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How To Get Laid Quick Tips For Picking Up Women

Here are 3 tips to get laid when it comes to dealing with women. Take this presentation to heart and understand how alpha males consistently mate with the hottest one. This is no frills and only the raw, uncut truth. I hope you guys enjoy!

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How To Get Laid Quick Tips For Picking Up Women

  1. 1. How To Get Laid Quick & Easy Guide By Ruby Cool
  2. 2. “Thinkingabout gettingsome pussy is harder than gettingit” Ruby Cool • Throughout my years I’ve created a reputation for myself among those that know me for getting quick ass from a chick. Now, if you want to just get some pussy for yourself very quickly then there are definitely some keys to it. • • The first and primary key is something you may not want to hear but the truth is what I’m giving you here: you have to make yourself as attractive as possible. It may sound fucked up or even shallow, but regardless of how you feel about it this is the truth. Don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you otherwise.
  3. 3. Understand that women do get horny just like we do. This is why I keep harping on you to get your ass into the gym. Also, know this and know it very well: if a woman is going to sleep with a man on some spur of the moment shit, she’ll be much more likely to do it with a man she can say “was hot” than some sloppy, stinky out of shape motherfucker. Wouldn’t you feel the same way about sleeping with a woman? Wouldn’t you rather sleep with a woman whom you deem to be hot? Exactly!
  4. 4. Now, assuming that you’re physically attractive or at least stylishly attractive in the eyes of women, what you want to do is go to a place where many women congregate. It doesn’t just have to be the club. It can be your local supermarket around the corner. When you’re an attractive man you’re going to have women looking at you in most place you go. Some women will be bolder than others; experience will teach what to look for with that. For now I’m going to teach you the fundamentals.
  5. 5. Once you have your target and the two of you lock eyes, you have to go and approach her. This isn’t the time to debate this in your mind. Just grow a pair of testicles and walk towards her, young alpha. Here is where it gets fun. I want you to follow me here because I’m going to give you the bullet points on how a successful quick lay will go down. It’s up to you as a man to fill in the blanks because every situation is not going to be the same way. This isn’t some brainless thing like installing new batteries into your remote control. You’re going to have to be completely in the moment. However this formula is tried-and- true for quickies and one night stands. Walk with me…
  6. 6. Introduce yourself while maintaining a serious disposition (very important!) Allow her to introduce herself to you
  7. 7. Closely look into her eyes and watch for dilation (this means she wants you!) Casually chat for a FEW minutes (see if she wants to stay in your company)
  8. 8. Sexually escalate the interaction e.g. seductive tone of voice, telling her that her body is turning you on, touching her. BE BOLD! Never conceal your true intentions. Women appreciate honesty. Isolate Her! i.e. take her away to a place where you two can be comfortably intimate. Yes the public bathroom does count! I prefer the crib though, personally.
  9. 9. Once the two of you are alone in the crib don’t change your vibe because this is what she liked about you. Don’t get clever. Keep it basic. Give her what you wanted in the first place! Be in the moment! After a while of you two kicking it, watching TV or whatever, my favorite tactic is to grab her by the cheek and start kissing her on the cheek and then right in the mouth! If she doesn’t back away, ESCALATE very quickly by kissing her neck and moving into foreplay.
  10. 10. When your dick is rock hard during your make out/foreplay session unzip your pants and pull it out (your dick, fool). If you’re turning her on like you should be, she’ll be more than happy to grab and play with your cock. Once this beautiful moment happens, then your natural masculine instincts will take control. Have fun!
  11. 11. Learn How To “Alpha Yourself Now!