se pudoadaptar al nuevo ambiente.3. Estas ayudas nos muestran que todo vinóde una roca.
  34. 34. Materials1 black sheet paper 1 meter square150-200 black circles150-200 white circlesMateriales1 hoja de papel negro1 metro cuadrado150-200 circulos negros150-200 circulos blancos Holt Life Science 1978 p. 360
  35. 35. 2000 p. 56
  36. 36. DR KETTLEWELL, OXFORD, UK, introduced the Peppered Moth Melanism story in 1955 as evidence for evolution by NaturalSelection. Since then it has appeared in almost every biology text as evidence for evolution. The publication ‘Melanism:Evolution in Action’, by Majerus, reviewed by Jerry A. Cohen in Nature (Vol. 396, p. 35), lists the following problems withKettlewell’s story: 1) The moth does not rest on tree trunks! Exactly two moths have been seen on tree trunks in more than 40 years. Kettlewellactually GLUED two dead moths on the tree trunk to take his famous photograph. 2) Moths have no tendency to choose matching backgrounds. 3) Kettlewell’s results have not been replicated in later studies. 4) The shift in moth population did occur but took place well before new lichens grew on polluted trees. A parallel shift inmoth population occurred in U.S. industrial areas but there was no change in lichens.(Ref. peppered moth, Natural Selection, Kettlewell)DR KETTLEWELL, OXFORD, UK, introduced the Peppered Moth Melanism story in 1955 asevidence for evolution by Natural Selection. Since then it has appeared in almost every biologytext as evidence for evolution. The publication ‘Melanism: Evolution in Action’, by Majerus,reviewed by Jerry A. Cohen in Nature (Vol. 396, p. 35), lists the following problems withKettlewell’s story: 1) The moth does not rest on tree trunks! Exactly two moths have been seen on tree trunks inmore than 40 years. Kettlewell actually GLUED two dead moths on the tree trunk to take hisfamous photograph.2) Moths have no tendency to choose matching backgrounds.3) Kettlewell’s results have not been replicated in later studies. 4) The shift in moth population did occur but took place well before new lichens grew on pollutedtrees. A parallel shift in moth population occurred in U.S. industrial areas but there was no changein lichens.(Ref. peppered moth, Natural Selection, Kettlewell)
  37. 37. The peppered moth is a great proof of design!God wants to make sure the moth population survives no matter what happens to the environment. That is planning ahead.Ford and GM put heaters and an air conditioners in some of their cars!The moth is not proof of evolution. “Melanism: Evolution in Action” by Michael E. Majerus, Oxford University Press, 1998 The peppered moth is a great proof of design! Dios wants to make sure the moth population survives no matter what happens to the environment. That is planning ahead. Ford and GM put heaters and an air conditioners in some of their cars! The moth is not proof of evolution. “Melanism: Evolution inAction” by Michael E. Majerus, Oxford University Press, 1998
  38. 38. Some people make good observations and still come to wrong conclusions.Algunas personas hacenbuenas observaciones y todavía llegan aconclusiones erroneas.
  39. 39. One daysomebrilliantscientistsdid anexperimentwith a frogto determinehow far itcould jump.They measured thedistance it jumped andthen, one by one,removed its legs to measurethe difference it made.Un día un brillantecientista hizó unexperimento con unarana y determinócomo pudó saltar tanlejos.Ellos midieron una por una la distancia saltada y entonces, quitarón sus patasmidiendo la diferencia hecha.
  40. 40. Distance (in inches) a frog can jump as legs are removed.Distancia (en pulgadas) una rana puede saltar aún si sus las patas son quitadas. 80 70 60 80 inches 50inches East 40 West 30 North 20 10 0 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr 4 3 2 1 0 Number of Legs on Frog Números de patas de una rana
  41. 41. Distance (in inches) a frog can jump as legs are removed.Distancia (en pulgadas) una rana puede saltar aún si sus patas son quitadas. 80 70 80 inches 60 70 pulgadas 50inches East 40 West 30 North 20 10 0 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr 4 3 2 1 0 Number of Legs on Frog Números de patas de una rana
  42. 42. Distance (in inches) a frog can jump as legs are removed.Distancia (en pulgadas) una rana puede saltar aún si sus patas son quitadas. 80 70 60 80 inches 50 70 inches 60pulgadas Eastinches 40 West 30 North 20 10 0 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr 4 3 2 1 0 Number of Legs on Frog Números de patas de una rana
  43. 43. Distance (in inches) a frog can jump as legs are removed.Distancia (en pulgadas) una rana puede saltar aún si sus patas son quitadas. 80 80 inches 70 70 inches 60 60 inchesinches 50 40 50 inches East Expected West 30 North 20 10 Actual 0 4 1st Qtr 3 2nd Qtr 2 3rd Qtr 1 4th Qtr 0 Number of Legs on Frog Números de patas de una rana
  44. 44. Conclusions from Frog Experiment 1. Frog jumped less as legs were removed. Good observation! 2. A frog with no legs goes deaf! Bad Conclusion! Conclusiones del experimento dela rana1. Las ranas saltarón menos cuando lequitaron las patas.Buena observación2. una rana sinpatas quedasorda! mala Conclusión!
  45. 45. Sin alas Andar? Crawl? **** fruit flies (find in Mutación textbook) reproductiva Alas crespas Alas con en celulas pelos de diferentestipos de moscas Ojos Cuerpo blancos amarillo Condición Fruit Fliesletal Moscas de la fruta Holt Biology 1977 p.124
  46. 46. “Fruit flies refuse to become anything but fruit flies under any circumstances yet devised.” Lane Lester, Ph.D. in genetics, The Natural Limits to Biological Change, 1989, p.89. “Las Moscas de las frutas rehusa convertirse en otracosa que no sea la mosca delas frutas aún bajo cualquier circunstancia.”
