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Codes and conventions of a magazine cover


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Published in: Education
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Codes and conventions of a magazine cover

  1. 1. Codes and conventions of a magazine cover <br />
  2. 2. Similarly to the magazine that I have created I have also used adverts from other soaps and dramas to make the audience more attracted towards my cover of the magazine. Here this is another picture from the Eastenders to show another catchy storyline<br />This Is the title of the magazine, its bold and red and eye catching and cheesy<br />An emotional picture is used here of Stacey, this shows how upset she looks and it also makes the magazine look more eye catching, this is a typical picture of a character used in order for the audience to buy the magazine<br />The predicament on Stacey’s rape claim shows emotion and the bold font used is effective for the audience<br />Here a picture of Becky is used from another soap to also catch the eye of the audience who may like other soaps. The bold font and yellow background is used for the word “dies” to emphasize the story and this also looks more dramatised. <br />A new character in the soap is introduced which will most definatley catch the eye of the audience<br />