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UConn MBA website rejuvenation


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UConn MBA website rejuvenation

  1. 1.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation           UConn  MBA   website   Rejuvenation-­‐ Marketing  Plan   MKTG-­‐5250   Prepared  for  Professor  Joseph  Pancras   Author:                                                                                                                                   Albert  (Tzu-­‐wen)Lin,                                                                                   Ruby  (  I-­‐Li)  Lu,                                                                                                     Sherry  Chen,                                                                                                       Thomas  Jose,                                                                                               Shweta  Jagatap   0      
  2. 2.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     Table  of  Contents     Managerial  Summary  ............................................................................................................................................................  2   Statement  of  Research  Purpose  and  Objective  ......................................................................................................  2   Research  Design  and  Methodology  ...............................................................................................................................  3   Analysis  Results  .......................................................................................................................................................................  6   Recommendations  ..................................................................................................................................................................  8   Appendix……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………13                                   1    
  3. 3.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     I  Managerial  Summary:  Usually  prospective  students  first  hear  about  their  universities  of  choice   through   various   ranking   websites   or   online   forums.   Due   to   globalization   and   rising   numbers   of   business   schools   worldwide   applicants   get   overwhelmed   and   find   it   difficult   to   make   admission   related   decisions.   University   websites   play   a   critical   role   in   attracting   both   domestic   and   international  students  as  they  act  as      first  official  hosts  of  prospective  students.  Getting  into  MBA   involves  many  other  important  decisions  such  as  staying  jobless,  relocating,  planning  for  future  jobs   etc.    Current  University  of  Connecticut  School  of  Business  website  is  doing  a  fairly  good  job  by  being   informative.  However,  through  our  preliminary  secondary  research  we  found  that  there  are  many   aspects  that  need  modifications  such  as  regular  updating,  layout,  design  and  to  some  extent  content.   Objective   of   our   proposal   is   to   make   the   UConn-­‐School   of   Business   website   more   interactive   and   attractive   primarily   for   MBA   students.   Our   recommendation   is   five   faceted   that   primarily   targets   appearance  and  content  using  some  latest  advances  in  the  technology  that  make  the  website  more   attractive  for  the  potential  candidates   II  STATEMENT  OF  RESEARCH  PURPOSE  AND  OBJECTIVE  (5%)   Background:     Decision   Problem:     More   than   seventy   years   old   UConn   School   of   Business   is   one   of   the   distinguished   public   schools   in   US   that   also   enjoy   locational   advantage   of   being   close   to   major   states   such   as   Boston,   New   York   which   host   many   recognized   employers.   UConn’s   one   more   attractive   feature   is   the   real   world   learning   opportunities   offered   to   students   through   various   accelerators.   Though   current   website   is   sufficiently   informative   when   other   B-­‐schools   are   getting   benefited  from  use  of  advanced  technologies  and  social  media  connections  ,  UConn  needs  to  follow   the   similar   path   by   creating   a   distinctive   website   that   is   more   attractive   than   its   competitors.   To   find  the  right  remedy  for  the  website  it  is  very  important  to  know  what  exactly  the  potential  spaces   for  improvement  are  in  the  current  website.  This  is  especially  true  for  students  who  are  either  from   other   countries,   states   or   even   those   who   need   to   relocate   after   joining   this   program.   These   non-­‐ 2    