  47. 47. Conclusions from Fruit Fly Experiment 1. All mutations observed produced flies that were inferior to the original fly. Good observation!2. Fruit flies must have evolved as far as they can go.See In the Beginning Walt Brown p. 34 Bad Conclusion! Concluciones del experimento de la Mosca de la fruta1. Todas las mutaciones observadas produjerónmoscas que eran inferiores a las moscas originales. buena observación!2. Las moscas de la fruta deben haberevolucionado tanto como ellas podrían hacerlo. Mala Conclusión!See In the Beginning Walt Brown p. 34
  48. 48. This is evolution? Está es evolución? “Flies in the North have wings 4% larger than flies in the South!” “Las Moscas en el Norte tienen 4% más largas las alas que las moscas del Sur!”US News and World Report 1-24-2000, p. 49
  49. 49. 95% 5% r a i 95% t 5% en 9 ve nt o be M # ro n p o! ee ag s barsBiston betularia ” ha ye ce ny en o dHallhFocus on Life Science 2001, p. 144 vi Prentice p “e ThisSee: Melanism: Evolution in Action by Michael E. N. Majerus, Oxford University Press: 1998. 338pp. In CSE/moth. Only 2 moths were actually seen resting on trees in 40 years of research!
  50. 50. Holt Biology, 2001p. 291
  51. 51. Still used in the Tulsa Zoo May, 2002!Aún usado en el zoologíco de Tulsa Mayo , 2002!
  52. 52. An excellent book showing the facts about the peppered moth. Available from CSE $23.95 Un excelentelibro mostrandolas etapas de de la mariposa.Available from CSE $
  53. 53. new one- thinking critically? From Holt p. 195 in suitcase) Have you stopped beating your wife yet?¿Tiene usted ahora que parar de golpear a su esposa? Holt Biology 1994
  54. 54. new one- thinking critically? From Holt p. 195 in suitcase) “This question is poorly written in that it assumes evolution has happened when it has not.” “Esta pregunta esta mal escrita dondeasume que la evolución ocurrio cuando no ocurrio.” Holt Biology 1994
  55. 55. Why are elephants orange? Por qué loselefantes sonanaranjados?
  56. 56. new one- thinking critically?From Holt p. 195 in suitcase) Why are elephants orange? Por qué los elefantes son anaranjados? Holt Biology 1994
  57. 57. Holt Biology, 2004, p. 286
  58. 58. **** Wrist bones (textbook - several) Holt Biology, 2004, p.286
  59. 59. Prentice HallFocus on LifeScience 2001, p. 152 Jr. Hi.
  60. 60. GlencoBiology, © 2000 p. 409
  61. 61. Glenco LifeScience, © 2002 p. 168
  62. 62. This is thinking critically? Esto es pensandocriticamente?
  63. 63. Glencoe Biology, 1994 p. 309
  64. 64. wrist bones diagram GlencoBiol p 309 and Holt Biol p.182 in suitcase) Esto prueba un diseño común! Mentira #10 Glencoe Biology, 1994 p. 309
  65. 65. Irish Textbook p. 259 1998 Latvian Textbook p. 16 The bones develop from different genes in different organisms. Evolutionists cannot explain this and seldom discuss it.El desarrollo de Los huesos en diferentes génes en diferentes organismos. Evolucionistas no pueden explicar esto y casi nunca lo discuten.
  66. 66. Similar design might prove the same designer made them. Un diseño similarpuede probar que elmismo diseñador lo hizo.
  67. 67. Pontiac lug nuts will fit on a Chevy.Las tuercas del Pontiac le ajustan al Chevy
  68. 68. Conclusions from Comparative Anatomy Experiment1. Many animals have a similar forelimb structure. Good observation!2. They must have had a common ancestor. Bad Conclusion! 3. This helps prove we all came from a rock. Real Bad Conclusion! Conclusiones del experimento de la Anatomia comparativa 1. Muchos animales tienen una similar estructura en sus extremidades. Buena observación! 2. Muchos de ellos tienen un común ancestro. Mala Conclusion! 3. Esto ayuda a provar que todos venimos de una roca Realmente una mala Conclusion!
