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Nursing information session updated

  1. 1. WELCOME to Los Angeles Harbor College Pre-Nursing Information SessionThe Nursing program at LAHC has been successfully educating and preparingstudents to become RNs since 1963 Approved by the BRN Accredited by the NLNA
  2. 2. Nursing Program Course Pre-requisites  Anatomy 1 Lecture  Anatomy 1 Lab  Physiology 1 Lecture  Physiology 1 Lab  Microbiology 20 or 1 Lecture  Microbiology 20 or 1 Lab  English 101 (College Reading and Composition)  Psychology 1 (General Psychology)  Psychology 41 (Life Span Psychology)  College Chemistry or 1 year of H.S. Chemistry passed with a “C” or better (not C-) for both semesters  Math (Intermediate Algebra or higher or pass Math Competency exam)
  3. 3. Nursing Program Pre-requisites continued…  Achieve a grade of “C” or better in all pre-requisite coursework and a cumulative 2.5 or higher GPA on all work from U.S. accredited colleges or universities.  Achieve a grade of "C" or better (not "C-") and an overall 2.5 GPA in Anatomy 1, Physiology 1, Microbiology 1 or 20 lecture and lab within these science courses. * Repeats: No more than one repeat of any substandard grade in the basic science pre- requisites (Anatomy, Physiology, or Microbiology) in calculating the overall 2.5 GPA is allowed. A withdrawal (“W”) will be considered a repeat beginning fall 2012 semester. Note: At LAHC a repeat of both lecture and lab within the same science course will be considered one repetition.  Graduation from a U.S. accredited high school, GED, or completion of A.A. or higher degree from a U.S. accredited college or university. Foreign students must have either high school or college transcripts evaluated for equivalency to U.S. senior high school graduation or a U.S. college degree. Other options are available; please consult with a counselor for recommendations. All foreign coursework will receive the equivalent grade of “C” for each course given such credit.  LVN students who are applying for the RN program are required to enroll in Nursing 311, 321, and 329A & B the semester prior to RN program admission. Must have current California L.V.N. license
  4. 4. Procedure for Admission to LAHC Nursing Program1. Completion of the nursing program pre-requisites2. Obtain an LAHC student identification number.3. Applications can be found online at Applications will only be accepted : • August 3 -September 6, 2012 for Spring 2013 • January 2- February 8, 2013 for Fall 2013(check website for exact dates and times). No applications will be accepted before or after designated date and are not accepted on the weekends or holidays.
  5. 5. Procedure for Admission to LAHC NursingProgram continued… Transcripts (high school and college) –• Required to attach official sealed transcript(s) with Nursing application; only LAHC transcripts may be unofficial. Official transcripts from other colleges must also be mailed directly from the college to the LAHC Admissions office. (No hand carried transcripts are accepted in Admissions).• Foreign students must have official sealed transcripts and sealed evaluation stating U.S. equivalency attached to application. transcripts• IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT HAVE ANY SCHOOL SEND A TRANSCRIPT DIRECTLY TO THE NURSING DEPARTMENT. ALL REQUIRED TRANSCRIPTS MUST BE ATTACHED TO YOUR APPLICATION.
  6. 6. Admissions is Based on…• A random lottery will be conducted to select applicants to be invitedto take the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills test (TEAS) version 5.0prior to admission.•At this point, students must pass the TEAS test version 5.0 at 62% orhigher. Students who have previously taken the TEAS test will beinstructed to have test scores sent directly to the nursing division fromthe testing company. The 1st score is only score accepted.•All students who pass the TEAS will be placed in a second randomlottery to determine the incoming class.
  7. 7. What is the TEAS V test? TEAS = Test of Essential Academic Skills… • Four Categories: 1. English 2. Math 3. Science 62% or 4. Reading Comprehension higherWebsite Links to review for the TEAS:• TEAS V Online Practice Assessments• for review of English, Math, Sciences, nursing tests, etc.•• - free online TEAS tests
  8. 8. Program Overview Theory and Clinical Experience in local Clinics and Hospitals 4 Semesters in Length for Generic students 2-3 Semesters for LVNs entering through the LVN to RN route Simulation Laboratory Experience Small group Discussions
  9. 9. Nursing Program Curriculum First SemesterNursing 311 (1) Communication in NursingNursing 313 (4) Intro to Nursing Process & PracticeNursing 321 (1) Nursing ProcessNursing 315 (4) Fundamentals of Nursing Second SemesterNursing 323 (5) Nursing Process & Practice in the Care of the Adult Client INursing 325 (5 ) Nursing Process & Practice in the Care of the Adult Client II Third SemesterNursing 333 (3) Nursing Process & Practice in the Health Care of Women & Families during childbearingNursing 335 (3) Nursing Process & Practice in the Health Care of ChildrenNursing 339 (2) Nursing Process & Practice in the Geriatric Client Fourth SemesterNursing 343 (3) Nursing Process & Practice in the Psycho-Social Adaptation of the clientNursing 345 (3) Nursing Process & Practice in the Care of the Adult Client IIINursing 347 (3) Leadership and Management in Nursing
  10. 10. Progress Toward A.S. DegreeA. Natural Sciences D. Language & Rationality(minimum 3 units) D1: English 101 Anatomy 1B. Social and Behavioral Sciences D2: Communication & Analytical 1. American Institutions (minimum 3 units) Thinking Math 123C Pol Sci 1 Speech 101 or 121 2. Social Science Elective (minimum 3 units) D3. Minimum of 3 additional semester Sociology 1 units from D1 or D2 (see current catalog for a full list of 3. Minimum of 3 additional semester units from B1 or B2 course options) Psychology 1 E. Health & Physical Education(see current catalog for a full list of course options) E1. Health 012C. Humanities (minimum 3 units) E2. P.E.Art 101, 04 Spanish 1, or History 1 etc.(see current catalog for a full list of course options) Associate degree general education courses + Nursing Major courses = A.D.N
  11. 11. Recommended Elective Nursing courses Nursing 302- Mathematics of Drugs and Solutions  Nursing 364- Pharmacology
  12. 12. Additional Recommendations… Transfer to a pubic or private University  (public)  (private)
  13. 13. FAQ’s Do I need a 2.5 overall GPA in all college coursework? Are W’s counted as one repeat? What if I completed Microbiology twice after meeting the 2.5 GPA in Anatomy 1 and Physiology 1?
  14. 14. FAQ’s Do I need to submit High School transcripts if I have a Bachelors degree? Do I need to submit High School transcripts if I have a Bachelors degree from the Philippines? What is the cost of attendance?
  15. 15. FAQ’s I only completed High School in Korea what do I submit? What is the process after my application has been submitted? What if I get selected from the lottery? What if I don’t get selected from the lottery?
  16. 16. Questions We are here to help! Sara Rubio Nursing Success Counselor 310-233-4364 Follow us on Twitter @ LAHC Nursing LACCD Pre_Nursing