  4. 4.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     local   students   need   some   additional   information   other   than   routine   information   about   admission   process  and  program.  Knowing  more  about  the  actual  residential  life  of  the  student  or  the  weather   conditions   in   this   region   can   help   them   to   be   well-­‐prepared   for   this   major   migration   in   their   life.   Also,  knowing  about  return  on  investment  i.e.  career  opportunities  after  the  course  completion  are   also   vital   thing.   Overall,   despite   the   absence   of   any   obvious   issue   that   needs   immediate   attention   our  marketing  research  focusses  on  taking  preventive  measures  to  prevent  any  hindrances  arising   from  not  very  appealing  to  one  of  the  most  creative  and  informative  website.   Research  Problem:     What  changes  are  necessary  in  the  current  UConn-­‐MBA  website  to  make  it  more  Attractive,   Innovative,  Informative  &  User-­‐friendly  as  compared  to  other  MBA  websites?   Research  Questions:   1. What  are  the  major  shortcomings  of  the  current  website  that  we  need  to  address  in  order  to   be  effective?   2. What  are  some  innovative  ideas  that  other  websites  used  to  make  the  sites  more  appealing   for  the  potential  applicants?   3. What  are  different  segments  of  the  visitors  who  visit  the  websites?     4. What  is  the  reaction  of  the  population  to  our  recommendations?     Research  Hypothesis:     III  RESEARCH  DESIGN  AND  METHODOLOGY   Questionnaire   design:   The   main   purpose   of   the   project   is   to   attract   high   quality   prospective   students   by   improving   the   quality   and   content   of   UConn   full-­‐time   MBA   website.   Thus,   we   aim   to   figure   out   the   problems   and   difficulties   within   pages.   By   comparing   and   analyzing   various   MBA   websites,   finding   from   Focus   group   interview,   secondary   data   we   finalized   four   parts   main   3    
  5. 5.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     concerns   of   current   &   potential   MBA   students.   In   all   questions   we   tried   to   use   either   interval   or   ratio  scale  that  can  give  in-­‐depth  information  rather  than  using  nominal  or  ordinal  scale.   Part  A  is  to  make  initial  segmentation.   By  selecting  only  relevant  survey  participants  who  have  MBA  degree,  are  pursuing  MBA  degree  or   are   interested   in   MBA   degree   we   excluded   people   who   are   not   interested   in   MBA   studies   right   at   the   beginning.   Further   we   classified   them   based   on   the   usage   of   MBA   websites   because   some   respondents  from  Focus  Group  interview  have  got  recommendations  from  friends  and  did  not  use   MBA  website  while  applying.   Part  B  is  to  obtain  MBA  website  users’  main  concerns  and  focus.     Based   on   our   primary   and   secondary   research,   we   believe   that   there   are   some   relationships   among   social   media   links,   website   appearance,   listed   information   and   applications.   To   understand   the   needs   of   our   site   visitors   primarily   international   and   non-­‐resident   individuals’   we   designed   questions  about  importance  of  accommodation,  social  life,  etc.  After  that,  we  wanted  to  spot  correct   or  accessible  channels  to  promote  MBA  information  to  our  targets.  So,  we  designed  two  questions   to  know  the  significance  of  social  media,  including  Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  etc.     Part  C  is  to  draw  individuals’  to  check  UConn  MBA  website  and  to  obtain  their  opinions  and   suggestions.   We   wanted   to   know   their   opinions   about   MBA   website.   Since   we   do   believe   UConn   MBA   website   needs   to   improve   in   various   ways,   we   design   many   types   of   question   to   increase   concurrent   validity.   We   tested   some   suggestions   and   findings   from   our   Focus   group   interview.   Also,   we   had   one   opened   questions   for   gathering   recommendations   and   viewpoints   about   UConn   MBA   from   respondents.     Part  D  is  the  general  information  of  each  respondent.     4    