  69. 69. *** “Evidence from fossils…” (Heath Biol 1991 index ) Heath Biology 1991 Table of ContentsHeath Biology 1991 Tabla de contenidos
  70. 70. “The similarity between early stages inthe development of many different *** Embryology (severalanimals helped convince Darwin that allforms of life shared common ancestors.” textbooks) “La Similaridad entreetapas tempranas en el desarrollo de algunos animales diferentes que ayudaron a convencer a Darwin que todas las formasde vida compartían un común antepasado.” BSCS Biological Science 1978 p. 628
  71. 71. “Darwin considered this ‘by far “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”the strongest single class of ontogeny recapitulates *** Embryology phylogeny”facts in favor of’ his theory.”Haeckel called it the“biogenetic law” (severalIcons of Evolution, p. 82 textbooks)“Darwin consideroesta fuerte clasede factores enfavor de suteoría.” Haeckelllamó a esto la leyde la“biogenetica.” BSCS Biological Science 1978 p. 628
  72. 72. “The evolutionary idea that [Sickmind] Freud relied on most heavily in the manuscript is the maxim that ‘ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,’ that is, that the development of the individual recapitulates the evolution of the entire species.” Lost Paper Shows Freud’s Effort to Link Analysis and Evolution, New York Times, Feb. 10, 1987, p. c4“La idea evolucionaria que [Mente enferma] Freuddependió en el máximo manuscritoque ‘ontogeny recapitulatesphylogeny,’ Eso es,lo que el desarrolló de larecapitulación de laevolución del total de lasespecies.”Lost Paper Shows Freud’sEffort to Link Analysis andEvolution, New York Times, 1856-1939Feb. 10, 1987, p. c4
  73. 73. Esto es como si el embrión contiene una memoría de su origeny comienza a copiar durante su desarrollo. Esta estructurapersiste en peces adultos Irish Textbook p. 260
  74. 74. *** Embryology (several Gills like a fish? 11Merrill textbooks) # a ! ad as irEarth rt lit co t sScience ill as s n ot ll g1993 a e n re gp. 451 ea a h e on s M T s s no s ta E
  75. 75. They never have anything to do with breathing!Ellos no tienen nada que hacer con la respiración! Asking About Life Tobin and Dusheck 1998 p. 381
  76. 76. Earnst Haeckel said the turning pointin his thinking was when he read CharlesDarwin’s Origin of Species in 1860. Creation Ex NihiloMarch-May 1996 p. 33
  77. 77. (Creation Magazine in suitcase) Hackel’s drawingsDog embryo at 4 weeks Human embryo at 4 weeks Creation Magazine March-May, 1996 p. 34 (1-800-350-3232)
  78. 78. (Creation Magazine in suitcase) Hackel’s drawingsCreation Magazine March-May, 1996 p. 35
  79. 79. (Creation Magazine in suitcase) Hackel’s drawings Creation MagazineMarch-May,1996 p. 34
  80. 80. Haeckel’s fake drawings, 1874Creation ex nihilo Mar-May 1998 p. 51
  81. 81. Haeckel’s drawings on top.Actual photos on bottom. Creation ex Nihilo Mar-May 1998 p.51
  82. 82. HAECKEL’S CONFESSIONWhen tried by the Jena University Court, andconvicted, he confessed:“A small percent of my embryonic drawings areforgeries; those namely, for which the observed materialis so incomplete or insufficient as to FILL IN ANDRECONSTRUCT THE MISSING LINKS by hypothesisand comparative synthesis.”“I should feel utterly condemned…were it not thatHUNDREDS of the best observers, and biologists LIEUNDER THE SAME CHARGE.” Records from the University of Jena trial in 1875. Dr. Edward Blick, Blick Engineering, Norman, OK
  83. 83. “Moreover, the biogenetic law hasbecome so deeply rooted in biologicalthought that it cannot be weeded out in spite of its having been demonstrated to be wrong by numerous subsequent scholars”Walter J. Bock (Dept. of Biological Sciences, Columbia Univ.,“Evolution by Orderly Law,” Science, Vol. 164, 9 May 1969,pp. 684-685
  84. 84. “Surely the biogenetic law is as dead as a doornail”Keith Stewart Thomson, “Ontogeny and PhylogenyRecapitulated,” American Scientist, Vol. 76, May-June 1988,p. 273
  85. 85. A set of 19th century drawings thatstill appear in reference books…arebadly misdrawn, says anembryologist in Britain.Although Haeckel confessed todrawing from memory and wasconvicted of fraud at the Universityof Jena, the drawings persist. “That’sthe real mystery,” says Richardson.(of St. George’s Hospital Medical School in London)New Scientist Sept. 6, 1997 p. 23
  86. 86. Haeckel’s fake drawings still used in 1999 atUWF! Evolutionary Analysis 1998 p. 28
  87. 87. An excellent bookshowing thefacts about the “gillslits” p. 82.Available from CSE $23.95
  88. 88. 1850 1860 1870 1880Darwin’s book, Haeckel Haeckel was The Origin of faked convicted of Species…, drawings of fraud by 6 published in embryos to professors in 1859. He his own predicted use asevidence would evidence for university. be found to evolution. “Gill slits” support his idea proven theory. wrong.
  89. 89. HoltBiologyVisualizing Life 1994 p.183
  90. 90. Glenco Biology 1994 p. 312
  91. 91. Tim Berra is still teaching it 115 years after it was proven wrong!Dept. of Zoology, Ohio State University, 1990
  92. 92. Kenneth Miller is stillteaching it 125 yearsafter it was provenwrong!
  93. 93. Kenneth Miller is teaching that evolution is as much a fact asgravity! 1998, p. 233
  94. 94. 1998 Holt Science Plus- Red p. S 45
  95. 95. P. 433
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  101. 101. gill slits (college textbook)
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  104. 104. Glenco Biology, © 2000 p. 410Used in Chetek, WS, High School
  105. 105. Human embryo picture Glenco Biol p 276 or p. 536 Biology A Jouney Into Life Arms and Camp 1991 p. 557
  106. 106. Not a baby at7 Human?embryo picture Glenco months Biol p 276 or p. 536 Biology A Jouney Into Life Arms and Camp 1991 p. It is human at conception 557 Lie #12
  107. 107. 34% of babies born at 5 1/2 months survive! Time Magazine Nov. 9, 1998 p. 60
  108. 108. Samuel Alexander, a 21 week old (less than 5 months) baby, still in the womb, grabs the doctor’s finger during surgery.I got this forwarded to me. The picture is amazing. This picture began circulating in November. The picture is that of a 21-week-old UNBORN baby named SamuelAlexander Amas, who is being operated on by a surgeon named Joseph Bruner. The baby was diagnosed with spina bifida and would not survive if removed fromthe mothers womb. Little Samuels mother, Julie Amas, is an obstetrics nurse in Atlanta. She knew of Dr. Bruners remarkable surgical procedure. Practicing atVanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, he performs these special operations while the baby is still in the womb. In the procedure, a C-section removed theuterus and the doctor makes a small incision to operate on the baby. During the surgery on little Samuel, the little guy reached his tiny, but fully developed, handthrough the incision and firmly grasped the surgeons finger.