  6. 6.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     To   ensure   the   accuracy   of   our   survey,   we   made   efforts   to   segment   them   into   different   demographic   features,   such   as   home   town/country,   marital   status,   educational   level   and   nationality.   Also,   we   tried   to   find   out   whether   there   is   a   relationship   between   years   of   working   experience   and   listed   information.     To  sum  up,  we  do  provide  a  comprehensive  questionnaire  for  our  recommendation  and  to  finalize  a   brief   improvement   plan   for   UConn   MBA   website.   In   the   practical   side,   we   gather   direct   opinions   from  respondents  so  that  the  survey  can  direct  us  to  the  way  to  improvement.     Sampling   plan:   Due   to   time   limitations   we   decided   to   choose   combination   of   different   non-­‐ probability   sampling   methods   such   as   convenience   sampling,   judgment   sampling   and   snowball   sampling.  Survey  participants  were  selected  randomly  from  our  acquaintances  primarily  from  three   categories-­‐   people   with   MBA   degree,   currently   pursuing   MBA   or   planning   to   do   MBA   in   near   future   (population).   We   sent   the   surveys   to   UConn   MBA   class   2012-­‐13,   some   online   forums   for   international   students   such   as   ,­‐website-­‐survey-­‐t113226.html(Convenience  Sampling)  and  our   known   friends   who   probably   fall   in   one   of   these   categories   (Judgment   Sampling).   We   also   asked   these  people  to  refer  it  to  their  friends  (Snowball  sampling).     Limitations  of  this  study:   Due   to   time   limitations,   though   we   aimed   for   getting   at   least   100   usable   responses,   we   could   get   only   around   50.     This   study   clearly   has   some   limitations.     Because   the   data   was   collected   from   anonymous  sources,  it  is  impossible  to  verify  the  information.  By  selectively  choosing  the  sources   (sites/   MBA   group)   we   tried   to   eliminate   non-­‐sampling   errors.   The   length   of   the   survey   was   probably   helpful   in   discouraging   individuals   who   were   not   serious   about   providing   their   information.   The   sample   is   not   entirely   reflective   of   the   general   population.   In   regard   to   region,   international   students   were   over   represented   and   other   groups   were   under   represented.   In   5    
  7. 7.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     addition,   potential   MBA   students   are   under-­‐represented   as   well.   The   sample   size   limited   the   ability   to  fully  test  the  research  hypotheses.   Data  collection  and  data  entry:   An   online   survey   was   created   on     66   respondents   attended   the   survey.     17   were   ineligible   due   to   not   being   planning   to   do   MBA   program   and   did   not   hold   MBA   degree,   so   we   got   only  49  valid  respondents.     IV  ANALYSIS  RESULTS   During   our   analysis   of   the   survey   results   we   came   up   with   many   interesting   facts   that   could   be   useful  to  understand  the  behavior  of  the  potential  MBA  applicants  or  MBA  degree  holders.  We  are   listing  few  of  them  here.   1. (Appendix  E.1)One  interesting  fact  that  came  out  of  the  analysis  is  that    importance  of  academic   program   is   more   for   local   students   than   for   non-­‐local   students.   Here   dependent   variable   is   importance  of  academic  program  and  independent  variable  is  students’  original  residence.  We   used   Chi-­‐square   test   as   dependent   variable   has   ordinal   scale   and   independent   variable   has   nominal  scale.  Even  at  95%  confidence  level:  p-­‐value  (0.05)>  significance  of  0.041.  So,  we  can   reject   null   hypothesis.   Percentage   (70.6%)   of   students   from   Connecticut   rank   academic   program1   significantly   (p   =   0.041)   more   than   percentage   (50.6   %)   of   students   from   non-­‐ Connecticut  and  percentage  (53.6%)  of  students  from  other  countries.  Thus,  any  improvement   on   academic   program   would   be   more   effective   for   Connecticut   students   than   from   non-­‐local   students.   One   possible   reason   for   this   behavior   could   be   that   international   or   out   of   state   students  have  many  other  preferences  such  as  living  facilities,  getting  into  the  school  itself,  job   opportunities,  getting  into  US,  etc.   6    