  109. 109. And the angel of the Lord said, Behold thou art with child, and shalt bear a fetus?Díjole aún el ángel deJehová: He aquí que hasconcebido, ¿y parirás unfeto? ¡No ! Génesis 16:11
  110. 110. And the angel of the Lord said, Behold thou art with child, and shalt bear a son. Gen. 16:11Díjole aún el ángel deJehová: He aquí que hasconcebido, y parirás unhijo. Génesis 16:11
  111. 111. “Scott Peterson isaccused of murdering hiswife and unborn child.” CNN 11-17-03 Paula Zahn Now
  112. 112. An excellent book with more about theembryologymyth. Available from CSE $23.95
  113. 113. Why is this lie kept c in textbooks? It is the only way to “scientifically”justify abortion! Nuremburgfiles web site has names of doctors who do abortions. Mr. Lokey of Opp, AL has an anti-abortion billboard. Judge Frank Bell sentenced Paul Hill to death. Regina Dinwidi?, KS, MO was a nurse who got converted and protests now. H
  114. 114. Human Billions of soulsPopulationChart
  115. 115. Human Population in Billions Goal of NWO6543210 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 1999 ?
  116. 116. Ana Rosa’s armwas chopped off picture (?) Anna Rosa in a botched abortion whenher mother was 7 1/2 months pregnant!
  117. 117. Pensacola, Florida
  118. 118. National Organization for Wild Women
  119. 119. “Christianity is our foe. Ifanimal rights is to succeed, we must destroy the Judeo-Christian religious tradition.”Peter Singer, professor at Princeton,favors killing babies up to 28 days old. The “father of animal rights.” AP Nov. 22, 1999
  120. 120. Biosphere 2000*** “Pro choice” picture 1993 p. 164(Biosphere 2000 p.164)
  121. 121. The media ignores thewishes of themajority!
  122. 122. The liberal paper seems to always miss the point.When the kids were killed inthe Denver public school the papers and Rosie O’Donnell jumped on the gun control issue. The real issues are: 1. Should we have public schools?
  123. 123. The real issues are: 1. Should we have public schools? 2. Should we teach themevolution wherethere is no God or moral absolutes?
  124. 124. “He [a football player in his school] doesn’t deserve the jaw evolution gave him. Look for his jaw. It won’t be on hisEric Harris & Dylan Klebold body.” Dylan Klebold on the video he and Eric made prior to the shootings.
  125. 125. Klebold’s father was a geologist. Both Eric and Dylan were followers of Nazi teachings. The shooting took place on Hitler’s birthday. Klebold wore a shirt that said “serial killer.” They shot Isaiah Shoels Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold because he was black. “God!” one of the Newsweek May 3, 1999 gunmen taunted her. Eric’s T-Shirt read “Natural“Do you really believe in God?” Cassie said, “Yes.” Selection” while Dylan’s read, “Wrath” Rocky Mountain News May 16, 2000 They spoke German to each other in the hall at school and Harris wore a Nazi German cross.
  126. 126. 3. Should certain criminals be publicly executed? 4. Should all law abiding citizens carry guns to protect themselves? Proudly Unarmed!Would you wear this?What does this say to a criminal? Rob Me!
  127. 127. The purpose of this amendment is not so we can go duck hunting. It is so we can protect ourselves from our own government if need be! Article II A well regulated Militia, beingnecessary to the security of a free State,the right of the people to keep and bearArms shall not be infringed. SecondAmendment, U.S. Constitution
  128. 128. Many animals that eat grass have big horns. Theydon’t want to hurt anyone. They just want to eat the grass and be left alone.
  129. 129. Reasons People Use to Justify Abortion:1. It’s Not Human(Proven wrong in 1875)2. Not Viable (can’t live on its own)
  130. 130. Reasons People Use to Justify Abortion:1. It’s Not Human2. Not Viable (can’t live on its own)I know kids that are 25 that still borrow money fromdad!3. Child may be unwanted
  131. 131. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I John 1:9Si confesamos nuestrospecados, él es fiel y justo paraque nos perdone nuestrospecados, y nos limpie de todamaldad.1 Juan 1:9
  132. 132. Reasons People Use to Justify Abortion:1. It’s Not Human2. Not Viable (can’t live on its own)3. Child may be unwanted4. Child may be a financial burden5. May be from rape orincest (5 years later?)
  133. 133. It is illegal to shoot deerat night with spotlights in nearly every state. You must give the deer a sporting chance.
  134. 134. Pro choice? Let’s really choose.Baby, mother, father, doctor, governor Past US President!
  135. 135. If he is not alive, why is he growing?If he is not a human being, what kind ofbeing is he? Abortion
  136. 136. It is easy for her to be “pro- choice.”She has already been born!
  137. 137. Reasons People Use to Justify Abortion:1. It’s Not Human(Proven wrong in 1874)2. Not Viable (can’t live on its own)3. Child may be unwanted4. Child may be a financial burden5. May be from rape or incest6. Abortion is legal
  138. 138. In1936 German Supreme Court. 1936 the German Supreme Court“refused notrecognize Jews living in Jews to considered humans (card in suitcase) Germany as ‘persons’ in the legalsense.” Ernst Fraenkel, The Dual State: A Contribution to the Theory of Dictatorship 1941 p. 95
  139. 139. bodies piled up-several WW II Time Life, p. 149
  140. 140. “I have the right toexterminate aninferior race thatbreed like thevermin.” Adolf HitlerCreation Magazine vol. 18, #1, p. 9
  141. 141. Concentration camp in Flossburg, Germany
  142. 142. Hitlerbelievedthe Germans werethe superior racethat deserved torule the world.
  143. 143. “The GermanFuhrer … hasconsistentlysought to make thepractice of Germanyconform to the theoryof evolution.”Evolution and Ethics 1947, Sir Arthur Keith p, 230
  144. 144. While 6 Million Died Arthur D. Morse p. 204
  145. 145. Hitler’s book is full ofhis racist philosophy. 1924 “Adolf Hitler’s mind was captivated by evolutionarythinking-probably since the time he was a boy. Evolutionary ideas… lie atthe basis of all that is worst in Mein Kampf and in hispubic speeches. Darwin, Beforeand After, Robert Clark, 1948, p. 115
  146. 146. “Darwinian theory combined with Marxist ideology formed the cornerstone of the ‘superman’ doctrine-- thesurvival of the fittest or the duty of the strong to trample the weak.” The Evolution Conspiracy p. 65-66
  147. 147. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler p. 286
  148. 148. Hitler’s Hit ListSpecies Blood MixtureNordic (blond, blue eyed…….…) Close to Pure AryanGermanic (brown hair, blue-eyed or, less desirable brown-eyed……………………..… Predominantly AryanMediterranean …………………..………… Slightly AryanSlavic ……………………...Close to half-Aryan, half-ApeOriental …………………...… Slight Ape preponderanceBlack African ……...….……..…….…Predominantly ApeJewish (fiendish skull) …………….. Close to pure ApeThe Hitler Movement p. 107
  149. 149. “I wasn’t invited to shake hands with Hitler, But I wasn’t invited to the White House to shakehands with the President either.” Jessie Owens-1936 Olympics-Berlin “It was all right with me. I didn’t go to Berlin to shake hands with him, anyway. All I know is that I’m here now, and Hitler isn’t.”
  150. 150. “I regard Christianity asthe most fatal, seductive lie that ever existed.” Adolph Hitler as quoted in Larry Azar, Twentieth Century in Crisis, 1990 p. 180
  151. 151. Hitler “stressed and singled out the idea ofbiological evolution as the most forceful weapon against traditional religion…” Daniel Gasman, Scientific Origins of ModernSocialism: social Darwinism in Ernst Haeckeland the German Monist League, 1971, p. 188
  152. 152. And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; Acts 17:26El cual hizo de una sangre a todas lasnaciones de los hombres, para quehabitasen sobre toda la faz de de latierra, ha determinado el orden de lostiempos, y los términos de lahabitación de ellos;Actos 17:26
  153. 153. Nazi war crimes trial at Nürnburg, GermanyThe men said they were only obeying orders and did nothing illegal.
  154. 154. In 1973 the Supreme Court.1936 German US Supreme Court declared “the word ‘person’ asJews not considered humans used in the 14th Amendment, does(cardinclude the unborn.” not in suitcase) Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 158 (1973)
  155. 155. Now over 45,000,000 in USA! Almost 1,000 million worldwide!“Each woman around the world now averages 1 inducedabortion in her lifetime.” Scientific American Jan. 2000, p. 93
  156. 156. On Sept 11, 2001, about 3,000 Americans were killed by terrorists.We spend billions ofdollars trying to hunt them down and kill them. On Sept 11, 2001, about 4,500 Americans were killed by abortionists andnobody said a word.
  157. 157. Margaret Sangerfounded PlannedParenthood onOctober 16, 1916 inorder to eliminatewhat she thoughtwere “inferior raceslike Orientals, Jewsand Blacks.” Shereferred to them as“human weeds.” Her father was the “village atheist”. She died an alcoholic and drug addict. Passport Magazine July 1988 p. 6
  158. 158. “The most merciful thingthat a large family doesto one of it’s infantmembers is to kill it.”Women and the New Race“No gods, no masters”motto for her magazineThe Woman Rebel“Birth Control to createa race of Thoroughbreds” Margaret SangerBirth Control Review Nov, 1921“Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need”Birth Control Review April, 1933 by Dr. Ernest Rudin ofHitler’s Third Reich
  159. 159. Hitler referred tothe Jews as “aparasite in thebody of othernations.”Mein Kampf AdolfHitler p. 305The abortionists refer to the unborn babiesas “a parasite” in the woman’s body. Abortion Practice Warren M. Hern p. 14-15
  160. 160. “the most successfulapproach to the Negrois through a religiousappeal. We do notwant the word to getout that we want toexterminate the Negropopulation and theminister is the manwho can straighten outthat idea if it ever occurs Margaret Sangerto any of their morerebellious members.”Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America
  161. 161. “As we celebrate the 100thbirthday of MargaretSanger, our outrageous andour courageous leader… weshould be very proud ofwhat we are and what ourmission is. It is a very grandmission… abortion is onlythe tip of the iceberg.”Feb. 5, 1979Faye Wattleton (black)- FormerPresident of Planned Parenthood1986 Humanist of the Year
  162. 162. These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, Prov. 6:16-17Seis cosas aborrece Jehová, Yaun siete abomina su alma: Losojos altivos, la lengua mentirosa,Las manos derramadoras desangre inocente,Proverbios 6:16-17
  163. 163. Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. And all the people shall say, Amen. Deut. 27:25Maldito el que recibieredon para herir de muerteal inocente. Y dirá todo elpueblo: Amén.Deuteronomio 27:25
  164. 164. P.31 Appendix Glenco Biol 1994 p 311 There are no vestigial organs Lie #13GlencoBiology 1994p. 311
  165. 165. “Long regarded as a vestigial organ with no function in the human body, the appendix is now thought to be one of thesites where immune responses are initiated.” Roy Hartenstein, Grolier Encyclopedia, 1998 See also “Vestigial Organs” are Fully Functional Jerry Bergman and George Howe
  166. 166. “The appendix is required toactivate killer B cells in your immune systems like your thyroid activates “T” cells. Dr. Ron Allard
  167. 167. “Its removal also increases a persons susceptibility to leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of thecolon, and cancer of the ovaries.” In The Beginning Walt Brown p. 18
  168. 168. P.36Whale’s vestigile pelvis (Holt Biology p.182 in suitcase) Biology Curtis and Barnes 1989 p. 969
  169. 169. National Center for Science Education Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public SchoolsWelcome!to the homepage of the NationalCenter for Science Education, Inc.--NCSE -- a nonprofit, tax-exemptmembership organization workingto defend the teaching of evolutionagainst sectarian attack. We area nationally-recognized clearinghouse forinformation and advice to keep evolution in thescience classroom and “scientific creationism”out.