  8. 8.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     2. Descriptive   analysis   of   the   data   shows   that   participants   preferred   online   and   email   communications   over   other   forms   of   communication.   But   they   also   preferred   using   Facebook,   YouTube   and   LinkedIn   as   source   of   information.   Around   75.5   %   of   people   are   in   the   favor   of   online  communication.  Almost  60%  people  are  in  somewhat  agree-­‐  strongly  agree  range  for  the   usage  of  YouTube  videos.  This  strongly  supports  our  recommendation  of  using  more  videos  by   adding  YouTube  links  in  the  MBA  website.   3. Regression  analysis  [Appendix  E2]  of  the  percentage  points  allocated  to  student  life  section  of   UConn  website  and  Age  and  Work-­‐experience  of  student  population  show  some  dependency.   About  10%  of  the  change  in  points  can  be  attributed  to  the  age  and  years  of  work  experience.   This  ten  percent  is  significant  as  it  is  dependent  only  on  two  variables  out  of  many  in  the  list.   Also,  in  most  of  the  cases,  the  decision  making  factor  of  a  student  depends  on  website  quality   and  the  elaborate  details  associated  with  it.  As  our  analysis  pointed  out  earlier,  the   improvement  of  UConn  MBA  websites  in  order  to  attract  students  with  many  age  groups  are   significant  for  keeping  UConn  competitive  in  the  MBA  application  arena.  Moreover  competitive   schools  have  many  applications  come  in  and  less  acceptance  rates.  So,  not  only  the  fact  that  we   can  improve  the  pedigree  of  school,  but  we  can  improve  the  revenues  at  UConn  as  more   applications  results  in  more  money  for  the  school.   4. As  modern  lives  are  filled  with  social  connections  and  circles,  we  found  it  very  important  to   analyze  [Appendix  E3]  which  mediums  are  the  best  for  students  to  contact  UConn  and  also  in  a   way  our  analysis  shows  which  mediums  should  be  given  a  look  going  forward.  We  found  that   Mean  is  highest  and  standard  deviation  is  lowest  for  Online  communication.  This  shows  that  if   UConn  has  a  online  spokesperson  to  have  live  chat  with  the  potential  students,  it  really  helps.   The  next  best  way  to  communicate  through  email  (already  exists).  Projecting  the  email  in   important  spots  of  website  will  help  in  this  case.  Among  the  social  networking  sites,  Linkedin   (Both  mean  &  SD  are  third  best  in  the  category)  leads  the  pack  closely  followed  by  Facebook.   7    
  9. 9.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     Our  analysis  shows  that  increasing  UConn’s  presence  in  these  sites  for  admission  related   knowledge  is  very  important  along  with  Youtube  videos  offering  admission  tips.   V  RECOMMENDATIONS     Our   recommendations   are   based   on   the   survey   results,   secondary   data   analysis   and   focus   group   report.     In   the   external   secondary   data,   we   collected   information   from   total   22   Full-­‐Time   MBA   program  websites’  to  compare  with  that  of  UConn  MBA’s.  The  comparison  including  the  website’s   appearance,  content  (include  major  emphasize,  main  message,  and  overall  structure),  social  media   link,  attractive  feature,  and  contact  information.    We  analyzed  the  pros  and  cons  of  each  category  of   these  websites  and  expected  to  find  the  better  model  for  UConn  MBA  website    (Please  see  our  secondary  data  analysis  in  the  attached  MBA  website  compared  Excel  sheet)     1.  Appearance:   We  suggest  three  aspects  to  improve  the  appearance  of  website:   • Color:     We   categorized   all   the   websites   by   two   types   of   color   appearances   –   traditional   style   (see   Appendix   D1-­‐figure   1,2,3,4)   and   colorful   style   (see   Appendix   D1-­‐figure   5,6,7).   