  170. 170. “National” Center for“Science” Education Berkeley, CAIssue 10 (Volume 3, Number 4 - Fall 1982)
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  175. 175. Whale’s pelvis?
  176. 176. LA Museum of Natural History
  177. 177. Killer whale, Cambridge, UK
  178. 178. Humpback whale, Milwaukee, WS
  179. 179. Humpback whale, Milwaukee, WS
  180. 180. Pilot whale, Milwaukee, WS
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  182. 182. p. 182 1994 Biology HoltLie #14These bones are neededfor whales to reproduce
  183. 183. Holt Biology 2004, p. 286 1. There are no vestigial organs.2. Even if there were some, that would be the opposite of evolution. H
  184. 184. Some large female whales have similar though distinct bones in this region to assist in mating. The Ambulocetus (pictured here) is mostly imagination. The dark bones are the only ones actually found. Holt Biology 2004 p. 284
  185. 185. Thewissen, Hussain & Arif (‘Fossil evidence for the origin of aquatic locomotionin Archaeocete whales’ v. 263 ) and shows 2 reconstructions of Ambulocetusnatans, an alleged fossil “whale” from Pakistan. One picture in the article showsit standing & the other at the end of a swimming stroke. It weighed about 650lbs - about the size of a full sea lion. A preserved tail vertebra is elongated thatmay mean the creature retained the thin, long mammalian tail. NO PELVICBONES WERE FOUND and “little is known about the tail” - but the authors arecertain the feet were enormous. The authors conclude, “Like modern cetaceans -it swam by moving its spine up and down, but like seals, the main propulsivesurface was provided by its feet. As such, Ambulocetus represents a criticalintermediate between land mammals & marine cetaceans.”
  186. 186. Basilosaurus - not an intermediate“The serpentine form of the body and the peculiarserrated cheek teeth made it plain that thesearchaeocetes could not possibly have been ancestralto any of the modern whales.”- B.J. Stahl, Vertebrate History, Dover publishers, 1985 p. 489“ . . . the evolutionary origin of whales remainscontroversial among zoologists.”-Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia, 1996
  187. 187. The Pakicetus (pictured here) is made from only one small piece of skull, a small piece of jaw and a few teeth. This is listed as one of the best evidences for whale evolution! Creation Magazine, Nov. 2001, p. 10
  188. 188. The above information was supposedly just what evolutionary naturalists neededfor their tetrapod-to-whale transition, that is until the Jan. 1999 issue of ScientificAmerican (pp. 29-30). Thewissen is quoted. Another recent article (Nature, v 406)by T. Gura states that “evolutionary trees constructed bystudying biological molecules often dont resemble thosedrawn up from morphology.” One section (p. 230) beginswith, “Perhaps the most intense are in vertebratesystematics . . . take the debate over the origin of whales. . . morphologists have classified the cetaceans andmesonychids together as a sister group to theArtiodactyla. But that view came under fire whenmolecular evidence entered the arena.” The moleculardata, “suggests that the Artiodactyla, as currentlydefined, is not a taxonomic group. ‘The molecular datasay that artiodactyls, as traditionally recognized, go intothe wastebasket,’ says Z. Lou, a paleontologist at theCarnegie Museum of Natural History."
  189. 189. "The phylogenetic affinities of Cetacea have not been clearly resolved by either molecular ormorphological characters. The rapidly growing molecular database should, in theory,complement anatomical evidence from the spectacular fossil discoveries of the past 15 yrs.Unfortunately, recent phylogenetic analyses show more conflict than compromise betweenmolecules and morphology." - J. Gatesy, The Emergence of Whales Plenum Press, 1998, p.63.G.A. Mchedlidze, a Russian expert on whales, has serious doubts that A. natans (or Pakicetus,"the oldest cetacean" according to Thewissen), and others - even if accepted as aquaticmammals - can properly be considered ancestors of modern whales. He sees them instead as acompletely isolated group [G.A. Mchedlidze, General Features of the PaleobiologicalEvolution of Cetacea translated from Russian, Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema, 1986, p. 91].If this Science article (v 263) is such a landfall for evolutionism, why did evolutionist J.Whitfield GIBBONS of the U. of GA state, "Nevertheless, the evolutionary origin of whalesremains controversial among zoologists" - three years later?Please be sure your friend understands the scientific arguments against Basilosaurus beingan intermediate, according to secular scientist & anti-creation author, Barbara STAHL. Thisis important because Basilosaurus is a critical link, who, according to S.J. Gould, "alreadycrossed the bridge" between water & land.Nature magazine (v 361, p. 445) states, "Cetaceans probably originated from extinctmesonychid condylarths [quoting Van Valen, 1966]." However, Carroll said in his 1997 book(p. 329), "[i]t is not possible to i.d. a sequence of mesonychids leading directly to whales[Cetacea]."Dr. M. Denton has a unique perspective of ungulate-to-whale transition on pp. 172-75 of his1985 book. Must reading.
  190. 190. A recent book, Darwins God by C.G. Hunter (2001) has a goodoverview of the amazing changes that had to take place in such a shortperiod (p. 76). Short period indeed. After the dinosaurs died out, whaleshad to evolve with astonishing rapidity. One quick example notmentioned by Hunter are the numerous individual countercurrent heatexchangers found throughout the massive tongue of gray whales. Theexchangers converge at the base of the tongue to form a bilateral pair ofretia (Heyning & Mead, Science v 278). Creation scientists say theseheat exchangers were designed to substantially reduce heat loss whenthese whales feed in cold waters. Macroevolutionists say they justevolved in at most 5 - 10 million years. If these exchangers did evolve,natural selection had nothing to do with it, "Natural selection can actonly on those biologic properties that already exist [creation]; it cannotcreate properties in order to meet adaptational needs [evolutionism]" -Noble, Noble, Scad & MacInnes, Parasitology, 6th ed. p. 516 (the 4authors were speaking of n/s in general).