The   UConn   website  is  more  likely  to  fall  into  traditional  category.  Since  most  MBA  websites  are  part  of  the   B-­‐school  they  cannot  use  different  color  scheme.  Our  survey  indicates  that  about  44.9%  of  our   survey   participants   prefer   traditional   than   brightly   colored   (vividly   colored)   website   (see   Appendix-­‐D2   Chart   1).   Also,   we   found   one   of   our   focus   group   participant’s   opinions   very   interesting  that  traditional  looking  classy  website  reflects  the  long  history  and  high  reputation.   In   conclusion   we   suggest   that   UConn   website   continue   with   the   traditional   color   scheme.   However,   the   colors   used   for   some   parts   of   the   text   and   tabs   are   too   light.   A   user   might   miss   some  important  message  due  to  this  light  colored  font.  According  to  our  survey,  about  30.6%  of   the  users  agreed  that  adding  colorful  tabs  in  UConn  MBA  website  will  make  it  attractive  website   8    
  10. 10.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     (see   Appendix   D2   Chart   2).   In   conclusion,   we   should   change   the   color   of   important   tabs   such   as   "Experiential   Learning",   “Global   Initiatives”,   “Academic   Excellence”,   and   “Career   Placement”   tabs  in  the  top  right  page  (see  Appendix  D3).     •   Video:     Some  MBA  programs  embed  videos  such  as  student  life,  student  experience,  and  campus  tour  in   the  homepage,  for  example,  (see  Appendix  D4-­‐figure  1,2,3,4).    In   the   focus   group   interview,   many   respondents   suggested   UConn   to   put   more   videos   on   the   website.   Some   suggested   putting   alumni/professors   videos,   while   some   (especially   international   students)   suggested   showing   more   about   facilities   classrooms   and   residential   life’s   videos.   Since,   it   is   difficult   for   international   students   to   visualize   the   college   they   also   suggested  the  visual  tour  video  or  a  panoramic  view  of  campus.  From  our  questionnaire  service,   38.8%   respondents   agree   that   watching   class   video   clips   online   will   give   them   a   clear   understanding   about   UConn   MBA   program   (see   Appendix   D5-­‐Chart   1).   Over   70%   of   the   respondents  agree  that  showing  a  live  telecast  of  UConn  campus  will  be  a  good  way  to  know  the   residential   life   (see   Appendix   D5-­‐Chart   2).   About   46.9%   participants   agree   that   using   live   recording  of  on-­‐campus  life  will  make  UConn  MBA  website  more  attractive  (see  Appendix  D5-­‐ Chart  3).   • Flash  Picture:     Front   page   of   UConn   MBA   website   embeds   a   meaningful   picture   to   show   how   UConn-­‐MBA   “takes   you   farther”.   However,   according   to   our   secondary   research,   many   schools   are   good   at   using  flash  picture  on  their  website.  For  example  (see  Appendix  D-­‐6  Figure  1,2,3),  In  the  focus   group   interview,   after   showing   the   other   program   websites,   the   respondents   were   immediately   attracted  by  the  flash  view  of  MIT-­‐MBA  website(see  Appendix  D-­‐6  Figure  3),  and  one  of  them   9    
  11. 11.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     from  Europe  also  mentioned  that  many  popular  website  in  UK  using  flash.  Since  flash  pictures   can  create  more  value  in  a  limit  space,  and  almost  over  half  of  the  respondents  in  survey  agree   or  somewhat  agree  that  using  flash  picture  will  make  UConn  MBA  website  more  attractive  (see   Appendix  D7).  Therefore  we  recommend  UConn  MBA  website  change  the  original  fixed  picture   on  headline  to  flash  pictures.     2.  Content:   • Major  emphasize:     Every   MBA   program   has   their   own   specialties   that   they   emphasize   (see   Appendix   D8-­‐a:).   The   emphasis  areas  always  show  their  distinct  advantages.    According  to  our  exploratory  research,   the   main   two   reasons   of   choosing   UConn   MBA   are   “Experiential   Learning”   program   and   the   “Locational   advantage”   (close   NYC   and   Boston   with   enticing   job   opportunities).   