  191. 191. Such increasing evidence against "whale evolution" causes me toconclude that sequences proposed by Thewissen, Gould and otherevolutionists are anomalous - the forcing of data through aspeculative & imaginative matching process - not representative.". . . the whales story is far from finished" - Science News, v 156.Batesian mimicry - William Bateson was a leading (macro)mutationistas well as an outstanding geneticist (I believe he was the one thatcoined the term "allelomorph" - later shorten to "allele").Such mimicry is a type of animal defense against predators, and, as faras I can tell has nothing to do with macroevolution. A harmless orpalatable species mimics an unpalatableor harmful model - threeexamples are seen in the larva of the hawkmoth, Jordans salamander,and a harmless moth & golden paper wasp. Villee, Slomon & Davis(1985) say that, "Natural selection has maintained a resemblance thatgives its possessor almost as much protection as the model . . ."
  192. 192. "Whale Evolution"? - the eyes dont have itResearchers from Sweden & Germany found 14 species oftoothed whales & seals all lacked pigments found in blue colorreceptors of the eye. "However, they found the pigments in riverotters and wolves, close relatives of seals, and in thehippopotamus, which is closely related to whales . . . . . why thishappened is a mystery . . . . other specialists in color vision arealso puzzled." Jeff Hecht New Scientist (italics) 2001Creation scientists are not puzzled in the slightest. Whales havealways been whales, according to Genesis chapter One. Sincewhales didnt evolve from land creatures creationists are notsurprised that 1 group would have the pigment and not theother.
  193. 193. We have the skin from a 15 1/2 foot Albino Burmese Pythonin the Museum at DinosaurAdventure Land.
  194. 194. © 2000 p. 299 These are not “rudimentary hind legs!” The snake does not have any arms and he cannot talk to say, “scoot over honey!” These claws are used during mating to maneuver their mate into position. They do not have anything to do with legs and they never did!
  195. 195. This is “all that is left of the tail that most mammals still use…” Still teaching this lie! June 2004
  196. 196. Holt Biology 1989 (human tailbone)Holt Biology, 1989
  197. 197. If you think the tail bone is vestigial,I will pay to have yours removed. Bend over!
  198. 198. This is not a tail!- it is fattytissue w/o bones, muscle or cartilage and isnot lined up with the spine. “Baby with tail ‘Reincarnation of Hindu god’” 558.html Jan. 11, 2002
  199. 199. Tail boneHeath Biology 1991 p. 264
  200. 200. Lie #15The tailbone anchors 9 muscles Prehensile tail (drawing)
  201. 201. “Evidence” used for evolution1. Grand Canyon was formed slowly byColorado River.2. Geologic column shows earth’shistory.3. Rocks date fossils and the fossilsdate rocks.4. Index fossils.5. Plants and animals are related.6. “Change in species” is the realmeaning of evolution.
  202. 202. 7. “Natural selection” causes evolution.8. The “peppered moth” shows evolution.9. Comparative anatomy proves commonancestry.10. Human embryos have “gill slits.”11. The fetus is not human.12. The appendix is vestigial.13. The snake has vestigial legs.14. The whale has a pelvis.15. The human tail bone is vestigial.
  203. 203. We offer $250,000 for real scientific evidence for evolution. I don’tcare if people believe inevolution and even want to teach it, just don’t use lies to do it.
  204. 204. Demand that your school board vote totear the pages with lies out of the book.
  205. 205. If you found a math bookthat had 2+2=5, what would you do?If you found a biology bookwith some of these lies, what would you do?
  206. 206. “Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable.”Sir Arthur Keith (he wrote the forward to the 100th anniversary edition of Darwin’s book, Origin of Species in 1959)
  207. 207. That’s right,just keep going.The evidence for evolution is right over there.Satan is a liar. Hereally wants to use evolution theory to destroy humanity.
  208. 208. God is not a man, that he should lie; Numbers 23:19Dios no es hombre,para que mienta;Números 23:19
  209. 209. In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began; Titus1:2En la esperanza de la vidaeterna, la cual prometióDios que no puede mentir,antes de los tiemposeternos;Tito1:2
  210. 210. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13Porque todo aquel queinvocare el nombre delSeñor, será salvo.Romanos 10:13
  211. 211. Let’s summarize:1. God made the world.2. He owns it.3. He makes the rules (likethe 10 commandments.)4. We are guilty of breakingHis rules.
  212. 212. 10 Commandments Ex. 20 101. No other gods 6. Thou shalt not killbefore me. 7. Thou shalt not2. No graven images. commit adultery.3. Don’t take God’s 8. Thou shalt notname in vain. steal.4. Remember the 9. Thou shalt notSabbath bear false witness.5. Honour your father 10. Thou shalt notand mother. covet.
  213. 213. Let’s summarize:1. God made the world.2. He owns it.3. He makes the rules (like the 10commandments.)4. We are guilty of breaking Hisrules.5. We will be punishedor we must find a substitute totake our place. Jesus is willingand able.
  214. 214. If you died today,where would you go?
  215. 215. You will be dead for a loooooong time!
  216. 216. All you have is adash. Use it for God!
  217. 217. What on earth are you doing for heaven’s sake? God
  218. 218. 12 Topical videos on other 17 hour seminar on subjects like: School Ideas, DVD or VHS plus Magic Tricks, and Health. notebook for $99 All 12 for $99 20 Debate tapes. Dr. Hovind vs. evolutionists in various fields of science all 20 for $169*All 39 tapes for $350
  219. 219. Call or write for a free 850-479-3466Creation Science Evangelism29 Cummings Rd Pensacola, FL 32503
  220. 220. “Let mecontrol thetextbooks andI will control thestate..”—Adolf Hitler
  221. 221. If Creation is True: If Evolution is True:1. There is a 1. There is noCreator Creator2. There are 2. There arerules no rules3. There is a 3. There is nopurpose purposeto life to life
  222. 222. If Creation is True: If Evolution is True:4. Man is a fallen 4. Man is evolvingcreature in need of with no needa Savior of a Savior5. Man brought 5. Death broughtdeath into the world man into the world6. There is an after- 6. There is no after-life life7. There is comfort in 7. There is no hopeknowing the future of knowing the future
  223. 223. In the next session we will show you more lies in the textbooksdesigned to get students to believe evolution and tellyou what you can do about it.
  224. 224. Mr. Stahler’s evidence for evolution1. Appendix 4A-3922. Ozone- prehistoric life-4B-53vitamin C-2B3. Other plants and animals use samemolecules
  225. 225. “Evolution” is a religion because:1. Its followers believe it can violate thefirst and second laws of thermodynamics. It gives time space and matter (its gods)power to create the universe and life.2. It calls for faith in scores of thingsthat have never been observed like:matter creating itself, life coming fromnon-living matter and animals producinga different kind.
  226. 226. “Evolution” is a religion:3. Members who no longer believe are‘excommunicated’.4. Only members in good standing areconsidered worthy of judgment.5. It attempts to provide answers tobasic questions in life like: who are we,and why are we here.6. It deifies Nature, Evolution, Gaia
  227. 227. Evolutionists like to focus the discussion on the scores of examples for micro-evolution to draw attention away from the fact that there is no evidence for the first 5 meanings of the word.
  228. 228. I get hundreds of letters from evolutionists claiming that evolution only deals with life forms changing and that Ishould not be including the first five meanings.If they really believe this,why don’t they ever help get the others out of books about science? Boston
  229. 229. Prokop debate notes 7-15-011. “Now it is comfortable to believe indivine Revelation instead of scientific knowledge. Modern creationists are not the first to make that choice, although rejecting science itself andusing the term ‘scientific creationism’ is a lack of honesty that is most revealing.” (Letter sent to his son Joe Prokop.)
  230. 230. “It is absolutely safe to say that if you meetsomeone who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked,)”Richard Dawkins Put Your Money on Evolution New York Times April 9, 1999 p. 35
  231. 231. El Paso debate notes 2-17-001. Majority Opinion- we should not behere because it gives credibility to asilly theory of creation.- embarrassedto be here.2. Those who don’t believe inevolution are dumb.3. Scientific theories are testable4. Historical sciences- biology,geology- complex (you don’tunderstand it).
  232. 232. 5. Present bio-diversity is the result ofchanges over time. Living organisms haveevolved from an ancestor that was different.6. Mechanism of evolution is heatedly debatedamong evolutionists. But it is a historicalreality.7. Encourage students to challenge it?Why only present one side in the books?8. Vested interest- believe what we think is inour best interest.- evaluate sources- majorityopinion.
  233. 233. 9. Go to a doctor- I have a pain- faultyheart- only experts are capable ofknowing that evolution is true.10. Scientists arrive at facts on a worldwide scale. They have decided evolutionis true.11. What evidence? Fossil record-internally consistent- geographicdistribution- comparative anatomy-vestigial structures- embryology, gillslits-
  234. 234. Many in the “New Age” movement say their “spirit guides” have told them they must reduce the population of theworld to 1/2 billion byMay 5, 2000 when we enter the “Age ofAquarius” so man canevolve in the spiritual area. May 5, 1818 was Karl Marx’s birthday. Israel became a nation in May, 1948 New Age author
  235. 235. “In about 1830, Charles Lyell,Paul Deshayes, and HeinrichGeorge Bronn independentlydeveloped a biostratigraphictechnique [geologic column]for dating Cenozoic depositsbased on relative proportionsof living and extinct species offossil mollusks….
  236. 236. Strangely, little efforthas been made to testthis assumption. Thisfailure leaves the methodvulnerable tocircularity.”Stanley, Steven M., Warron O. Addicott, andKiyotaka Chinzei, “Lyellian Curves inPaleontology: Possibilities and Limitations,”Geology, vol. 8 (September 1980), p. 422
  237. 237. “Paleontologists ever since Darwin have beensearching (largely in vain) for the sequences ofinsensibly graded series offossils that would stand as examples of the sort
  238. 238. “of wholesaletransformation of speciesthat Darwin envisioned as the natural product ofthe evolutionary process. Few saw any reason to demur- though it is a
  239. 239. “startling fact that, ... most species remain recognizably themselves, virtually unchanged throughout their occurrence in geological sediments of variousages.”Eldredge, Niles, “Progress in Evolution?” New Scientist, vol. 110 (June 5, 1986), p. 55
  240. 240. People who believe in evolution want to convert others to theirbelief so they try to “sell it as science” in our public school system.
  241. 241. In order to have people believe in evolution, textbooks must offer some evidence that the theory is true. What if the “evidence” has been disproven?If a textbook or teacher knows this yet continues to use it, they would be lying.
  242. 242. “Religion”: “a set of beliefsconcerning the cause,nature, and purpose of the universe…”Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, 2000, p. 1116
  243. 243. Lies covered so far:1. Grand Canyon was not formed slowly byColorado River.2. Geologic column does not portrayearth’s history.3. Rocks date fossils- fossils date rocks.4. There are no index fossils.5. The layers are not different ages.6. Plants and animals are not related.7. “Change in species” is not the realmeaning of evolution.
  244. 244. 8. “Natural selection” does not causeevolution.9. The “peppered moth” story neverhappened.10. Comparative anatomy does not provecommon ancestry.11. Humans never have “gill slits.”12. It is human at conception.13. The appendix is not vestigial.14. The whale does not have a pelvis.15. The human tail bone is not vestigial.