Since,   the   experiential   learning   is   already   strongly   emphasized   at   the   top   of   the   page,   we   suggest   doing   the  same  for  the  “locational  advantage”.  This  will  accompany  with  a  clear  map  showing  hiring   firms   (see   Appendix   D8-­‐b).   We   found   the   statement   that   “Connecticut   is   conveniently   located   within  driving  distances  of  New  York,  NY  and  Boston,  MA.  Hartford  city  is  state’s  capital  and  is  also   a   financial   center.”   on   general   MBA   page.   Adding   this   statement   to   Full-­‐time   MBA   page   might   influence  potential  applicants  proceeding  with  the  application  process  as  future  job  prospect  is   one  of  the  key  factor  in  making  admission  related  decisions.   • Main  message      According   to   our   research,   most   respondents   were   indifferent   in   their   opinion   about   UConn   Website’s   main   message   “UConn   MBA   takes   you   farther”   (see   Appendix   D9.   a   &   b)   From   the   focus   group   interview,   some   current   MBA   students   never   even   noticed   the   message   until   we   showed  them  or  did  not  find  it  unique.  In  the  secondary  data,  we  collected  messages  from  22   schools  and  chose  some  great  samples  as  references  (see  Appendix  D9  c.).   10    
  12. 12.   • UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     Overall  structure   The   overall   structure   of   UConn   MBA   website   is   informative   and   clear.   Our   questionnaire   research  discovered  that  there  were  36.7%  and  30.6%  of  the  respondents  agreed  or  somewhat   agreed   that   it   was   easy   for   them   to   become   skillful   at   using   UConn   MBA   website.   (see   Appendix   D10-­‐a   ).   However,   many   words   and   categories   put   in   the   same   page   causes   international   students   feel   frustrated   when   reading.   For   example,   in   our   focus   group   interview,   an   MBA   student   from   Vietnam   complained   that   she   found   it   very   difficult   to   get   what   she   was   looking   for.   When   we   performed   cross   tabulation   on   the   data   we   found   that   men   were   happier   with   the   current  website  in  aspects  of  user-­‐friendliness  but  women’s  responses  ranged  primarily  in  the   strongly  negative  to  negative  categories  (SPSS  output-­‐  cross  tabulations  result).  Therefore,  we   recommend  UConn  to  improve  the  overall  structure  by  two  aspects.   Firstly,   making   the   categories   bars   distinct   from   each   other.   As   you   can   see   from   the   UConn   Full-­‐time  MBA  homepage  (see  Appendix  D10-­‐b),  each  category  or  title  do  not  separate  clearly   by   any   box   or   line.     While   compare   with   other   great   structure   samples   such   as   Temple   University  and  MIT  (see  Appendix  D10-­‐c&d),  it  is  obvious  that  their  overall  structure  look  more   clearer  than  UConn’s.       Secondly,  putting  important  actions  in  separate  bars  that  can  be  more  easily  discover  by  users,   thus   they   don’t   need   to   find   those   resources   or   information   from   un-­‐known   categories.   For   example,   Michigan   State   University   puts   “Sign-­‐up   for   an   Event”,   ”Apply”,   “Connect   with   a   Student”,   and   “Request   for   Information”   in   an   obvious   position,   so   the   users   can   click   the   buttons  and  get  what  they  want.  (see    Appendix  D10-­‐e)   Finally,   in   the   focus   group   interview,   some   applicants   provided   the   idea   of   using   comparison   tables   for   different   MBA   programs   likes   the   BusinessWeek   reports   so   that   users   can   compare   11    
  13. 13.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     different  aspects  quickly.  However,  this  table  has  a  risk  of  exposing  shortcomings  of  program,   and  is  only  useful  while  comparing  something  at  which  UConn  MBA  exceptionally  strong  (such   as  the  #1  Public  MBA  program  in  New  England).   3.Social  media  link:   Among   the   23   schools   studied   only   Wake   forest   University   did   not   have   social   media   links   to   its   homepage.   Even   UConn   MBA   website   unlike   doesn’t   have   social   media   links   yet.   Social   Media   link   is   important   because   more   and   more   people   sharing   and   receiving   information   through   this   platform.   There   are   two   types   of   social   media   link-­‐   sharing   and   following.   Most   of   websites   with   social   media   buttons   input   following   link   in   order   to   lead   users   to   their   Facebook,   Twitter,   or   LinkedIn   page.   Few   of   them   adopt   both   sharing   and   following   buttons   (see   Appendix   D11-­‐a).   According   to   our   survey,   people   intend   to   follow   MBA   information   from   Facebook,   YouTube,  and  LinkedIn  (see  Appendix  D11-­‐d).  They  also  enjoy  sharing  MBA  information  via  social   media  platform  (see  Appendix  D11-­‐e).     Therefore,  we  recommend  UConn  MBA  website  to  add  social  media  links  to  the  website.  There  are   some  great  examples  for  adopting  the  links,    (see  Appendix  D11-­‐b&c)  as  the  reference.     4.Contact  information:     The  contact  information  can  display  in  many  ways.  In  general,  most  schools  including  UConn  simply   put   the   general   information   (email,   phone   numbers,   and   fax   numbers)   in   the   corner   of   the   page   (seeAppendic   D12-­‐a&b).   However,   from   our   secondary   data,   we   found   that   there   are   many   excellent   ideas   to   improve   the   contact   information   form   and   make   it   friendly   for   users.   We   recommend   UConn   MBA   website   create   the   online   respond   system.   Users   can   type   in   their   information  and  questions  directly  on  the  online  form  and  send  it  to  the  office  (see  Appendix  D12-­‐ c).   This   method   benefits   international   applicants   who   don’t   think   phoning   school   is   a   practical   12    
  14. 14.   UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     option.   This   system   also   enables   the   programs   to   collect   personal   information   from   potential   applicants   and   send   application   reminder   emails   to   them.   According   to   our   survey,   80%   of   the   respondents  need  an  application  reminder  email  to  remind  them  the  next  steps  (see  Appendix  D12-­‐ d).     Fisher’s  MBA  has  integrated  all  contact  methods  in  a  box  (Appendix  D12-­‐e),  that  makes  all  contact   methods  easily  approachable.  Thus,  we  strongly  suggest  UConn  MBA  replaces  the  information  text   to  an  integral  box  with  all  contact  information  and  methods.     Attractive  feature:     Here  are  some  innovation  features  that  can  make  UConn  MBA  website  more  attractive  for  potential   applicants.   • Successful  Alumni  stories   Put  successful  alumni  stories  on  a  webpage  to  descripted  how  their  MBA  experiences  and  who  they   are  working  for  now.  (see  Appendix  D13-­‐a&b)                                                                                                                         • Career     The  most  important  factor  for  choosing  MBA  programs  is  their  career  service.  In  order  to  pursue  an   image   of   great   career   service,   we   suggest   to   post   the   hiring   firm   lists   (see   Appendix   D14-­‐a),   alumni/networking   information   (see   Appendix   D14-­‐b),   and   online   career   resources   system   (see   Appendix  D14-­‐c)  on  the  website.       • Program  news   Embed   the   well   updated   program   news   can   make   the   program   look   vivid   and   increase   the   awareness  of  the  website.  (see    Appendix  D15-­‐a)   13    
  15. 15.   • UConn-­‐  MBA  Website  Rejuvenation     Student  life  photos  and  videos   In   the   focus   group   interview,   some   respondents   suggested   to   post   more   information   about   the   residential  life.  This  information  is  especially  important  because  they  may  spend  two  years  in  the   new   environment.   Rice   University   has   excellent   videos   and   photos   about   MBA   life   (see   Appendix   D16-­‐a&b).   University   of   Maryland   has   student   ambassadors   and   MBA   blogs   to   introduce   campus   life   (see   Appendix   D16-­‐c).   University   of   Illinoi-­‐   Urbana   Champaign   provides   very   detail   list   for   student’s  life  such  as  the  best  restaurants,  Art  &  Culture  events  and  international  food  stores  (see   Appendix  D16-­‐d).                 14